Thursday 29 December 2016

Pathfinder Campaign - Tale of Azazel - Session 2

He was getting closer. Every day he strode forward, eating up the miles. Every night he spent time in taverns with locals or fellow travelers looking for true believers who would join him on his campaign.

And he had found some. Goar, Odoin, Frideric, Ibba and Hunulf had joined him. He equipped them well, fed them well and told them of the glories and riches that would come to them. They would take the Keep and he would give them land holdings and slaves. Together they would take order to the borderlands where others had failed.

Over 7 days (travelling at 16 miles a day), Azazel had numerous opportunities to interact with a broad range of travelers and locals. He had tested them all in terms of their beliefs and using his diplomacy, he turned their Attitude to Helpful, convinced them of the advantages of providing Dangerous Aid and even overcame the fear of Giving Aid that Could Result in Punishment. He had five takers and equipped Goar, Odoin and Frideric with Leather Armour, Heavy Wooden Shield and Short Spear, Ibba with Leather Armour and Long Spear and 3 Javelins and Hunulf with Leather Armour, Short Spear and 3 Javelins.

House Rule #1: Commoner Stats. All commoners have attributes of 10 for Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis and Chr, 8 hit points, no feats nor skills and a BAB of 0. They accrue experience points at half the rate of player characters. Upon accruing 1,000 experience points they become Lvl 1 characters and choose a character class. Their experience points are re-set to 0 but they gain Ability Score points (roll d6, 1-4 get Low Fantasy (10 points) and 5-6 get Standard Fantasy (15 points)) and maximum hit points for their new character class. In every way they are now level 1 characters.  


As Azazel crests a small hillock he sees the Keep in the distance. Whilst it’s only midafternoon it’s already becoming dark and in the distance small fires can be seen from the Keep and the surrounding village, keeping the local populace warm in the chilling evening. Turning his faithful he announces “See Goar my new Castellan, see your new Keep, yours to build higher to better worship Asmodeus. And Odoin my Master of Arms, how you must yearn to train your men, Frideric my Curate, how will call the faithful and teach them in the ways of Asmodeus, Ibba my Magistrate how you will enforce the law of Asmodeus and ensure that everyone meets the full duties of their contracts and Hunulf my Treasurer you will guide our citizens to even greater endeavors. Come now my brothers let us go together.