Thursday 25 January 2018

A new plan for a new year

2017 was my first real blogging year and I managed to achieve quite a lot.
For a start I got the blog going, I got 154 posts down, completed one solo Pathfinder/D&D campaign, posted a few reviews and I got a solo All Things Zombie campaign started.
All and all it went pretty well. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to find the time to complete the pseudo play by email/post Pathfinder campaign. In the end I just bit off a bit more than I could chew and I wasn’t able to dedicate the time to finish it.
So for this year what’s the plan?
Well I’m pretty keen to keep posting regularly, probably at the rate of about a couple of posts a week. I’ve been a bit slack in January but I’ve had a few family issues to deal with and soon I’ll be able to get back on track.
I’ve really enjoyed the All Things Zombie campaign and I’m going to continue on with that this year but I was a bit frustrated that I can really only game with it during the weekend and only on the weekends when I’m at home.
So over the holidays I started to think that I’d like to see if I can do more wargaming whilst away from home. Fortunately I’m provided with a flat but I still need to transport wargaming gear. I got around to watching a few sci-fi movies over the holidays and it dawned on me that perhaps I should start a 5150 campaign in 15mm. Easy to transport (ie being 15mm), only need a 3m by 3m playing surface and it’s something that I could also do some modelling and painting whilst I’m away.
I started reading a few reviews and found some excellent 15mm sci fi infantry and armoured vehicles but I also found some small scale space ships and, after watching a little Battlestar Galactica, I decided to do a campaign using both 5150 Carrier Command and 5150 Battalion Commander. I’ve ordered some models and over the next little while I’ll make some terrain, paint some figures and get a few games in. It’ll be interesting to see how I progress.
So let us see how I go this year. It should be a cracker.