Tuesday 31 January 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 0a

Region Background

In the far east of Cheliax lies a border with Molthune and Isger.

One of the primary trade routes through the Menador Mountains is guarded by Burg Liechenstein.

Trading caravans travelling to and from Cheliax, Molthune and Isger use Liechenstein as a safe haven and staging area. From there goods are dispatched to the capitals Canorate, Elidir and Egorian and other settlements using either the well-worn roads or the rivers Nosam, Malvesa and Conerica. 

Burg Liechenstein was built upon the ruins of Chateau de Beynac by the Holy Knights of Irori. The mighty fortress houses scores of faithful men at arms and knights. They are led in military affairs by the Castellan Falken and in their spiritual affairs by the Curate Lambart.

Despite the efforts of Falken, the lands surrounding the Burg are lawless and caravans must be accompanied by expensive mercenaries to keep them safe until they reach Liechenstein. Goblin, orc and other humanoid raids have become common along the trade route. Several sources of the raids are suspected including the ruined Cragmaw Castle, the Caves of Chaos, Cragmaw Caves and the den of a tribe of goblinoids called the Howling Horde.

The initial objective of the campaign is to clear and control the five locations with the stretch goal to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Ahh hem.