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Pathfinder Campaign - Tale of Azazel - Session 7

Azazel runs to each of the unconscious and Stabilises them.

He and Hunulf hurriedly cut the ears off each of the Orcs and then start to drag the bodies of the Faithful to the thicket of trees. Hunulf grabs the monsters’ weapons and checks them for any coins. All up he finds 20gp and the 9 falchions.

Azazel and Hunulf devise a plan. They hide the bodies as quickly as possible and then whilst Azazel stands guard Hunulf runs to town to find Rob and Jun. Some two hours later they come but the refuse to go into the bush.

Azazel and Hunulf drag Harti (-11), Frideric (-3), Renard (-8), Ibba (-8) and Goar (-5) to the cart and they head back to the village.
Exhausted they again seek a private room with Eldred Hester at The Salty Tusk.

Eldred greets Azazel, “Well I can see you’ve been doing the good work again at the Caves. Good to see that you’re in better condition this time Azazel”. Looking at the men being brought in from the cart he remarks, “It appears that you’ll be needing your room again. Did everyone come back?”

“Yes, everyone is back, but they are all bloody and bruised. Please bring some food and water. We’re going to need a few days to recover” responds Azazel. 

During the next four days, Azazel and Hunulf tend to the faithful’s wounds.
During that time, Azazel meets with the Castellan Markis Greylock.

Markis greets Azazel warmly. “Azazel, I’ve heard a great deal about your recent deeds. Apparently, you bested the Orcs and slaughtered a whole den of them”

“Hahaha, not quite Castellan” responds Azazel, “it was we that were nearly wiped out but Asmodeus showed us the power and the way and we were able to prevail, albeit getting a little banged up in the process”.

Markis hands Azazel a coin pouch “Well hopefully these 90 gold pieces will help ease the pain a little. If you can clear the Caves, then the trade will flow freely again through my lands and the raids on the peasants will stop. We appreciate your help. One thing before you go though. Just be careful of the lower caves, there are hordes of tiny dog-men there. They mightn’t look like much individually but in numbers they can be dangerous.”

Azazel thanks Markis and heads over to The Iron Shoe to find Fenton. There Azazel strikes a bargain with Fenton and he takes the nine falchions from Azazel for 338 gold pieces.

“Now we’re talking”, Azazel comments to Hunulf. He immediately orders a full set of Chain Mail armour for himself and a set of Scale Mail armour for Renard. He also purchases two long swords for Renard and Harti.

After selling Azazel the armour and weapons, Fenton comments to him, “I’ve heard that recently a merchant has been imprisoned in the Caves and he will reward his rescuers. You should go and see if you can rescue him”.
They move on quickly to The Good Trade where they catch Erdan the ½ elf merchant.

Hiding his distrain for the frivolous half elf, Azazel purchases parchment and ink to scribe scrolls. That night whilst the Faithful sleep, Azazel prays and crafts four scrolls of Cure Light Wounds. They need to go back to the caves and finish the Orcs once and for all. The Orcs had proven to be deadly opponents. Their mighty falchion blows practically felled one of the Faithful with every blow. It would be very difficult to eliminate the entire clan in one assault. They would need to find allies or perhaps build a base closer to the Caves from where they could launch attacks.

During the next few nights at The Salty Tusk the local peasants, Markis Greylock’s guards and travelers come and go, enjoying the ale and fine meals provided by Eldred.

On the second night, a small Halfling, Anzon arrives. Azazel sets to talking to him but he cared not for the law and Azazel is glad to see him leave.

On the fourth night, a stout Dwarf, Kirak arrives. Azazel tells Kirak of their attacks on the Caves and all the gold and glory to be had there. Plying the Dwarf with booze and stories of great deeds to be had, Kirak agrees to travel with the Faithful to the Caves to rid the local area of the Orcs for once and for all….in return for a 25% of the treasure to be had.


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