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Pathfinder Campaign - Tale of Azazel - Session 4c

Round 5a – More cowardice!!!!
·        Walt tears the arrow from his shoulder, advances and strikes at the female archer but he misses.
·        Upon almost being instantly killed Ada turns and runs. The hobgoblin strikes at him as he leaves but misses the deserter.
·        Harti advances on the southern male and hefting his spear he strikes true for 7 points of damage.
·        Renard bleeds out a point.

·        Odoin attacks the wounded northern and now flanked hobgoblin. Distracted by Walt behind him, Odoin spears his opponent in the stomach dealing 5 points of damage, bringing the big male down.
·        Goar strikes out against the male in front of him but misses.
·        Ibba move forward 10ft and two handed strikes with his long spear against the male facing Goar. The spear narrowly misses the male, who looks around menacingly at him.
·        Azazel moves back 5ft and administers “Stablising” on Frideric who has bleed out another one point and is dangerously close to death on -9 (con is 10 so Frideric would be dead if he bled out for one more round).
·        Hunulf hefts his two handed spear, moves up 20 foot and attacks the northern most female archer but misses.

Round 5b – The Hobgoblins press home more damaging attacks
·        The northern female draws down another arrow on Walt and again hits him, this time in the right shoulder for another 2 points.
·        The southern female, seeing her partner in trouble, steps back 15ft and looses another arrow at Walt, hitting him again in the right shoulder for 4 points of damage.
·        The two males against Goar strike out at him. One hits him in the middle of the chest, penetrating his sternum for 4 points and the other hits him in the left leg for another 3 points of damage. Goar is severely wounded and staggering only just is able to remain on his feet.
·        The last male strikes out at his new opponent Harti who had only just wounded him but he is caught off guard and misses.

 Round 6a – Success, the faithful break through
·        Walt grits his teeth and advance on the northern female, pulling out one of the arrows and tossing it to the side, his lowers his spear and stabs at her, striking her in the left shoulder. He pins her to the ground and follows up with a series of kicks to her body. Administering 8 points of damage he removes her from the fight.
·        Harti tries to repeat his previous deadly blow against the eastern male but he misses.
·        Renard bleeds out to -9.

·        Whilst Azazel administers “Stablising on Renard, he yells out to Goar to withdraw and help him with the wounded. Goar takes a 5ft steep back.
·        Hunulf steps forward and stabs at the northern male with his long spear, piercing his stomach and dealing 5 points of damage.
·        Ibba tries to follow suit with his long spear but misses, as does Odoin.

Round 6b – Two of the faithful fall
·        The remaining female, lines up another round at Walt, fires and again hits him, again in the right shoulder but for 3 points this time. Walt staggers on 0 hit points. He is barely able to stand.
·        The wounded, western male attacks Odoin and slashes his long sword against his body dealing 7 points of damage and almost incapacitating the Master of Arms.
·        The other hobgoblin moves 5ft to the east to join his partner in attacking Harti. Frantically they land a series of blows to his groin and stomach for 7 and 8 points rendering him immediately unconscious.

Round 7a – Surrounding the enemy
·        Walt staggers back 5ft towards the entrance of the room and Harti bleeds out a point.

·        Hunulf moves south and west 10ft starting to flank the wounded male. He stabs with his spear striking the beast in the back of its head dealing 4 points of damage and almost killing the foul creature.
·        Ibba follows Hunulf and deals a heavy blow against the male, striking him in the groin and dealing a further 4 points of damage, finally bringing the monster down.
·        Goar pulls back 5ft dragging the wounded Harti with him to whom Odoin attempts to staunch his wounds (which he fails).
·        Azazel advances 5ft and again wields his mighty mace against the eastern male but misses.

Round 7b – The Master of Arms falls
·       The female draws an arrow from her quiver and fires at Hunulf, but this time her aim is off and an arrow skittles past the warrior.
·     The western male advances 5ft and attacks the heavily wounded Odoin. Lifting its mighty long sword high it brings it down in an ungainly motion which connects the Master of Arm in the chest dealing 3 points of damage and rendering him unconscious.
·     The wounded eastern hobgoblin lashes out at Azazel but cannot hit the mighty priest of Asmodeus.

Round 8a – Hobgoblins are tough
·        As Harti continues to bleed out, Walt edges closer to the door.

·        Goar again tries to stem Harti’s bleeding but fails.
·        Azazel steps in between the hobgoblins and his wounded followers. He strikes at the southern male but misses.
·        Moving up and flanking the western male, Hunulf stabs him directly in the square of the back. The spear penetrates his rib cage and slightly punctures his lung, dealing 8 points. Ibba swings but misses. Whilst not outright killing the beast, Hunulf has dealt it a massive blow that shakes the brutes’ confidence.

Round 8b – Azazel is wounded!!!
·        The female again nocks and arrow and losses it at Hunulf and strikes him directly in the right temple for 2 points of damage.
·        The two males attack Azazel striking him once in the shoulder for 7 points of damage.

Round 9a – The fire of the faithful
·        Harti bleeds out another point as Walt continues his long crawl towards the door.

·        Odoin bleeds another point as Hunulf and Ibba flank and assault the western male. Ibba this time strikes him in the back of the head for 2 points of damage, almost bringing the beast to its knees.
·        Azazel yells to Goar to pull Frideric clear of the combat zone and as he does Azazel steps back five feet and calls upon the wrath of Asmodeus and casts “Burning Hands” upon the two hobgoblin males. Both hobgoblins save taking 1 and 2 points respectively but they are shaken.

Round 9b – Azazel falls!!!
·        Shocked, the eastern hobgoblin advances on Azazel to finish him off, striking him in the stomach for 5 points and dropping him.
·        The other big male advances on Ibba and Hunulf, prompting attacks of opportunity. Hunulf hits the big male to the left shoulder, dealing 4 points of damage and dropping the monster.
·        The female draws and arrow and fires at Hunulf missing.


Round 10a – The last male Hobgoblin falls
·        As Walt continues to crawl towards the door, Harti bleeds out another point.
·        Goar successfully patches Azazel after he bleeds another point but there is no such treatment of Odoin this round and he bleeds out another point.
·        Hunulf 5ft steps towards the last remaining male and critically hits him in the left leg for 4 points of damage, dropping the beast.
·        Ibba steps 5ft to the south and stabs at the female missing.

 Round 10b – Last female archer fires
·        The female fires another arrow and hit Hunulf again. Striking up her 7th hit for the engagement she does 3 points.

The rest of the battle – A pyric victory for the faithful
Over the next few rounds Ibba and Hunulf attack and kill the remaining female hobgoblin whilst Goar attempts to stop the bleeding on the most critically injured Harti.

Once they kill the female, Ibba and Hunulf run over to provide an assist to Goar. He is eventually able to stabilise Harti but they cannot stabilise Odoin in time and he bleeds out and dies.

Looking over to the far corner they see the one remaining female hobgoblin who is cowering behind a corner protecting the young. With one party member barely able to move, another heavily wounded and four others unconscious they decide to disengage. 


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