Monday 26 February 2018

Magic Carpet Ride

Well I'm away from the donga at the moment and can't punch out another 5150 post for a few of days until I get back but none the less a mate of mine sent me a couple of photo's of a unit that he's working on and I thought that the figures are pretty smick and rather unique so I might just post a few shots.

Hope you like them.

Friday 23 February 2018

5150 Campaign – S2e – Reconnaissance Mission

The Y Wing, Old Sarge and The Addict are still In Sight and continue to dogfight.
Still sharp as a tack, Old Sarge acts first. He attempts a High Energy Yo-Yo but doesn’t quite get it right and he moves forward 1 cycle and turns 1 aspect to port instead. This is just enough for him to get his ship to bear. Out of range of his rail guns he flips the firing button to missiles and lets loose with a Fire and Forget missile. The missile speeds towards its target. The Y Wing pilot throws his fighter bomber around to try to avoid the projectile. The missile doesn’t impact against the ship but detonates near by causing damage to the Hull and pushing the machine one cycle to aspect 5 and turning it to port by one aspect. 
The Addict also attempts a High Energy Yo-Yo but also fails to pull off the manoeuvre and moves forward two cycles and turns one aspect to port, which luckily brings his craft to again bear on the enemy. Also out of gun range he fires a Fire and Forget missile at his opponent. The Y Wing pilot attempts evasive manoeuvres, avoiding a direct impact by the missile but getting caught in its blast again. The manoeuvres throw his craft 1 cycle to aspect 2 and rotates it to aspect 4 but the blast is deadly. It again breeches the hull. The small craft cannot with stand this sustained damaged and it explodes, killing the pilot. Scratch one more bogie. 
The Addicts attack movement has brought the remaining Y Wing In Sight. It attempts a Dead Man’s Turn to try to get The Addict into his gun sight. The pilot pulls off the manoeuvre and moves 1 cycle forward and comes to a dead stop as he rotates his craft directly toward The Addict. He fires his two long range laser cannon burst but doesn’t hit his target. 
Colgar6 gets onto the ham to Hinton. “Don’t use your missiles till you get past The Addict. His Comms Link is damaged and your missile will probably target him. Stay on my wing and let’s engage this scum in a close range dog fight.”
The pair move in unison two cycles forward, a small turn of one aspect turn to port and two more cycles forward. The Y Wing is nicely caught in In Sight range of the two Vipers. 
Hinton is the first to act. He barrel rolls and in doing so moves forward 2 cycles, turns to starboard 1 aspect and then side slips one cycle to his port. It puts him into a great firing position on his opponent and takes him out of his enemy’s arc of fire. Figuring that he’s at no risk of hitting The Addict, he releases both a Fire and Forget Missile and 15 rounds of Rail Gun ammo at his opponent. Three rail guns are on target but the heavy shield of the Y Wing stops two of them. The third crashes into the Hull of the ship. The Y Wing pilot pulls the stick to the left and right to jink his fighter bomber around to avoid missile but with nil velocity the fighter barely moves and is struck by the deadly missile. The Guns and the Engine are damaged by the warhead.  
The Y Wing pilot is the next to act but with no guns or velocity he can’t do anything. Fear creeps upon his face as he watches Colgar6 approach for the kill.
Colgar6 rubs off speed, barrel rolling and side slipping moving forward 2 cycles and side slipping 1 cycle to the starboard. He thumbs the firing button releasing 15 Rail Gun rounds and a Fire and Forget Missile at the enemy. Two Rail Gun rounds are deflected by the fighter bombers heavy shields but the missile passes straight through and detonates. A catastrophic explosion ripples though the stricken Y Wing as its air frame can no longer take damage.

Apollo and Da Gobbo increase their velocity to 5 cycles and move straight ahead towards the remaining X Wings.
Jackie maintains his composure, despite losing Achilles, “Maintain your course and speed. Launch the next wave of Vipers and the Raptors” The fleet moves ahead 1 cycle but a disappointing message comes from one of his control room crew.
“Admiral, the Chief is reporting that the they’ve had a slight delay bringing the Raptors on line. They’ll launch in a cycle.”
Stoically Jackie retains his composure and doesn’t react to the disappointing news.

He orders the fleet to fire as they bear. Ajax, Warspite and Exeter are now in range of the Hishen destroyer Formidable with all six of their Beam Batteries. Intense high capacity laser beams speed towards the enemy destroyer and two rounds find their mark and crash into the ship. Formidable’s air frame holds but her shields are damaged and her bridge is smashed.

One of the Hishen X Wings is in torpedo range. It waits for the target lock signal and releases the deadly missile towards Ajax.
Ajax’s Capitan shouts for his crew to Brace for Impact as he turns the ship to meet the oncoming threat and accelerates to 2 cycles. “Fire all anti aircraft batteries at the torpedo.” Ten high velocity anti aircraft rounds shoot towards the missile but only one hits the torpedo and it fails to stop it. The torpedo slams home, damaging the Ajax’s Plasma Battery.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

5150 Campaign – S2d – Reconnaissance Mission

The X Wing reacts first, beating all three Viper pilots to the punch. He barrel rolls towards The Addict firing his four Pulse Cannons. Two of the rounds are on target and penetrate The Addicts shields. The main communications link is shredded by the shot as is the engine but the ship holds together. 
Old Sarge activates next. He barrel rolls as he deaccelerates and side slips his Viper (I later found out that he couldn’t deaccelerate when I was re-reading rules. Opps). In doing this he rubs off his effective engagement speed from 4 cycles to 1 cycle and lines the X Wing up for a perfect gun and missile shot. Fifteen high velocity Rail Gun rounds and a Fire and Forget missile launch from his platform towards the enemy. Two of the rounds penetrate the X Wing’s shield and slam into its hull and guns. The Fire and Forget missile slams into the X Wing, smashing its engine and guns. The cumulative damage is too much and the ship detonates, killing the pilot instantly. 
With The Addicts engine damaged, his speed reduces to 3 cycles (max speed of 5 halved and rounded up to 3). He moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and moves forward another 1 cycle.
Hinton maintains his speed at 4 cycles as he moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and side slips to port 1 cycle (which costs 1 cycle of speed).
Colgar6 maintains his speed at 4 cycles as he moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and moves forward another 2 cycles. 
In conducting his attack run, Old Sarge has moved In Sight of one of the Y Wings. The Y Wing reacts violently as he attempts an Attack Curve manoeuvre but he fails to successfully pull of the movement and he moves forward 1 cycle, changes course 1 aspect to port and moves forward 1 more cycle. Fortuitously, for the Y Wing pilot, Old Sarge is in arc and range of his two long range Laser Cannons but is out of range of his two Pulse Cannons. Six laser shots ring out and two are on target but neither are able to penetrate Old Sarge’s shields. 
With the Vipers now in an excellent attack position as a result of their In Sight tests and having broken up the attack run of the Y Wings, next it will be the Star Navy’s turn to move.