Wednesday, 21 February 2018

5150 Campaign – S2d – Reconnaissance Mission

The X Wing reacts first, beating all three Viper pilots to the punch. He barrel rolls towards The Addict firing his four Pulse Cannons. Two of the rounds are on target and penetrate The Addicts shields. The main communications link is shredded by the shot as is the engine but the ship holds together. 
Old Sarge activates next. He barrel rolls as he deaccelerates and side slips his Viper (I later found out that he couldn’t deaccelerate when I was re-reading rules. Opps). In doing this he rubs off his effective engagement speed from 4 cycles to 1 cycle and lines the X Wing up for a perfect gun and missile shot. Fifteen high velocity Rail Gun rounds and a Fire and Forget missile launch from his platform towards the enemy. Two of the rounds penetrate the X Wing’s shield and slam into its hull and guns. The Fire and Forget missile slams into the X Wing, smashing its engine and guns. The cumulative damage is too much and the ship detonates, killing the pilot instantly. 
With The Addicts engine damaged, his speed reduces to 3 cycles (max speed of 5 halved and rounded up to 3). He moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and moves forward another 1 cycle.
Hinton maintains his speed at 4 cycles as he moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and side slips to port 1 cycle (which costs 1 cycle of speed).
Colgar6 maintains his speed at 4 cycles as he moves forward 2 cycles, turns to port 1 aspect and moves forward another 2 cycles. 
In conducting his attack run, Old Sarge has moved In Sight of one of the Y Wings. The Y Wing reacts violently as he attempts an Attack Curve manoeuvre but he fails to successfully pull of the movement and he moves forward 1 cycle, changes course 1 aspect to port and moves forward 1 more cycle. Fortuitously, for the Y Wing pilot, Old Sarge is in arc and range of his two long range Laser Cannons but is out of range of his two Pulse Cannons. Six laser shots ring out and two are on target but neither are able to penetrate Old Sarge’s shields. 
With the Vipers now in an excellent attack position as a result of their In Sight tests and having broken up the attack run of the Y Wings, next it will be the Star Navy’s turn to move.


  1. Strike one bogey - yay for Old Sarge! Now let's kill us some bombers...

  2. Coo this is exciting.

    3rd picture have the Y wings still got 2 torpedoes each, and did they have to turn away from the capital ships to attack the Vipers due to reaction tests. Reason for asking is that they were in a perfect position to go for the capital ships even though they have lost their fighter escorts.
    You do realise there's going to be an inquest after this fight don't you. :-) :-)
    Excellent stuff

    1. Yep they do have two torps left. The Y Wing is actually a pretty deadly anti capital ship asset. And you are correct. They are forced to react and to engage in a dog fight when they come In Sight of an enemy (dog fighting and In Sight range is 5 hexes/cycles). Their survival instincts cut in. Although I now know (having had a bit more of a read of the rules) that if you approach them from behind they don't get to react. Nice, I'll have to keep that in mind.

      Hahaha. Bring on the Inquest or perhaps even we'll need to convene a Board of Inquiry. I agree, post the battle report there will be a lot to discuss.

  3. Old Sarge shows the newbies how it's done. I'm looking forward to the next turn.

    1. Thanks Bryan. I'll have to do a count back, I think Old Sarge is starting to get low on missiles. Still he's used them very wisely hasn't he.