Saturday, 8 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 26f


·        Barret will need to roll and 11 to stop bleeding. He rolls a 17 and stabilises.
·        Ragnar’s fear token drops from 4 to 3.
·        Malandir curses to himself having to spend time bringing up the reserve where he would prefer to be killing goblins, but Kord needs support so it is necessary. Now to return to the fight. He double moves back into the main goblin chamber. He cannot do anything this round but next he’ll be able to start firing his bow again.
·        Lucien and the, ahem, "rear team" make haste to assist. They double move back towards the flight. Lucien’s armour slows him down some and the men at arms were further away from the fight than Lucien. They will arrive back to main chamber next round. Lucien will assess the battle, and if looks like any "large" goblin is still standing (bodyguard/mate), he will take out a Cause Fear scroll and us it if within range. If it just looks like a chaotic melee-fest with all the minion-type goblins, he will forego any casting and go into melee. He will pair up with an ally if possible on one or more goblins.
·        Barrett was a killing machine there for a bit, reflects Talmark to himself. Perhaps healing him from the brink of death may slide him a little more our way. Talmark laughs out loud while aiming his attack at the body guard before him with a cleave to the snot to the side and shouts in goblinese "Your veader is Ragnar the Gutless, koweren vike a vittle ratz! Vun like himz or diez!." Putting down one of the bodyguards and seeing their leader cowering should help putting them back some! He swings Felldrac at the bodyguard and cleaves into his head. The top of the little monsters skull is removed revealing its brain pan as he delivers 18pts of damage. The bodyguard drops dead. Talmark immediately cleaves at the goblin to his north west and severs the its left leg, dealing 15pts of damage. It drops to the floor screaming and quickly bleeds out. Talmark 5ft steps to the north west to bring him into contact against the last body guard and the remaining male goblin.
·        Kord advances 10ft to the south west and swings his heavy mace at the male goblin but he misses the little beast.


·        The goblin leader slinks further back to the corner of his room and yells “Getz zem!!!” to his shrinking tribe.
·        The goblin body guard stabs at Talmark with his long sword but misses the warrior.
·        The male goblin attacks 1-3 Kord, 4-6 Talmark, roll = 2 = Kord. He stabs at Kord with his short sword and critically hits the cleric in the head. A nasty gash is cut into Kords scape and it begins to bleed profusely as he takes 3pts of damage.
·        The two concubines fire arrows at Kord but both miss.

·        Ragnars fear token is reduced to 2.
·        Talmark swings his two handed sword against the body guard and hits him in the stomach. The monster is almost disemboweled as it receives 9pts of damage. Whilst heavily wounded it is still standing though. He cleaves at the male but fails to hit.
·        Malandir advances 30ft to the west and fires an arrow at the goblin but misses.
·        The three men at arms and Lucien all double move towards the fight.
·        Kord 5ft steps to the west and attacks the goblin and swings his heavy mace at the green skin but he again misses.

·        Ragnar continues to cower in the corner.
·        The goblin body guard swings his long sword at Talmark but he misses.
·        The goblin attacks Kord, stabbing at him with his short sword but he too misses.
·        Realising that firing into melee is ineffective, the two females drop their bows and draw their short swords and advance by 5ft stepping towards Kord. They both attack the cleric, viscously stabbing at him but they are unable to penetrate his defences.

·        Ragnars fear token is reduced to 1.
·        Talmark swing again at the last goblin body guard and hits him in the head. The blade bites deep as he delivers 15pts of damage killing the goblin. He cleaves at the goblin to his west and hits him in the stomach for 17pts of damage. The last male goblin drops to the floor and bleeds out. He 5ft steps to the north west to enable the reinforcements to enter the fray.
·        Malandir sees his opening and advances 30ft to point blank range and fires an arrow at the northern most female. He hits her in the right shoulder. The arrow penetrates deep as he delivers 8pts of damage, killing her.
·        Kord swings at the concubine to his west and he hits her in the stomach with his heavy mace delivering 10pts of damage. Crushing her vital organs she drops to the ground dead.
·        The three men at arms double move into the room and surround the still cowering goblin leader.
·        Lucien double moves 40ft up into the room.

Ragnar, still gripped with fear, having watched his tribe be slaughtered in front of him and now being surrounded by spearmen, decides to surrender.
He drops to his knees and lowering his head begs “Pleasez don’tz killz Ragnar.”



  1. Sweet! I wouldn't kill Ragnar... yet. Get what info you can out of him, then kill the cowardly runt!

    1. Yup. I reckon the boys will only be able to hang on for so long before they kill him.

  2. Malandir will scout both of the side corridors while the interrogation takes place.

  3. If Kord requires a scroll of Cure Light for Barrett, Lucien has a couple.

    Lucien, with his high Diplomacy and aided by the looming threat of Talmark I think would get us the most accurate information quickly - unless anyone has a better idea. I'll give a chance for party members to respond with input before questioning.