Sunday, 30 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 33b


·        Per will need to roll a DC 13 to stop bleeding out with a modifier of +1 due to his Con. He rolls a 9, fails to stablise and takes 1pt of damage. Washing in and out of consciousness, Per grits his teeth and silently bemoans his bad luck as his life blood pools around him. Asmodeus was clearly not smiling on him today.
·        Fremont, Clovis and Barret will each need to take a morale check from having seen a team member fall for the first time in this combat. They need to roll better than a 1, 1, 3 respectively to pass and they roll 18, 19 and 14 and will continue to fight.
·        Lucien calls out “Clovis, Fremont, follow my lead, bows out, hopefully we can dissuade the beast!”. Lucien move 10ft to the north east and fires on the lioness but misses.
·        Following the lead of Lucien, Fremont also moves to the north east and fires his longbow at the beast but similarly misses.
·        Clovis moves up to flank Fremont and fires and misses.
·        Malandir has a clear shot over Per’s prostrate body. He draws his bow and fires but the arrow fires wide.
·        Talmark 5ft steps to the east and swings hard with Felldrac. The greatsword smashes into the lioness, hitting her in the chest for 15pts of damage, which is enough to finish her. He immediately cleaves into the big male but he fails to hit.
·        Barret moves forward to protect Talmarks right flank and swings his longsword at the lion. He hits it in the left leg, badly wounding it as he deals 10pts of damage. The lion roars and looks directly at Barret who is starting to regret his move.
·        Kord pulls his mace and moves up 20ft around Barret to attack the lion. He swings his weapon of faith but misses.

·        Having lost its mate and the lion will need to make a morale check. It needs to roll an 8 or less on 2d6 and rolls an 8. It will continue to fight.
·        The lion roars again and lunges to bite: 1-2 Talmark, 3-4 Barret, 5-6 Kord. Roll = 3 = Barret. The gaping maw of the great beast snaps shut and hits the fighter in the right shoulder, dealing 11pts of damage. It lashes out with its claws and misses with the first but hits with the second dealing a further 8pts of damage. Barret slumps to the ground and starts to bleed out.

·        Per will need to roll a 13 to stablise and he rolls an 18 and does so. Barret will need to roll a 17 to stablise and rolls a 7 and bleeds out another point.
·        Talmark swings Felldrac at the beast and hits it in the head for 16pts. It’s a massive blow but it fails to drop the monster.
·        Lucien uses his move action to re-load his crossbow and his standard action to fire at the lion, which he misses.
·        Malandir advances 15ft to the north west to get a clearer shot and fires an arrow at the beast but misses.
·        Fremont drops his longbow and pushing past Lucien and Malandir draws his long sword as he closes on the lion. Flanking the beast with Kord he stabs at the monster but he fails to hit.
·        Clovis uses two actions to firstly move down to Barret and then to drag him away from the fight.
·        Kord casts his domain power Copycat as a move action (which doesn’t promote an attack of opportunity) and then swings his mace at the lion but he misses.

·        The lion attacks: 1-2 Fremont, 3-4 Talmark, 5-6 Kord. Roll = 2 = Fremont. The beast once again bites down on an unlucky human and this time it catches its victim in the stomach dealing 11pts of damage. Attacking with its two claws it fails to hit the man at arms. Fremont is still standing, just, and will need to take a morale test next round for the first time of being wounded in this battle.



  1. "Well done, Clovis, tend to and protect Barret, we'll finish the beast."

    Lucien will dogpile in... Moving adjacent to Fremont's east and use his spear.

    After the threat is finished, Lucien will confer with Kord on his prayed-for spells this day... We have not started crafting yet (I think) and we have but two CLW scrolls right now, unless he has prayed for one or more 1st level slots for CLW today.

  2. Not a good start for our party. Those two lions are fearsome opponents!

  3. Malandir curses the lions, believing them to be somehow protected from ranged attacks....both arrows going astray is an unfortunate state of affairs!

  4. FIVE arrows... your two plus Lucien, Clovis and Fremont!

  5. Malandir doesn't expect much from the archery of the men at arms, or even Lucien ... but he is concerned when HIS arrows don't find their mark ... after all, he inflicted every wound that led to the killing of the ogre after it smashed down several party members, and now feels he has a lot to live up to!

  6. Yep there was a little bad luck there. It's got an AC of 15 and everyone just kept rolling 6's and 8's.