Thursday, 27 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53d



·        The western most Bugbear’s fear token is reduced from 4 to 3.
·        Barret was wounded in the previous round and must make a morale check. He’ll need to roll a 4 or better on a D20 to continue to fight. He rolls an 8.
·        Barret stabs at the female to his fore but in his nervousness, he misses her. (1/2)
·        Kord 5ft steps to the north and casts Shield of Faith using his Standard Action and Copy Cat using his Move Action. The Copy Cat is an illusory double of Kord and will last for the number of rounds equal to his cleric level. He calls for Malandir to redeploy behind the new defensive line that he has made with Barret.
·        Rather than risk an attack of opportunity, Malandir nods and uses a Withdrawal Move to a position behind the defensive line.
·        Lucien 5ft steps south while retrieving a Cure Light Wounds scroll, reading it off and grasping Talmark on the shoulder as the Asmodean healing magic flows through the wounded fighter. He heals back 7pts of damage.
·        Talmark slashes at the female, hoping to bring her down and then to cleave into the male next to her. He raises Felldrac and delivers a powerful sundering blow ending the female’s resistance and delivering 11pts of damage. He follows through and slashes at the nearest male and but isn’t able to hit his wily foe. (14/20) (4/10)
·        Per stabs at the Bugbear to Barret’s front, hoping to protect the vulnerable man at arms. He strikes out with his master worked glaive and, using all the reach that it gives him, hits the monster in the right shoulder. The reflexive jolts of his foe informs him of its passing well before it hits the ground as he delivers 15pts of damage killing. He can cleave an adjacent opponent and so he turns his mighty glaive against the Bugbear facing Talmark. He slashes with the weapon but the Bugbear pushes away the attack. (17/23) (3/9)

·        The Bugbears’ have suffered 50% casualties and need to take a morale check. They roll 8 on 2d6 and pass the test.
·        The southern most Bugbear looks over at its fearful comrade and tries to encourage it to attack but it looks back at him in dread and then shamefully looks away. Disgusted the southern male advances 5ft to the north and attacks 1-3 = 3 Barret, 4-6 = Kord. Roll = 1 = Barret. It swings at the man at arms with its morning star but Barret is able to push the attack away with his shield. (6/11)
·        The remaining Bugbear attacks Talmark. It clubs at the warrior with its morning star, hitting him in the right leg. Talmark lets out a sigh of pain as the crushing blow delivers 11pts of damage. (15/20)

The current register of party consumables is as follows (I update this constantly as we go now so that we’ve got a running tally):


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53c



Lucien calls to the party, “There is no way to negotiate with bugbears, they are too chaotic and unpredictable, this goes straight to slaughter...ATTACK!!!”

·        Per emits a blood-curdling shout, "For Asmodeus!" as he charges in to attack the nearest male Bugbear with his glaive. He deliberately ignores the two females so that others from his party can take them out. Using the reach of his weapon he stabs at the nearest male but misses. (4/12)
·        Talmark charges, aiming for a point at which he will be able to keep Per from getting flanked from one side while still being able to cleave a pair of opponents. Swinging Felldrac at one of the females, the cut ends the females fight (14pts of damage) and in a bloody rage Talmark cleaves at the remaining female but he misses her. (9/17) (1/9)
·        Kord moves around to the south to get a better perspective and unleashes Burning Hands upon his opponents for 4pts of damage (DC 12 Reflex save for ½ damage). The monsters have a Reflex save of +4 and thus will need to roll an 8 or better to save. The role 18, 20, 17 and 15 respectively and having all saved, take 2pts of damage each.
·        Malandir’s hopes of the warriors smashing into the nearest bugbears so that he might get to move to the flank and get a sneaky attack on one of the male bugbears has almost been realised. He is more confident that his recent training has improved his ability to shoot arrows into a melee and he can see an opportunity to flank and get a sneak attack on the female bugbear. He moves up 30ft and fires and arrow at her. It is a masterful shot, striking her between the shoulder blades as she started to turn on Per. Whilst not down she is badly wounded. (11/18)
·        Kord calls for Barret to attack the badly wounded female. The men at arms hands his torch off to Lucien, draws his weapon and duly moves up and swings his longsword at her but he misses.  (3/4)
·        Lucien opts to take out a Cause Fear scroll to cast on an unengaged bugbear hoping to put one beast out of action to prevent ganging up on the stout warriors (DC 15 Will save). The Bugbear has a will save modifier of +1 and will need to roll a 14 or better. He rolls a 1 and fails miserably. The Bugbear will be Frightened for four rounds (Frightened is as per page 567 of the Core Rule Book – the creature flees from the source of its fear as best it can. If unable to flee it may fight at -2 to hit etc).

DM’s reminder: At the end of every dot point I’ve put the unmodified / modified to hit role for each combatant.


Party Initiative: Roll = 9 + 0 modifier = 9

Bugbear Initiative: Roll = 17 + 1 modifier = 18

·        The Bugbears need to take a morale check for having taken their first casualty. They roll 7 on 2d6 against a morale of 9 and will continue to fight.
·        The female attacks, 1-2 = Talmark, 3-4 = Per, 5-6 = Barret, roll = 2 = Talmark. She swings with her long sword at the faithful warrior and hits him in the right leg for 10pts of damage. (19/23) (8/12 for the non-confirmation of the critical hit)
·        The male just to her west also attacks Talmark but swinging its morning star it misses. (1/6)
·        The male to her south west 5ft steps to the east and attacks Barret. The monster brings its morning star in an overhead attack at the hapless man at arms and hits him in the left leg for 7pts of damage. Barret will need to take a morale check in the next round of combat. (13/18)
·        The last remaining male advances on Kord and Malandir and attacks 1-3 = Kord, 4-6 = Malandir, roll = 3 = Kord. It flails away with its morning star hoping to bring down the evil priest and smites him in the stomach for 6pts of damage. (20/25) (4/9 for the non-confirmation of the critical hit)



Saturday, 22 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53b


As the party runs after Fremont and Clovis the men at arms disappear into the caves with the hobgoblins. 

Talmark says, "As crazy as it sounds, I am of a mind to assault in as quickly as we can before they can organize, hopefully get our men back before they are taken too deeply into the complex. I am amazed that they were even out and about during the day!"

"Seconded," Lucien agrees, "we should do this quickly and decisively. If we don’t see the bugbears negotiate or bypass some form of trap while in view, we should make haste”. The evil cleric downs a Shield of Faith potion while in motion, and has Murderous Command (in goblin) in mind if things go sour for front liners. 

Per agrees. “Let us attack now whilst we have numbers and possibly, surprise on our side”.

“The enemy are strong, but burdened by their captives and unaware of the group” replies Malandir. He stays ahead of the party, easily outpacing them as they are burdened by their armour. He wishes he’d gotten close enough to have fired a shot but Fremont and Clovis had disappeared well before he was able to do so. “Still,” he thinks to himself, “I should be able to get to them before they get too deep into the cave.”

Malandir reaches the cave in advance of the party. He cautiously peers inside. His infravision gives him an excellent impression of the entrance hall to the system. After only 10ft the cave bifurcates into an eastern and western passage. 

The rest of the party quickly catches up. Malandir quietens and slows them down, motioning them to stop whist he peers into the cave. Then he turns to them, with his finger to his mouth to signal for them to be quiet, he whispers, “The cave splits quickly into an eastern and a western passage but I can hear that they’ve gone down the western passage. There are a number of male and female bugbears down there, probably four of them in total”.

“Let’s form up and get in there,” Talmark exclaims. “Battle formation. Per and myself in front, Kord and Barret next and Malandir and Lucien to the rear.” 

The party gets into formation and Talmark motions for them to advance. Barret strikes up the parties last torch to help light the way and Kord casts Light upon his shield. As they enter the cave, Kord notices a strange sign, which he’d almost missed in the commotion. It reads “Safety, security and repose for all humanoids who enter – WELCOME! Come in and report to the first guard on the left for a hot meal and bed assignment.” He smirks to himself at the blazen nature of the sign. 

As they sneak into the cave they can see that the western passage splits with one passage going north and a room opening up to the west. They can hear the sounds of jeering, laughing and whimpering emanating from the room. 

As they get a little closer, Talmark can see a blazing fire and then as they approach the room he slows the party down just a little.

Creeping forward the scene opens up before them. They see a 30ft by 30ft room with a fire in the north western corner and some stools around it. In the south eastern corner there are two cots. On the western wall there is a large gong and in the south western corner there is Fremont and Clovis surrounded by four huge male bugbears and two female bugbears. 

The males easily stand 7ft tall and are over 400 pounds. Almost twice the bulk of Talmark or Per. The females are impressive in themselves, standing approximately 6ft tall and weighing in at 250 pounds. They are poking and torturing the hapless men at arms. One of the bugbears has a spear with which he has penetrated Clovis’s thigh. He is twisting it to enhance the suffering of the poor human.  

They are totally unaware of the party’s presence as they are so preoccupied with their new toys.