Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53c



Lucien calls to the party, “There is no way to negotiate with bugbears, they are too chaotic and unpredictable, this goes straight to slaughter...ATTACK!!!”

·        Per emits a blood-curdling shout, "For Asmodeus!" as he charges in to attack the nearest male Bugbear with his glaive. He deliberately ignores the two females so that others from his party can take them out. Using the reach of his weapon he stabs at the nearest male but misses. (4/12)
·        Talmark charges, aiming for a point at which he will be able to keep Per from getting flanked from one side while still being able to cleave a pair of opponents. Swinging Felldrac at one of the females, the cut ends the females fight (14pts of damage) and in a bloody rage Talmark cleaves at the remaining female but he misses her. (9/17) (1/9)
·        Kord moves around to the south to get a better perspective and unleashes Burning Hands upon his opponents for 4pts of damage (DC 12 Reflex save for ½ damage). The monsters have a Reflex save of +4 and thus will need to roll an 8 or better to save. The role 18, 20, 17 and 15 respectively and having all saved, take 2pts of damage each.
·        Malandir’s hopes of the warriors smashing into the nearest bugbears so that he might get to move to the flank and get a sneaky attack on one of the male bugbears has almost been realised. He is more confident that his recent training has improved his ability to shoot arrows into a melee and he can see an opportunity to flank and get a sneak attack on the female bugbear. He moves up 30ft and fires and arrow at her. It is a masterful shot, striking her between the shoulder blades as she started to turn on Per. Whilst not down she is badly wounded. (11/18)
·        Kord calls for Barret to attack the badly wounded female. The men at arms hands his torch off to Lucien, draws his weapon and duly moves up and swings his longsword at her but he misses.  (3/4)
·        Lucien opts to take out a Cause Fear scroll to cast on an unengaged bugbear hoping to put one beast out of action to prevent ganging up on the stout warriors (DC 15 Will save). The Bugbear has a will save modifier of +1 and will need to roll a 14 or better. He rolls a 1 and fails miserably. The Bugbear will be Frightened for four rounds (Frightened is as per page 567 of the Core Rule Book – the creature flees from the source of its fear as best it can. If unable to flee it may fight at -2 to hit etc).

DM’s reminder: At the end of every dot point I’ve put the unmodified / modified to hit role for each combatant.


Party Initiative: Roll = 9 + 0 modifier = 9

Bugbear Initiative: Roll = 17 + 1 modifier = 18

·        The Bugbears need to take a morale check for having taken their first casualty. They roll 7 on 2d6 against a morale of 9 and will continue to fight.
·        The female attacks, 1-2 = Talmark, 3-4 = Per, 5-6 = Barret, roll = 2 = Talmark. She swings with her long sword at the faithful warrior and hits him in the right leg for 10pts of damage. (19/23) (8/12 for the non-confirmation of the critical hit)
·        The male just to her west also attacks Talmark but swinging its morning star it misses. (1/6)
·        The male to her south west 5ft steps to the east and attacks Barret. The monster brings its morning star in an overhead attack at the hapless man at arms and hits him in the left leg for 7pts of damage. Barret will need to take a morale check in the next round of combat. (13/18)
·        The last remaining male advances on Kord and Malandir and attacks 1-3 = Kord, 4-6 = Malandir, roll = 3 = Kord. It flails away with its morning star hoping to bring down the evil priest and smites him in the stomach for 6pts of damage. (20/25) (4/9 for the non-confirmation of the critical hit)




  1. The graphics of the combat are a bit blurry. Sorry about that. I'll correct for the next post.

  2. Lucien 5ft steps south while retrieving a Cure Light Wounds scroll, reading it off and grasping Talmark on the shoulder as the Asmodean healing magic flows through the wounded fighter.

  3. Per is going to move to the right of Talmark to attack the male Bugbear standing between the frightened Bugbear and the wounded female Bugbear.

  4. Sorry Bryan. I missed that direction in my next post. I think you posted just before I did.