Saturday, 12 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53m


·        The bugbears have taken their first casualty and have sustained over 50% casualties and must make two morale checks. On the first morale check they roll 10 on 2d6 against a morale 9 and break and run towards the back of the cave.
·        As they flee, Talmark gets an attack of opportunity against one of the infants. He swings his two handed sword but misses the little monster. (6/12)


·        Determined to capitalise upon the momentum of his charge Talmark yells out “It’s all good” and charges directly east but he misses the heavily wounded female. (4/12)
·        Malandir takes his shot against the flat footed juvenile in the north eastern corner but the arrow bounces off the wall behind the infant. (8/12)
·        Per charges in to support the flank of Talmark. He stabs at the female and the momentum of his charge is sufficient for him to beat her defences and with the blow striking deep he delivers 13pts of damage, finishing his opponent. He decides to Cleave and to use the reach of his glaive to attack one of the more dangerous males at the back of the group. His enemy stands ruined before him, held up only until Per reclaims his gore stained weapon that had just delivered 16pts of damage. (8/16) (19/27)
·        The only straight charge that Kord can conduct is against the infant in the north eastern corner. Yelling “For the First God” he charges and delivers an explosive uppercut that flips his opponent clean over and leaves them in a motionless heap as he delivers 6pts of damage. (16/21)
·        Under the direction of Lucien, Barret and Clovis are ordered to rush into the room and take up positions to attack next round. He holds Fremont back to keep watch down the corridor and as a tactical reserve.
·        Lucien advances 10ft and casts Murderous Command upon the last remaining male. The bugbear will need to make a Will save against DC15. It has a Will save modifier of +1 and hence will need to roll a 14 or better and it rolls 17 and shrugs off the spell.

·        Being trapped, the bugbears have no option but to try to fight back.
·        The southern most infant pulls out a nasty looking small short sword and stabs at Barret but just misses the surprised man at arms. (13/15)
·        The remaining infantry attacks Talmark but she also misses. (6/8)
·        The female 5ft steps to the north and attacks Kord but she cannot hit her heavily armoured foe. (9/13)
·        The male advances 10ft to the north north west. In doing so it triggers an attack of opportunity from Per with his glaive. Distracted for a moment as the bugbear advances, Per simply sticks the monster with the pointy end of his weapon and delivers 12pts of damage almost dropping the it. (15/21)
·        Howling with outrage the bugbear swings its morning star at Per. It slaps Per’s defences aside as it delvers a smack of a blow and 7pts of damage. (16/21)

·        Clovis attacks the male but his swing is wide. (3/4)
·        Barret attacks the little monster in front of him but he too cannot get to grips with his enemy. (4/5)
·        Kord attacks the heavily wounded male trying to clear the way for the stronger Per to take on more dangerous foe. He just hits the beast in the chest and delivers 7pts of damage, finishing it. (14/17)
·        Per uses the reach of his glaive to attack the female. A bold under thrust goes under her defence and skewers into her lower half, delivering 15pts of damage. He immediately cleaves at the deadly infant to the front of Talmark but is unable to hit her. (12/18) (6/12)
·        Talmark attacks his foe but misses as she ducks under his attack. (1/7)
·        Malandir advances 10ft to the east to get a better shot and looses an arrow at Barret’s foe but he too misses. (5/10)
·        Lucien and Fremont reserve their actions. 

The remaining two infants fight to the death. Whilst they are quickly overwhelmed, one of them is able to get a nasty stab into Barret which delivered 4pts of damage. 

Checking the room they find 70gp, 3 morning stars, 6 long swords, 3 small short swords and 12 sets of ears. Malandir’s sharp eyes also locates a silver urn near the fireplace, which had been blackened by soot. He estimates it’s worth 175gp. 

They review their loot and find that they have gathered the following:

A quick check of consumables shows the following:

The party feel that they have gained a lot of experience:

Lucien, Kord, Talmark and Malandir have gained enough experience to progress to 3rd level once they reach civilization. Per has advanced a lot but needs another 1,500 or so xp to get to 5,000 and third level.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53l


Mandalir says under his breath, “Let the killings commence!”

With an evil grin on his face Per agrees, “Absolutely! It's clobberin' time!”

Kord says, "May I suggest that we use the power of Asmodeus to weaken them. I haven't Channeled Negative Energy yet today and I can do so up to six times a day. With a small party accompanying me, three in total for that's all that I can protect, we can weaken them using channeling and then fall back to the rest of the party or call them forward as reinforcements when we need too. If we're lucky, we might be able to defeat them quite quickly."

“Lucien is ready,” confirms the unholy cleric. He begins to rummage through his pack looking for the scrolls he’ll use. He readies a Shield of Faith and Murderous Command. He’ll probably use Murderous Command on the strongest looking male if one is obvious. He also readies Cause Fear to cast on another strong male or female when the time comes. 

Malandir says, “I’m keen to accompany the initial assault. Hopefully I’ll drop a female in the first round then make way for another fighter to step into the fray”.

Talmark agrees, "Perhaps we open the door but Per and I keep inside the corridor a little, so as not to have any survivors of Asmodius' wrath team up on us, with Kord and Maladir at our backs. Malandir can shoot through, and we can shield you two from physical attack. If we are getting the best of them then we can all flow into the room for clean-up. Do you think this will work?”

“It’ll work fine,” responds Kord. “Let’s go before we lose the element of surprise. Sooner or later they’ll be wondering what happened to that other female”

As they leave Malandir turns to Fremont and says “Get one of the men to pick up my caltrops for me will you. I’ll get them from you later.”

And then they head off. 

Lucien coordinates the men at arms. He positions them to be just outside of the burst radius of Kord’s Channel Negative Energy, but also in a position so that one of the men at arms can keep watch down the western corridor. “It would be terrible,” he thinks to himself,” if we were to be flanked now.”

There is no handle on the door. Per gives it the lightest of nudges and it’s apparent that it’s not stuck or locked. 

He pushes the door open. The light spell upon Kord’s shield together with the fire pit fully light the room. There are piles of bedding and old garments in the eastern end of the room. In the south west three females tend to the fire as they cook a meal whilst in the main room another three females, three males and three female infants play. 


·        Kord immediately Channels Negative Energy for 3pts of damage. It’s a DC 14 Will save and the bugbears have a Will save modifier of +1 and hence will need to roll a 13 or better to save. All are in range except one of the infants. Rolling for the males first, then females, then infants from left to right and top down we get the following 20, 3, 17, 4, 16, 17, 8, 9, 11, 15 and 16. The monsters take 3 and 1 point of damage accordingly. Whilst it’s not a devastating attack, Kord consoles himself that he’s certainly caused a lot of damage across the group.
·         With his glaive, Per can reach three of the females from the door. He immediately stabs at the flatfooted female to the south east hoping to kill her and then cleave another but in his haste he misses. (5/11)
·        Talmark could move into the room and get into a position to cleave but he decides it would be better to stay in formation for the moment. He attacks the flat footed female to his south east and catching her off guard he rips her asunder ending her life as he delivers 12pts of damage. (9/15)
·        Malandir fires his bow at one of the big females. He chooses the one directly to the east of Talmark as it’ll be an unimpeded shot but the arrow flies wide in all the confusion. (3/8)


Party initiative roll = 20 + 0 = 20

Bugbear initiative roll = 15 + 1 = 16

·        Kord immediately Channels Negative Energy again this time dealing 2pts of damage. Saving throws as follows 17, 3, 18, 4, 18, 8, 11, 18, 15, 12. The monsters take 2 or 1 point of damage respectively.
·        Per can still attack 2 females from his position. He strikes at one who still looks like she is off guard and with a nimble step he bypasses his her defences as he delivers a gruesome, conclusive shank and 15pts of damage. He immediately Cleaves at the remaining female in range and his vicious stab connects with almost poetic grace as he delivers 12pts of damage, killing the second female. (11/17)  (15/21)
·        Talmark decides that they are winning the battle and he’ll charge into the fray to keep the momentum. He runs over the body of one of the fallen females giving himself the chance to attack a male and potentially Cleave a female. He swings Felldrac at the male and with a casual twist of his wrist he carves into the monster as he delivers 14pts of damage. Already weakened by Channel Negative Energy, the male cannot sustain the damage and falls to the ground dead. Talmark cleaves at the female and his foe now looks disfigured as she shreds a thick layer of anatomy from her. As he watches it fall to the ground so does the female with 18pts of damage being delivered. (14/22) (18/26)
·        With a clear shot, Malandir fires at one of the remaining flat footed females and his arrow strikes true. The sudden disappearance of the arrow into her body is disquieting until it passes all the way through and free. Delivering 7pts of damage he almost drops her on the spot. (15/20)
·        Kord calls for Lucien and the reinforcements to come. He is aware that Talmark is now in a very vulnerable position as his cleave and charge action have left him off balanced (and -4 to his AC).
·        Lucien instantly double moves with the men at arms 40ft towards the fray.