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Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53p



·        Talmark will need to roll a 13 or more to stablise. He rolls a 20 and stablises. He gurgles foamy blood down his chin has he stares up from his prone position, helpless, as he watches the rest of the party battle against the monster.
·        Normally the men at arms would need to take a morale check for seeing a party members go down but they didn’t witness the shock of Talmark getting smashed so they won’t have to take one.  
·        Per lashes out with his master worked glaive, trying to eliminate the threat of the Chief before he too is taken down. “This is for Talmark!” he yells as he attacks the male. His weapon becomes sleek with bright fluids, as whatever he struck inside the monster was filled with gore. He delivers 12pts of damage, killing the chief. He turns the glaive against the female but she dodges his blow.  (18/24) (5/11)
·        Malandir fires an arrow at the remaining monster but h just misses as she pushes the arrow aside with her morning star. (11/16)
·        Kord advances 15ft and prepares to attack the female. Standing over the prone body of Talmark, he swings his heavy mace at her but isn’t able to connect the more experienced warrior. (11/14)
·        Lucien hands over the Alchemist Fire to Clovis and the torch to Fremont as he directs Fremont to have the men move up 10ft and toss alchemist fire at any enemies at 10ft distance that may emerge from the door. He then double moves to Talmark’s south and yells “Come for me and taste death, spawn of a dung heap!” hoping to draw the female into attacking him rather than Talmark.
·        Barret moves up to support his master and with a double move he is just able to get a flank on the female. 


·        The female must take two morale checks against a morale of 9 and she rolls 8 and 4 on 2d6 and will continue to fight.
·        She attacks 1 = Per, 2 = Kord, 3 = Lucien, 4 Barret, roll = 1 = Per. She turns on Per, the murderer of her chief, and swings her morning star at the warrior and, contorting to avoid a counter attack, she snaps her weapon into her enemy delivering 8pts of damage. (11/16)


·        Malandir fires another deadly arrow at the female but misses in the whirling combat. (5/10)
·        Barret stabs at her with his long sword and, because of his flanking position, he is able to sneak an attack past her defences as he delivers 10pts of damage. (15/18)
·        Per 5ft steps to the west, to give Lucien a flank position, as he attacks the female. An errie snick at the end of his thrust tells him that something vital has been severed in his opponent as he delivers 11pts of damage and the female slumps over dead. (16/24)


Kord pulls his last scroll of Cure Light Wounds and casts it upon Talmark healing him 2pts of damage, not quite making him conscious as he goes from -4 to -2. Looking over Talmark’s body he notices that he has one remaining potion of Cure Light Wounds. Kord pours this down Talmark’s throat healing him a further 3pts of damage taking him from -2 to +1, conscious again but not too strong. 

The party starts to search the room……..



  1. Malandir looks quizzical, not believing his poor bow skill...

  2. Per is pleased that he gained vengeance on Talmark's behalf. He cleans his glaive, wiping away the gore. "I think it will be wise to return to town or to our camp in order to properly heal up," he states. "What say you?"

  3. "Prudent and measured as always, Per," Lucien is all for heading back to the burg.

    (((Sorry for the length -- There is much to digest and decide…
    Many of us gained a level, and it has opened up new potential, but if we take the time to go to the burg and cash in and train and recover, there is a much higher probability Berowalt’s lady love meets her demise.  Lucien & Kord have access to casting Invisibility and Silence now.  This dramatically opens up options for penetrating the hobgoblin lair and rescuing the damsel.
    It is conceivable to cast the spell after our first rest.  Cast on Malandir, he scouts out the cave (3min duration tops), returns and reports, then we develop a plan.
    OR, we could go to the burg, hope the damsel survives until we are trained, healed and tooled up, and then go in.  Berowalt will need some consoling in that case.
    IF we decide to go in first -- My vote is to concentrate on JUST rescue, not taking on the tribe yet.  Try our best to just get in-and-out.  Silence for hiding the initial assault on the hobgoblin guards and to buy more time before an alarm is raised, providing we can kill them in the 3 round spell duration.  At the least, Talmark & Per need to be fully healed up before doing this, and that will take a few spells/the remainder of our CLW scrolls. 

    As a party -- Do we play it safe, ensuring our own survival before taking on the hobgoblins, or chance a daring clandestine raid with few remaining resources?  Despite the increased reputation and leverage that the quick rescue can provide, Lucien is selfish and will argue to play it safe, that we have taken enough chances this outing and should go get her when we are best capable of doing so, not while so thin on healing and resources.)))

  4. Per totally agrees with Lucien. "We play it safe and look after our own before risking our lives for a woman who means so little to us," he says. "We have suffered enough already and to carry on with a rescue mission would be pushing our luck too far. Plus, we don't even know if she's still alive."

  5. "Thank you my friends. I was sure my death was imminent, I even had time to wonder if I had done enough to earn Asmodeus' reward for his faithful... I do not wish to ever be brought that low again, nor will I allow it for you." He glances down at the bloody and ruined surcoat covering his armor. "We are indeed in no shape to continue today. I like Berowalt, but I am sure he will understand that we need more preparation. We attempted diplomacy, next we must attempt force. The bugbears were unforseen, but they too shall have their time to be finished off..."

    When we return, Talmark will purchase a lot more potions!

  6. Malandir is content to push on with the would add someone at the burg in their debt. He offers his personal potion of clw on the proviso the group will replace it when they retuen to town, gratis.

  7. Hey guys as far as I'm aware there is no healing left in the party. No one has any potions of Cure Light Wounds left nor any scrolls of Cure Light Wounds left.

    Since the last time I put up the Consumables Register (session 53m) we've used up everything that we had. If I've made any mistakes in my book keeping please let me know.

    Also another thing to just keep in mind is that there are still two corridors and one door in the bugbear caves that we haven't as yet checked. There might be merit in taking that on before the hobgoblins just because we've probably broken the back of the bugbear resistance.

    And lastly, for those who are about to level, you might want to start to think about how you want to do that and send me an email with your details.

  8. Yes, that door with caltrops in front of it could very well be the bugbear treasure room. Or it could be sleeping quarters for a hero, or perhaps the bugbears traded with the hobgoblins and THEY have Berowalts woman right there, or it could eb a monstrous pet, we have no surety.

    BUT we know for sure both our heavy hitters are in low single digits and we have no idea how much larger or smaller the tribe is and no curatives.

    I believe it is time to leave.

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  9. before we leave,Malandir could check out the corridors so we have some idea of how much bigger the bugbear complex is.

  10. "If you feel confident you can do so without undue risk, then I think it would be a good idea. Be wary, as we are in no condition to mount a rescue."

  11. Hi guys. Sorry I'm on the road a fair bit at the moment and cannot get to the PC for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Should be back on track soon.