Friday, 23 June 2017


Ok, as it transpires I still can get internet connection. The world is becoming a smaller place. 

I just thought I’d whip out the quick, second scenario that I played for BDTZ. 

I played these games about 3 years ago by the way, so they are a nice little trip down memory lane for me.

In the Zombie apocalypse a new generation has emerged. One not defined by age but rather by its will to survive. These are the stories of Generation Zed.

Zed Day 1: 5:55pm – Stephen Briers
Powering along the street, Steve decides to make a detour. “Jesus H Christ. Those crazy muthas are coming out of everywhere. I need more ammo”. 

 “There it is, I’ll just pop up on the curb and run in”

As Steve approaches Bob’s Bargain Bullets, zombies begin to emerge from the shadows and alleys.

As he slows down, even more zombies emerge. 

Pulling up at the store Steve makes a tactical assessment. The Hummer is surrounded by zombies now as they are attracted to the sound of the big 6.5l v8. 

“Frig this!” Steve says to himself and he pulls away, leaving the areas.
The car just attracted too many zeds. I couldn’t see how Steve could get out of the car, get into the store, grab what he needed and then back to the car, start it and drive off without getting swarmed and overwhelmed. 

Rule No 1 of ATZ: Don’t get killed. 

I decided that it was better to live another day and so just let Steve drive off. 

Steve’s next big challenge will be getting home!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 45


Over the next few days Malandir thinks about traps. He’d rather not get any master worked armour but would prefer to increase the defence of Cragmaw Caves. Thinking about traps, he thinks some pit traps with spikes in the bottom, plus some snares or mechanical bear traps, some caltrops sown around the pits and a few heavy crossbow traps triggered by pressure pads would be a good start. Also, a section of wall designed to collapse outward onto attackers.

The mechanical bear traps and caltrops are easy enough. Crossbow traps trigged by pressure pads (CR1 trap) would be a bit tougher but probably simple enough to develop. Probably cost 250gp/3 (as Malandir has Craft Traps Skill) = 83gp each (Perception DC20, Disable Device DC20, Effect Att +15 ranged (1d8+1 / 20 critx3). Similarly, a pit trap with spikes in the bottom would also be fairly simple enough to develop (CR2) and would probably cost 500gp / 3 =166gp (Perception DC20, Disable Device DC20, effect 10ft deep pit (1d6 falling damage), pit spikes Att +10 melee, 1d4 spikes per target for 1d4+2 damage each), DC 20 reflex avoids, multiple targets (ie all within a 10ft square).

He’s not too sure about how to do the collapsing wall yet. He reckons he can build one trap every 7 days week. 

Talmark will tell the party about the possibility of rescuing Geneve.

"I am not looking forwards to hacking through a mass of Hobgoblins, they are much more martial than other beasts. Though we have fought them in the past, perhaps we can make some sort of deal with then for the lady's release, maybe even garner them as allies. They must have some enemies that also live in the cave complex. As we plan to take out as many creatures there as possible, we may as well try to get something more for our work, and it is better to have allies than not. Thoughts?"

Per replies, "That sounds like a good plan to me. I do agree we need to try and rescue Geneve. If we can barter for her release then so much better than fighting such a dangerous foe. And if we can gain the hobgoblins as allies then that strengthens our hand against other enemies. Count me in just as soon as I get my new master-crafted glaive."

Updated consumable list as follows:

Updated wealth as follows:

Updated character summary sheet as follows:


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 44


Lucien and Talmark gather the ears and go to find Captain Wallache and Sergeant Engel at the inner gate house. 

They find Wallache in weapons practice against a few of the brothers. 

As he sees black and red robs of the cleric of Asmodeus and the accompanying warrior he disregards them and continues his practice.

Sergeant Engel is, however, nowhere to be seen. 
Lucien and Talmark wait patiently. Lucien knows that Wallache has spotted them and is ignoring them, arrogantly showing them that his time is much more important than theirs. 

After 20 minutes, he completes his training and the brothers return to their guard duties. Wallache wipes the blade of his sword, checking for nicks. He then returns it to its scabbard. 

Casting his eye towards Lucien and Talmark he addresses them directly, “What do thee want, more of the Burg’s gold I suppose?”

Lucien ignores the snide remark and professionally presents the ears. “We’ve cleansed the area again. We’ve defeated many monsters and have improved the lawfulness of the lands. We’ve destroyed 38 monsters and hereby claim the legal bounty for their destruction.”

Wallache summons two of the guards who quickly respond by bringing out a small table and a chair for their Captain. As he sits he examines each of the ears in turn, placing the ones that he feels is worthy in one bucket and the smaller ones in another bucket. 

“Twenty six monsters you have destroyed. The others were hardly a challenge.” He stands, “Wait here. I’ll collect your bounty for you.” He enters the inner gatehouse and after 20 minutes returns with a bag of gold coins “May Irori continue to protect you in your most legal of endeavors” he adds with a sarcastic tone. 

Talmark collects the gold from the Captain and together he and Lucien walk back to the others. 

The party gathers at the Cold Hart Tavern to make their plans. 

"So," Talmark says to his party members, "those trogs were not just out wandering around and we found them by chance. They are out with intent. I think we may need to further reinforce our retreat. I've also been wondering if it may be beneficial to attain or build a permanent residence here in the Burg. The brothers are very suspicious of outsiders, and it may help us become "insiders", or at least less scrutinized. Of course, they may just not like our Asmodian leanings..."

He chuckles. "Anyways, something to think about." 

Kord agrees, “If we are ever to take the Burg for ourselves, and the glory of Cheliax, I think we’ll need a local residence. Somewhere to store spare supplies in safety and to be handy for when we finally act against these ridiculous Irorians.”

Lucien adds, “The Irorians just respect the law, no evil or good intent in them, just the law. They’ll respect our right to worship our own god as long as we don’t break the law. I understand them as I too am a man of the law. The only problem that they have is that they are following the wrong laws. And I cannot stand for that. Eventually, that will be their downfall.”
After a pause, Talmark utters "Taking on and defeating a White Dragon would sure be a great accomplishment. But if the Brothers could not do it with their numbers, I doubt we could at the moment. More training and experience will help greatly, and I think we would get a lot of that if we spend some time whittling down Bymbir's followers. The question would be as whether to shift focus or keep at clearing the caves? Perhaps we should check up on Sildar and see what we can learn."
“Yes, and while we’re at it lets get some more supplies,” quips Lucien. “I need more supplies and time for scrolls and I’d like to speak to Berowalt about a special helmet.”

They nod in agreement with Per and Talmark adding that they’d also like to see Berowalt about better weapons and armour and Kord saying that he’d need more time to also scribe some scrolls whilst Malandir would like to find some useful materials for trap making. 

The party go their ways to procure the supplies that they need.
Talmark returns to the smithy to speak with Berowalt and ask if there is anything in particular he is in need of, or would like to have. 
Anything specific that we may come across in our adventures. He is hoping to both garner a better relationship with the smith as well as help out.

Berowalt replies that there is a fair maiden imprisoned within the caves. Berowalt and Geneve were betrothed but when Geneve was on a caravan travelling to Cettigne, the caravan was attacked by hobgoblins and she was taken. He’s been searching for her ever since but he just knows in his bones that she is being kept at the Caves of Chaos and he doesn’t have the skill at arms to adventure there. He is a smith not a warrior of such renown as it would take to try to rescue her himself. He went to the Curate Valdemar and the Castellan Rald but neither could help him with his plight. He would be forever grateful if they could at least attempt to rescue her. 

Gerowalt describes Geneve as having long blonde hair and arms as strong as any of his assistant in the workshop.

Talmark responds that he will talk to the party and they will try to rescue her. 

A few moments later Lucien enters and asks about the gnoll king head. He offers a flat 20gp for him to have it boiled down to the bone and incorporated into a helmet. Berowalt responds that is no problem and he’ll have it ready in two days (DM’s note – please send me a picture if you want a new token)

Per soon follows with Malandir and ask about master working their glaive and studded leather armour respectively. Berowalt says that too is no problem. It’ll cost 300gp per item to have it masterworked. Malandir enquires about the possibility of procuring some traps. Berowalt says that he has four of these excellent bear traps at 2gp a piece if that’s what he’s interested in (DM’s note - see page 76 of Ultimate Equipment). For more elaborate traps he could supply parts if Malandir could describe what he is interested in (DM’s note - see page 420 of the Core Rule Book for more details on traps and come back to me)

Lucien re-visits Dearg at Valor Trading and, after a lengthy negotiation, procures master worked scribing/carving tools (50p), high quality silk (75gp), purified silver needle (25gp), purified silver scissors (75gp) and silver threading (25gp), which Dearg just happens to have in a little alcove at the back of the shop. 

Later, back at the Tavern, in their room over the next a day or so, Lucien and Kord prepare some scrolls. Lucien prepares four Shield of Faith scrolls and Kord prepares four Cure Light Wounds scrolls.  Talmark request that Lucien create two more Cure Light Wounds potions for him, which he duly does over the same period.