Thursday, 29 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 46


Talmark says, "So far we seem to have garnered some respect from the merchants, if not outright glee at seeing our gold laden pockets approaching. Rescuing this damsel will surely boost our standing with the yeomanry. However, those Iorians are a dour lot. Perhaps next time we return from our jaunts I may see if I can engage some of the Order socially. Perhaps at card games, or with drink, or even sparing and comradery. Get them talking, get them to 'know' us. Maybe make a few friends. Sildar is sure to have had something good to say about us after his rescue, perhaps that can be used as a way in, despite not being too successful so far."

Talmarks comments hold truth in them for the party is becoming well known by the local population who appreciate that they are making the country safer, enabling more passages and trade, and that they are also bringing trade goods back to the Burg such as furs, skins and weapons. 

That evening at the Cold Hart Tavern, as usual, there is quite a mixed crowd of locals and travelers. The food is excellent and the drinks are generous and good. There is a positive mood. It has become well known that the feared gnoll tribe that had been raiding has been annihilated and in the last two days three caravans had come to the Burg without incident. Other monsters, such as lions and troglodytes have also been defeated by heroes. There are 11 locals enjoying the evening, including some that the party know such as Othmann (see Session 3) and Berowalt (various sessions) and 5 caravan guards looking for work.
Berrin is encouraging the party members to tell more of their stories, to entertain the locals and to make the beer flow more freely. 

Berowalt backs up the party’s stories, telling of the hides of the troglodytes that the party had sold him. Ever courteous, he doesn’t mention his own grief at Geneve being missing but the more attentive party members, such as Lucien, Kord and Malandir (who have Sense Motive), see that his demeanor is more positive, seemingly encouraged by the belief that the party will try to rescue his partner. 

About an hour after dusk is normally the time that many of the guard change and a little after this time half a dozen Irorian brothers enter the tavern. Amongst them is Sildar (see Session 5-7). 

As Sildar sees the party he raises his arms in recognition and hails them. Approaching the party, he offers his hand in friendship and his rescuers, Talmark, Lucien and Kord shake it rigorously. 

He offers to buy the party members a round of drinks but Lucien refuses and instead offers to buy Sildar and the Brothers a round as a sign of appreciation for the security that they provide and for some stories, especially the stories about Bymbir, Lord of the White, that the party had heard about (see Session 32). 

Sildar’s Attitude towards the party has grown from Indifferent to Friendly over the past few weeks as he has recovered from his wounds and recognised the great danger that the party had encountered and overcome to save him. 

To encourage Sildar to tell his story is a Diplomacy Check (see pages 93-94 of the Core Rule Book). Sildar’s Attitude of Friendly provides a DC 10 modified by +10 to Reveal An Important Secret and a -2 for Sildar being Careless = DC 18.

Lucien has the best Diplomacy of the party (by far) with a modifier of +13. He’ll need to roll a 5 or better to get Sildar to tell his tale. He rolls 14. 

Sildar gathers the party and the brothers around him as he begins his story.



  1. Hi guys. From memory just about everyone should be back so I thought I kick off the game again with a short entry to get the ball rolling.

  2. Cool. And, er, some of us never went away! Smiles! :-)

  3. I am back now... moved into our new house and internet is up and running.

    I read the previous entries to get up to date. I am interested as a player and PC to know everything possible about the dragon, but in Lucien's estimation, the Caves and the upcoming rescue should be the focus. He is open and willing to try and work a deal with the hob's, and smiles inwardly at the potential for treachery... Asmodeus' himself committed the first act of treachery, killing his brother with a spear - making that the TRUE weapon of infernal worship in Lucien's eyes, not the heavy mace...