Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 41b



Party initiative = d20 = 14 + 0 = 14

Monsters initiative = d20 = 13 – 1 = 12

·        Malandir instantly fires an arrow at one of the troglodytes but misses. He moves 10ft to the south west to clear the way for the other party members to engage the enemy.
·        Per yells “Die foul creatures!” as he charges to the north. Stabbing at one of the monsters with his glaive but he too misses.
·        Lucien calls for Freemont and Clovis to support him and moves to the square 10ft south of Clovis, tossing an alchemical bomb at the closest trog. P202 of the Core Rule Book indicates that throwing a splash weapon is a ranged touch attack. Lucien lobs the bomb has a range of 20ft but Lucien’s throw is good and the monster takes 5pts of damage and 2pts splash damage to the near by trogs. Lucien notices that the troglodytes are well armoured by their natural scales but are a little slow to move and are particularly vulnerable to touch attacks.
·        Freemont moves to Lucien’s southern flank and fires an arrow at the nearest troglodyte but misses.
·        Clovis moves 5ft to the south to Lucien’s northern flank and fires an arrow at one of the troglodytes but also misses.
·        Talmark downs a potion of cure light wounds, healing back 3pts of damage. He advances 10ft to the north to support the flank of Per.
·        Kord moves 15ft to the north to protect Talmarks right flank. He lashes out at the troglodyte there but misses because of the dim light and his lack of infravision (-2 modifier to hit) and being ill (a further -2 to hit). He wonders if he should cast light upon his shield to try to improve their chances of hitting.
·        Barret decides he is best able to help the southern contingent and hence he moves 5ft to the south east and fires an arrow and he critically hits the nearest one in the right leg, opening an artery. The monster drops to the ground and bleeds out as it suffers 9pts of damage, killing it.


·        Having suffered their first casualty, the troglodytes will need to take a morale check. They roll 3 on 2d6 against a morale of 8 and will fight on.
·        The troglodyte opposing Per lashes out at him with his claws and teeth but it misses three times with its bite, claw, claw.
·        The next trog attacks Talmark in the same fashion and but, similarly, the warriors armour protects him against the deadly attacks and the monster misses with all three attacks.
·        A troglodyte advances 5ft towards Kord and attacks but again cannot penetrate the armour of the holy warrior.
·        Frustrated that they cannot find a path to attack, one of the two northern troglodytes decides to move around to the east to try to support its fellows in the south. It double moves 60ft.
·        The first southern troglodyte advances 5ft to the west and attacks Freemont. It misses twice but one of its claw attacks works its way through his armour delivering 4pts of damage the hapless warrior.
·        The remaining warrior advances on Lucien. Its teeth bite deep into Lucien’s left shoulder and it narrowly misses raking the cleric with its claws. Lucien takes 2pts of damage from the assault.



  1. Lucien will 5ft step back diagonally behind Fremont to clear the way for Malandir to fire. He calls for Clovis and Fremont to 5ft step back or away from the Trogs as he launches another bomb at the one that was in front of Lucien before he moved, and calls for Barret to maneuver into a charging position through the gap.

  2. Per is hoping to kill the troggie in front of him with one blow, so that he can then attack the next troggie in line.

    By the way, I do like the graphics you used here. The speech bubble from Per was a nice touch, as was the explosion from Lucien's bomb attack.

  3. Yea DEW is awesome at locating and using the graphic resources. Speaking of resources, now would be a great time for Kord to Channel if he has one left and can maneuver into position to not affect his southern allies.

    I need to spread the Acid/Alchemist Fire's around so we can bomb enemies w/their Touch AC more often when the need arises.

  4. Thanks for the feedback on the graphics.

    I'm always trying to find better ways to show what's going on and to try to find more 'dynamic' methods in particular.

    Spells are relatively easy as they can be quite visual, missile firepower is a bit harder as is the hand to hand attacks but I think the blue 'miss' and the red 'hit' markers are ok. If you think of anything better let me know.

    Yep from memory I've got heaps of Channel Negative Energies left. I'll try to get into a position to zot them without wiping out 1/2 the team.

    Rich, how many bombs per day do you get? I had in my head two for some reason. Is it two or is it more?

  5. It IS two. One plus my INT bonus (which is +1)

  6. Malandir will move se to trt and line up an arrow on the unengaged rear rank trog.

  7. I agree, I appreciate and really like the graphics work you do, way better than graph paper and pencil Xs and Os! The red and blue really work for me too. For table top games where someone has a crossbow that is slow to reload we have these yellow sunburst markers that say "twang!" Maybe adding that in to show who has shot? It may be a bit too long though...

    Talmark will attack the Trog right in front of him then cleave over to the one in front of Kord.