Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53j


It is probably too late to move the bodies without notice thinks Talmark. "Best set up an ambush. Kord, Lucien, has Asmodius granted either of you spells for holding a creature in place?" He downs one of his Curative potions healing back 3pts of damage before stepping to the side of the tunnel mouth, sword at the ready.

“Unfortunately not,” responds Kord. “I can only scare her, which may just make her run away and raise the alarm.”

Lucien whispers, "Talmark, I am out of healing scrolls for this venture. You'll have to imbibe potions from here on," as he pulls out his concoctions in preparation to mix and make an alchemical bomb to toss if she gets within range (20ft).

Malandir waits to use his opportunity to fire unimpeded at this new foe before she is aware he is there. If the arrow does not drop her, one hit from his companions will finish the task.

"Just thought of a quick plan!” exclaims Talmark. “Kord, walk across the room casually so she sees you. Walk until you are out of view without acknowledging her presence. Hopefully she will come running and ignore the bodies on the ground and we can thwack her quickly!"

Kord nods, "That sounds like a great plan."

Per likes this plan and readies his glaive whilst staying out of sight.

The party gets into position and waits. As the female advances, Kord casually walks across the room from the east to the west. He whistles in a nonchalant manner. The female stops dead in her tracks, surprised at the site of the human walking freely in her lair. As he starts to disappear from view she shouts for him to halt and then she starts to run after him. 

She is set upon immediately as she enters the room. 

The female is flanked and flat footed and thus the party will effectively get +3 to hit (+2 for flanking and -1 to her AC for being flat footed). 

·        Talmark swings Felldrac at her with all his strength and with a decisive spinning slash, he sends his foe reeling into the afterlife as he delivers 14pts of damage. (15/23)
·        Somewhat disappointingly, the rest of the party realise that the fight is over, before they’ve had a chance to even participate.



  1. Okay, so I would have liked Per to be the one who killed her but respect to Talmark for eliminating her so quickly and efficiently. Per nods in appreciation at his colleague.

  2. Yea, hard to be disappointed looking down at a dead enemy.

  3. "What say all? Ready to advance along our normal order? The best eyes up front, Malandir?"

  4. Probably need a bit of a call on does the team want to go. There are a few options (ie from here east or west, or back to the north and then east or the north western passage, or even out of the cave if everyone wants to call it a day).

  5. Malandir is content to push on and will scout ahead up the tunnel.

  6. {{Loot, loot, loooooooot the booodyyyyy}}
    Talmark looks at the state of the party.
    "How many curative potions do we have left? The Men-at-arms and myself are all a bit dinged up. A solid hit and I may go down, hard. I'm all for slaying more of these foul jerks, but only if we think we are able."

    If we have enough potions, Talmark will down a few until he is close to full health before proceeding. I think maybe a bit of a scout west is the way to go, as it should lead back towards the entrance. Maybe a secret door?

  7. The party does a check of what remaining healing capability it has:
    - Talmark has 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
    - Luicen has 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
    - Kord has 1 scroll of Cure Light Wounds.

  8. Lucien is all for scouting out where the female was coming from in the north and patiently awaits Malandir's report.

  9. Talmark will quaff a CLW or 2, to get as close to full health as possible, just in case of trouble.