Monday, 3 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 49


Talmark stands slightly wobbly (a slight act) and claps Sildar on the shoulder. "Thank you, friend Sildar. It now makes much more sense as to why we have encountered such a variety of humanoid enemies at that cave complex, some of which are natural enemies, and why we encountered that group of trogs on our way back here." He turns to his party and says "Perhaps after our rescue mission we should concentrate on finding the Troglodyte presence in the caves and wipe it clean as we have done the goblins and gnolls. Though, I do worry that defeating a lead element may cause more chaos before we can slay them all. Perhaps such an event could be used to our advantage. And we save the dragon for last."

He turns back to the tavern group in general, a sober and serious look upon his face.

"Well, you all know us, and the foes we have vanquished in the effort of making this area safer. You know there are still more enemies awaiting their turn to be defeated. And you know that we will do our utmost to bring them low and make these lands the safest possible. More sword arms are always needed, and always welcome."

Talmark slowly smiles wide, showing every confidence that the deeds can be done. "Tell me friends, do you want to see these lands safer? Will you help us? Will you fight?" He looks about to see if any are willing before continuing. "We will be spending tomorrow provisioning before returning to our task. Do not hesitate to find us, friends. Together we can cleanse these lands, make a better life for all."

He then turns to the Torag leader and motions him towards the bar, pounding half of his drink and acting only slightly unsteady. "Come sir, if you will. We are quite tired and about to retire to rest, but I can tell you what I know of your cohorts, as brief as it is."

Talmark begins to tell them a tale about Adalgar and Brunhild. As he is about to get momentum, he starts to fumble over his words a little as if he isn’t quite getting his story right. Lucien steps in, the great orator tells a dreamlike dark tale of how they came across an ogre and a goblin horde, which the party duly defeated, but only after suffering many wounds and losing some of their number. Upon searching the bodies, particularly that of the beastly ogre, they found the tabards of two clerics of Torag. Upon the goblins they found war hammers, engraved with Toragian holy symbols. Whilst he doesn’t have much more evidence than that, he believes that Adalgar and Brunhild were defeated, and possibly consumed, by the ogre and goblin horde, but due to the greatness of Asmodeus, they had been avenged. 

Lucien rolls a 14 for his Bluff check and his Bluff skill is 18 giving a target number of 32. Johannes has the best Sense Motive ability of the Toragian’s and he rolls a 6, nowhere enough to see through the deceit of such a fantastic and well orated story. 

Moritz looks to Johannes to confirm his belief in the fate of Adalgar and Brunhild. Johannes give a solemn nod of acceptance of their doom and recognition of the efforts made by the Asmodian faithful. 

Moritz asks a few more questions about the goblin horde and should they, the Torag’s, hunt down the remainder of the goblin tribe to which Lucien responds that the entire tribe had been wiped out by the party. 

Moritz looks at Lucien, “We know you did no good deed to help our brothers Asmodian cleric, but we appreciate that you told us of their destiny. We’ll base at the Burg for the next few days before we choose our next course.”

They turn and leave to seek accommodation. 
The next morning the party rises and makes final preparations before going back to Cragmaw Caves. As they are preparing, they are approached by the five caravan guards who were at the Cold Hart Tavern the previous evening. The guards, led by Markell, ask for employment. They will not adventure with the party but they are willing to undertake guard duties for them. 



  1. {ah, that teaches me to not detail what my character says... I hope what all Lucien said matches up with what we told Walach!}
    When you say "will not adventure" does that mean they would not go with us to the caves and guard the entrance while we assault?

    1. From my pov it's great when you detail what your character says. Helps to flesh out the character and adds a lot of flavor to the story.

      Correct they won't go with you to the caves. They will guard any base that you establish and they will escort you between places of safety (ie Burg to Cragmaw Caves).

  2. Lucien is smiling inwardly, "Gentleman, let us discuss your proposal amongst our party in private."

    He turns to the party, "Of course we will hire them.

    These are disgruntled caravan guards who feel unwanted due to our own efforts. Caravans are feeling safer, so they at hiring less. They are reaching out for other employ. By their own words, they will not foray against the monsters, but I am thinking they can be useful to guard our waypoint cave.

    If they have an encounter and they survive, we could get valuable intel. If they do not survive, we don't have to pay them and they may whittle the trog numbers a bit for us before their demise.

    I think it would be a death sentence to take them all the way to the Caves of Chaos and have them guard the outside while we are in. Waaay to many humanoids there that could overrun them."

    Lucien arrogantly points out, "They are just caravan guards... while we have the blessings of our Infernal Master."

  3. "Truth, friend Lucien. I am all for having guards for our retreat. I wonder, should we consider it our 'secret retreat' and somehow initiate these fellows 'into our confidence', as it were? Could set an excellent president for future retainers and, er, citizens of our soon-to-be lands."