Friday, 7 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 52b


Malandir rationalises to the others that the goblins must be weakened by their earlier losses, and suggests going west to finish whatever is left of them.

“Either direction leads to the hobgoblins eventually,” adds Talmark. “I think we should check the east first, in order to be sure our exit route is clear before heading to the west."

Per says, "Indeed. We may well need a clear exit route in case we encounter exceptionally strong opposition. I vote for east first."

Lucien and Kord nod in agreement. 

They reform and Malandir scouts ahead. Listening as he goes, he moves silently down the south eastern passage. As he comes across the first intersection, which he knows leads to another dead end, he quickly scouts it just to make sure there is nothing lurking down there, and then he continues down the main passage. As he approaches the first room he slows down. Peering into the room there is nothing living. The carnage of the previous raid is still in evidence. The bodies have been removed but there is blood and small pieces of equipment and body party left from the carnage.
“Whatever cleaned up here has done a rush job,” thinks Malandir.

He recalls that there is a passage to the south east and so he continues. Passing through the room he enters a corridor which goes to the south before it turns west. He remembers this is where Stein met his fate (see Sessions 18 and 19) but his body is nowhere to be seen. He also remembers this is where the hobgoblins defended themselves with deadly missile fire. 

He listens for a while but can hear nothing. 

[Roll = xxx + 7 Perception skill = yyy]

[DM’s note: I’ve kept the actual roll and results away from the party so as to not colour their judgement with the full knowledge of the outcomes of the roll except what Malandir perceives. I have however shown his skill modifier just to inform the party of what they are.] 

He wants to scout down the corridor but doesn’t want to get shot up with arrows or rendered unconscious from a trap and not be able to get back to the safety of the party. “No need to die a heroes death silently bleeding out from a trap I know is probably there” he thinks to himself. 

Malandir goes back to the party and he brings them up with him to the corner. Then, very cautiously, he steps into the east west passage. Selfishly, just after he had done the deed and whilst he is awaiting half a dozen deadly arrows to shoot down the passage towards him, he thinks “Why didn’t I get one of the men at arms to test this.” 

But his fear is for naught. Nothing stirs, there is no sound, there are no arrows. 

With his curiosity mounting he decides to scout the corridor. 

He moves cautiously to the west and discovers a door. He checks it for traps. 

[Roll = xxx + 7 Perception skill = yyy]

But he doesn’t find any. 

He listens at the door. 

[Roll = xxx + 7 Perception skill – 5 for listening through a closed door = yyy]

But he doesn’t hear anything. 

He sneaks back down the passage and tells the party that there is a door and it isn’t trapped and he cannot hear anything from the other side. 

Kord looks to the party and asks, “Do we want to go through this door or do we consider this section of the dungeon to be cleared and we go back the other way?”



  1. Alas, if time were on our side, we could set up a trap on this side of the door. Lucien is of the mind to explore out the remained of this cave to ensure no surprises, then take a vote on returning here or entering a new complex entrance.

  2. Talmark is in complete agreeance. He also wonders aloud as to who is doing all of the clean up. Is it just common scavengers or something more insidious?

  3. Malandir considers the arguments, but is concerned that, having managed to approach the door without being engaged by the hobgoblin archers, woul it be better to seize the moment rather than risk having to fight back down the narrow corridor.

    Why have we elected to come down this way if only to turn back now, when he had originally suggested the other direction? Still, he doesn't care much either way, but it will be one of the tough men at arms who an lead the party down this corridor next time ....

  4. Lucien appreciates much the aggressive nature of the Rogue, but prefers we take time to consider our enemy and be more methodical...

    Hobgoblins are militant, cunning tacticians. Taking advantage of our placement here and now could result in falling into their hands via a second front through another secret entrance or the main entrance.

    If I were them, it is what I would do; a holding action here at the door while a flanking force comes in from another direction.

    Lucien suggests we see if the rest of this particular complex is clear, if we can detect another secret door, and then make a decision together weighing the options.

  5. Here is an idea. Lucien has an empathetic connection with his viper familiar.

    We can have the familiar stay at one place hidden (the entrance to the cave or here at the door) while we check out the rest of the cave so we have forewarning if any creatures come through the area the viper is stationed.

  6. Lucien's suggestion is a most excellent one and should be implemented.