Saturday, 29 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53f


“Decision time, gentlemen,” says Lucien as he surveys the wreckage of the combat, “do we heal up and further explore the bugbear cave? Or do a retreat, heal up and try a different cave, leaving the bugbears until we have more health and resources? We are already here and I am for keeping on, though bugbears are mighty foes to be tackling at our strength levels.”

Per says, "I'm happy to continue searching these caves. But first we need to heal our wounded."

Constantly turning his head to check the corridor to the east, Malandir agrees to push on. “We have broken through the first line of their defences without the alarm being raised. We should exploit the element of surprise otherwise this route will be more difficult next time.”

“I agree with everyone else” Talmark confirms. “Heal up and push on. There might be more here than just bugbears, but hopefully we'll have a good line of retreat in case of severe trouble.”

Kord nods his agreement and hands the two Cure Light Wounds scrolls from the party treasure to Lucien to administer. 

He casts the first upon Talmark healing back 7pts and taking the warrior to 18 out of 20. 

The second he casts upon Barret and heals up 2pts taking the men at arms to 9 out of 12. 

Kord casts Cure Light Wounds upon himself healing back 6pts of damage taking himself to full health of 17. 

He then takes a scroll from his personal equipment and casts Cure Light Wounds upon Fremont and heals back 8pts taking Fremont to 9 out of 12.

He takes another scroll from his personal equipment and casts Cure Light Wounds upon Clovis and heals back 6pts taking Clovis to 7 out of 12.  

Summary as follows (in the order of the Summary Character Sheet):
-        Lucien: 15 out of 15
-        Kord: 17 out of 17
-        Talmark: 18 out of 20
-        Malandir: 17 out of 17
-        Per: 23 out of 23
-        Fremont: 9 out of 12
-        Clovis: 7 out of 12
-        Barret: 9 out of 12

The party still has some reserve healing with Lucien and Kord having one and two scrolls of cure light wounds respectively left and there are a number of potions of cure light wounds left amongst various party members (DM’s Note: Let me know if you want to do more healing). Summary of consumables is below.

They discuss which way to go. “There are three passages,” Malandir reminds them, “one directly to the north of here, one to the east that then turns north and one to the east that turns south. As we came in here so fast I didn’t have time to scout any of them. Which one do you think we should focus on first?”



  1. Per says, "I'm all for searching the north passage first. It is the nearest to where we are. Do we have any booby traps we could lay behind us? Say, caltrops, perhaps. Just to give us some warning if anyone approaches from the other two passages."

  2. "I personally would like Malandir to give a peek around the corner to each option, just to be sure there aren't any hostiles lurking in the immediate vicinity that could cut off our exit. Then head down the northern option."

  3. Lucien offers a smug opinion, "I'd think if there were any lurkers, they would have capitalized on surprising us," he motions to the large, hairy, earless corpses, "I am suitably convinced only the dead beasts here know of our penetration hereabout. I am for scouting the north passage."

  4. Malandir nods thoughtfully. It would not take me long to scout a short distance along the other two passages before we head north. That way we would know what lies in that direction, as well as checking for the unlikely vent of other hostiles being close .... I would have thought the sound of battle would have drawn them in.

  5. "Caution, friend Lucien," says Talmark. "For every situation it's own tactic. Our charge was successful, though foolhardy, and we survived and retrieved our charges. Our methodology has proven sound previously in clearing caves, let's not get overconfident just yet."