Sunday, 10 December 2017

Generation Zed - Day 5 - Gangsters Paradise - Prelude

The big man stares out the window. Whilst his glory days of power lifting in the 80’s and 90’s had long past, at 6’4” and 240 pounds he is still an imposing sight regardless that age has turned a lot of his muscle to fat.
He watches the chaos outside from the vantage of his apartment window. It’s been five days since the authorities announced the zombie apocalypse has begun. Now, with the increased police presence on the streets, the brakes have been put on his business.
Knuckles mutters to himself, “Screw the man, he’s done nothing fer me”   
He’s been called Knuckles for years now. His name, Keaton Hunzel, just doesn’t represent his massive hitting power he uses to enforce his will. He became known as Knuckles after an occasion when he hit a man so hard, he left an impression of his fist in his skull.  
In the early morning quiet, the sound of the front door latch falling is distinct and eerily loud.
Knuckles silently draws his 44 and turns to watch the door. 
BAM!!! BOOM!!! The gangsters fire rushed shots at the other but both miss.
Lifting his head from where he’d ducked behind the bed, Knuckles yells “F@#$! Is that you over there Montreal?”
Hunched over, his left ear still running from the near miss, the rival ganger replies, “It’s time to get yours Knuckles, time to get yours.”
Montreal takes the initiative. BAM!!! BAM!!! “Take that you jive arse mutha f@#$er.”
Knuckle’s vision blurs as a round creases his skull, dropping him to the floor. He groans with effort as he tries but fails to get up.
Montreal taunts the big man. BAM!!! BAM!!! “You still there baby?”
Anger surges in the big man as his head clears. He jumps to his feet and charges the punk. He fires the 44 as he closes on his opponent. BOOM!!!
Montreal is surprised at the speed of the massive man charging him in such close quarters. Losing his bottle he flees.
Knuckles give chase. Tumbling down the stairs they reach the ground floor parlour. BOOM!!! Knuckles is better with his fists than with his aim and his shot goes wide. Montreal scurries to get out.
As Montreal passes his back up, Dietrich Von Grim, he yells, “Com’on man lets DD.”
Dietrich is taken aback for a second, not understanding why Montreal is running only seconds after they’d gotten there. His ignorance is soon cured though when Knuckles bursts through the parlour door.
Von Grim is young but he’s wiser than he looks. Without hesitation he turns and flees.
Knuckles stops to catch his breath. Cardio. He’d always hated cardio. And now his lack of endurance training together with his five decades is slowing him down.
Panting he watches the two rival gang members escape.
The front door swings open and Knuckles raises the 44. Cocking the hammer and pre-tensioning his finger on the trigger he checks his target. A figure with a red headband, mirrored sun glasses and black leather jacket runs in.
Knuckles lowers the pistol as he recognises Jonsie.
With a broad grin Jonsie asks, “Hey man what’s goin? I just saw those punks Montreal and Dietrich run out of here? I figured you could use a hand.”
“Dirty little pricks tried to bush wack me in my own home.”
The door open again. Both men raise their pistols, only to lower them as they recognise Macca.
Knuckles greets the fellow hard man with a silent salute. Macca had been with the gang for five years now. A known enforcer, he’d never carried a gun but he ALWAYS had “Willie Mays”, his baseball bat, with him.
Macca nods a return greeting to Knuckles and Jonsie. With the dulcet tones of a jazz singer he says “I just saw those pricks Von Grimm and Montreal run over to the 7-11 from here. Looks like you might need Willie Mays at your back.”
Knuckles smiles, “Thanks my brother. Let’s get those a@# holes.”
They lurch outside, their gazes fixed on the franchise store.
- - - 0 0 0 - - -
I thought a change of pace might be nice to the overall campaign and, after all, every campaign needs a villain and Knuckles might just possibly be that villain.
This scenario is taken from the Haven supplement. It’s called Ganger. The objective of the mission is to search the buildings and to round up the posse.
It’s set in the Valley, an urban part of the big city that’s been run down over the past 30 years.
The prelude took longer to play than I at first thought it would although it’s good that Knuckles has already accumulated two gang members.
In next post we’ll see how the boys fair at the 7-11. 


  1. Lovely, atmospheric setup. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes (and it's good that I have no emotional attachment to *any* of the characters, so I won't be upset if they all end up as zombie chow :-) ).

    1. It does take the stress out of it not using the main characters that's for sure. It's going to be a wild ride I think.

  2. Nice set up, Tim. The set up appears to be straight from any of a number of crime dramas. But when you throw zombies into the mix, then all bets are off. Anything could happen next! I've already got my front seat staked out with drinks and plenty of munchies. Bring it on!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it Bryan. You can see the influence of cheap TV shows on my psyche from the 60's and 70's can't you.

      And I reckon you're right, anything can and will happen in ATZ.

  3. Cracking stuff Tim :-) I've just taken a break from grafting, and so glad I 'checked the bogs' while I had chance - you've cheered me up no end with this intro!
    I'm with Bryan on the front row for this one!!

    1. Hahaha glad you're enjoying it too. I predict the action is going to come thick and fast in this one. With that many zeds and fire power who knows where the lads will end up.

  4. Does me well to see people playing the ATZ variants. TA - It's more than just about zombies.. :)

    1. Yeah Ed Haven is one of my favorite supplements for ATZ. Having a series of scenarios, all from different perspectives, is inspired and really adds a lot of depth to the game. I'm prepping up some soldiers at the moment and I'm hoping to get in a national guard mission or two soon. The protection mission is great.

  5. Thi is a cracking scenario that I played quite a while ago, but yourintial setip is far superior to my own.
    Love the look of the table.

  6. Thanks Joe. I'm surprised at the number of potential homies or rival gang members that I've run into so far. By the time we check all the buildings I should have a nice big posse.