Thursday, 1 March 2018

5150 Campaign – S2f – Reconnaissance Mission

The Warspite’s tactical officer gives a brief update, “Admiral, Old Sarge has used all of his Fire and Forget missiles but each of the other pilots still have two left.”
Jackie nods his appreciation. “That’s plenty for this engagement,” he thinks to himself.
(Activation Star Navy 2, Hishen 3 – Star Navy will move first)
Jackie pushes the Push To Talk button “Warspite Actual to Ajax Actual, reduce your speed to 1 cycle and come back to formation.”
“Aye aye,” comes back the confirmation.

Jackie pushes the button again, “All fighters this is Warspite Actual, engage the enemy small craft with extreme aggression. Reinforcements are on the way but we can’t afford to lose another capital ship.”
Apollo takes tactical command, “Everyone except The Addict, get into visual range asap and dogfight these bastards. Addict use your Fire and Forget missiles to back us up but only come in and dogfight if you see an opportunity to end one of these mothers quick. Your air frame probably won’t be able to take another hit.”
Hinton knows the risks, he knows he’s not in formation with any of his squadron, but he also knows he’s in the best position to initiate the attack. He pushes forward the throttle and accelerates to 5 cycles and heads towards the enemy.
As he comes into visual range all hell breaks loose.

One of the X Wing pilots is the first to react. He successfully attempts the Reversal manoeuvre and moves forward at his current velocity of 3 cycles and makes a 180 degree turn. Whilst the X Wing pilot cannot fire on Hinton (out of gun range) he has put himself in a good position.
The pilot in the X Wing with the dark grey ship acts next. He barrel rolls towards Hinton, side slipping his craft as he goes and rubbing off speed so as to not over shoot his target (but as he does he brings Colgar6 In Sight and dogfighting range).
As the X Wing pilot fires, Hinton yells out on the ham, “I recognise those markings. That’s Skywalker we’re up against.”
The X Wing pilot pulls the trigger firing a deadly barrage of eight Pulse Cannon rounds. Four are on target but two are defeated by Hinton’s shields. The remaining two smash through the cockpit, killing Hinton and detonating his craft.  


  1. Oh ho, we're in trouble. I didn't realize we were the bad guys.

    1. Good guys, bad guys - it's all a matter of perspective really. After all he is part of the rebellion. How uncool is that? Not wanting to pay taxes and to break away from the Empire.

    2. I didn't realise you don't pay taxes, I've just rung the shipping company to book a ticket, they seemed confused when I told them it should only cost £10:00.
      X wings Y wings I thought they were the craft of the evil empire, and we are flying round in model T fords painted white we should be the good guys. Ain't life confusing, mind you I never liked Luke Skywalker, get me launched let's get him.:-D:-D

  2. Luke Skywalker is here! That's a turn up for the books and most unexpected. I'd say that all bets are off now.

    1. Yeah I'm using the random Rep tables for when I deployed the fighters and it came up as being an elite (hence why I used the dark grey X Wing right from the get go to remind me). I didn't think the readers/pilots would know until they came into visual range so I just let it go till now.

      He's Rep 5 with the Accurate Gunnery attribute. When in a dog fight a pilot needs a 10 to hit so a Rep 4 pilot needs a 6, a Rep 5 needs a 5-6 and Luke will need a 4-6. You've got numbers and Colgar6 is In Sight now. If you're lucky he might take Luke out with one good Rail Gun burst. Fingers crossed. (Man I want to get home from work and play this little bit out now).

    2. Gulp! So, no pressure then...

      Ah, poor Hinton. The time to griever is later, I think.

    3. I guess his family would expect you to exact revenge for the death of their son......oh wait that didn't help.

  3. Replies
    1. Jeez I'm not sure how to respond. It sound's like you're going for the rebels now.

  4. Deep breaths and calm down guys - this hotshot can't possibly be THE Luke Skywalker, the names got to be a coincidence. The Luke Skywalker your thinking of belongs to a completely different franchise in a galaxy far, far away!
    Oh, I forgot, you can't hear me 'cos my comm link is down can you - I guess I'll just turn up the CD player and get on with it.
    Dah dah, da-da-da Dah da, da-da-da-dah dah, da-da-da dah (Oops, I forgot that track was on there!) ;-)

    This really is getting more and more interesting Tim, and I feel to be learning a lot about the game from your style of write-up. Looking forward to the rest of the encounter and any follow up material :-)

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm having a lot of fun.

      Yes certainly. After the report we should have a good discussion on how it all worked. I've started to write up a couple of little pieces explaining what I used or didn't use in the rules, how I felt the game played, some statistical analysis between the opponents etc. Should be good.

    2. Dah dah, da-da-da Dah da, da-da-da-dah dah, da-da-da dah.

      I had to get my musical expert on this, Mrs Vagabond, but she came good, now I have to listen to that dammed theme tune going round in my head.
      I thought your comms were down. :-D

    3. That's great to hear Tim, and sorry about giving you an 'ear-worm' John ;-)
      Yo r bre ing up, s y ag in, ver.

  5. I had a bad feeling about this.....

  6. Yeah sorry about that. Damn unlucky.