Saturday, 10 March 2018

5150 Campaign – S2h – Reconnaissance Mission

(Hishen movement phase)
With his bridge smashed and shields and thrusters damaged, the skipper of the Hishen Destroyer Formidable has few options. The ship doesn’t alter course nor velocity as it pushes on 2 cycles closer to the Star Navy Fleet and within range (finally) of its two Plasma Battery’s.
The Hishen Corvette Scipion accelerates to its maximum velocity of three cycles. The move begins to bring it into long range for its torpedo battery. Whilst the commander considers his options he tells his weapons officers to begin to plot firing solutions for Ajax, Exeter and Warspite, all of which are now in torpedo range.

The famous rebel pilot, Luke Skywalker murmurs in his cockpit but is still unconscious. With his engine damaged and velocity at zero he stays in his current position, practically defenceless if the Vipers can get to him in time.
Wishing to continue on its primary mission to destroy the enemy capital ships, the undamaged X Wing Side Slips four cycles to starboard to avoiding coming into visual range and being drawn into a dogfight with the Vipers.
One of the X Wings is still dogfighting with Apollo, Da Gobbo and Colgar6. All four fighters in weapons range and arc of each other. The fight will probably be decided by who pulls the trigger first.
Years of honing his skills pay off as Apollo is the first to act. He ops for maximum offensive effort firing 15 heavy Rail Gun rounds and his last Fire and Forget missile at his opponent. Six of the deadly Rail Gun rounds are on target and with no shields all six hit the X Wing. Two rounds smash into its engine, one into its hull, two into its guns and the final round into the cockpit. It is a catastrophic level of damage and the X Wing disintegrates as the Fire and Forget missile steams through the debris of the destroyed fighter.
Colgar6 breathes a sigh of relief as he knows that Apollo probably just saved his life.

Finally in range, Formidable opens fire with its two Plasma Batteries at Ajax but the deadly plasma payload passes harmlessly past Ajax. The combination of being out of visual range and having its bridge smashed has rendered Formidable almost combat in effective.
The X Wing pilot releases his Torpedo. As it speeds towards Ajax takes evasive action, accelerating to 2 cycles and firing its two anti aircraft turrets at the missile. Ten anti aircraft rounds streak towards the torpedo and one finds its target but isn’t able to destroy the missile before it slams in Ajax. Ajax’s hull is breeched. As the pressure escapes vital personnel are lost and the ship becomes less combat effective (ie Rep -1). It is a dangerous blow to Ajax but she is still in the line.
The Hishen commander of Scipon decides to hold on to his long range torpedo. He knows that at this extreme range the Star Navy capital ships could more readily take evasive and evade his weapon.
Jackie thumbs the push to talk button, “To all Star Navy capital ship commanders, continue to concentrate fire on the Formidable”.
Five long range Beam Cannon batteries fire upon the hapless Hishen Destroyer. As the beams streak over the heads of the Vipers the Formidable’s crew braces for impact. Two rounds miss but three on target. With no shields to protect the Destroyer, all three rounds slam into the ship. Thrusters, Shields and Bridge are again damaged. It is too much for the air frame and explosions begin to ripple through the Formidable as it is destroyed.


  1. Looks like it's starting to go Fishers way.

  2. Its starting to tip over the knife edge now! Great batrep again!