Saturday, 7 October 2017



Snake looked down at the orks from the roof. “Filthy beasts,” he mutters to no one in particular as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Raised in Helsreach hive he’d escaped the enslavement of the Imperium two decades ago. Mining water in the desolate world had been profitable for Snake and he wasn’t going to give it up for some stinking orks from the Emperor knows where.

The had appeared that morning. Running around the outside of his camp, testing his defences. The odd ill disciplined ork had charged the camp but they’d cut them now. Now though, it looked like they were martialling for a more serious attack.   

The stupid xenos had split their forces, giving him a good field of fire. And in the hours it had taken them to organise he’d put the men to work building barricades. It would take a horde of orks to push Snake Plissken from his mine.

As he surveyed his opponents he could see that they had predominantly massed to the south. He counted twelve there with another five to the east. “Easy picking,” he thought to himself. The stupid greenskins were led by two Nobs who, because they couldn’t coordinate a groxnut in a brewery, had split their forces.

He continued to watch them as the orks fought amongst themselves. Suddenly he heard a cry from Hauk. “Boss,” the heavy yelled. “Some type of rocket ork to the north!”.

“Great,” Snake sarcastically thought to himself. “That’s all I need, fething flying orks.”


Snake had deployed four juves armed with las and auto pistols, to the southern wall. To support them he’d placed three las and auto gun gangers on the roof of the building just to their west and the heavy Hauk, armed with his heavy stubber, to the roof of the building to their east.

On the northern wall he’d deployed his remaining three las and auto gun gangers to see off the rocket orks and he supported them with his remaining heavy, who was also armed with a heavy stubber. 

He deployed himself, together with his two shotgun armed body guards, as a central reserve.

TURN 1A – Snake and the Water Hole Gang

The humans open fire with everything they’ve got but the range reduces their fire power and the toughness of the orks reduces the impacts of what hits they do get.

One of the heavies hits and kills an ork Boy attacking from the east. No other casualties are forthcoming.

TURN 1B – Orks

Snagrod and Snagga-Snagga push their Boyz forward as the Storm Boyz fire up their rockets and quickly advance on the humans.

Snake is worried about how quickly the northern Storm Boyz have been able to make it to the boundary where as the foot slogging orks are making much slower progress.

TURN 1B – Snake and the Water Hole Gang

Turning to his body guard Snake yells, “With me.” He advances to the northern barricades to help his gangers defend the line from the Storm Boyz.

The gang releases a fusillade of fire. In the north the combination of lasgun, shotgun, heavy stubber and bolter fire drops four of the five Storm Boyz. In the south the results are less effective with only one Boy being taken down.

TURN 2B – Orks

Now it is time for the orks revenge.

The last remaining northern Storm Boy fires his rocket and jumps up onto the roof of the building with the ganger wielding the heavy stubber. It fires it’s pistol at the human but misses but then proceeds to chop him down in hand to hand combat.

The sneaky western Storm Boy jumps onto the southern roof with the three gangers and similarly slaughters one of the humans under the cutting blade of his chopper.

Snagrod leads the charge of his southern mob. They close with the four juves and barrage them with pistol fire and chopper blows. At the end of the round two of the humans have been cut to pieces. The remainder of his mob fire at the humans on the buildings, but in their exuberance their four slugga pistols, shooter and big shooter are unable to bring down any of the well protected humans.

Snagga-Snagga rushes forward towards the eastern barricade but he’s still some way off.


Part B will be posted shortly.



  1. Excellent batrep, great figures and scenery. I can't wait for part two.

  2. Thanks Bryan. I've been away a lot for work lately but it was nice to sneak in a quick game when I finally got some home time. I figured it would be worth while to get some pics and write it up.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, looking forward to seeing the second part!

  4. Thanks David. Just posted a couple of minutes ago.