Sunday, 8 October 2017


TURN 3A – Snake and the Water Hole Gang

Having pretty much taken care of the Storm Boyz attack in the north, Snake redeploys his men to take out the ork attack coming from the east. As they round the corner they see that Snagga-Snagga and his small mob have almost reached the barricade.

They release a torrent of fire but the five lasgun, four shotgun and two bolter rounds prove relatively in effective as some of them bounce off the intervening terrain or are absorbed by the tough orks.

Having just seen his brother heavy massacred by the rocket ork, the remaining heavy on the south eastern building turns his heavy stubber. He pushes the trigger, releasing a deluge of rounds but the craft ork takes cover behind the parapet of the building and is unharmed.

Horrified at the slaughter of their colleague, the two gangers on the south western roof turn and fire four lasgun shots at the Storm Boy. They hit the beast twice but one round is deflected by its infernal armour and the other it shrugs off. They charge the monster, hoping to finish it in hand to hand combat. Bashing at it with the stocks of their rifles they hit the monster but it laughs at their puny attempts as it absorbs the blows.

The remaining juves at the southern barricade are desperate. Two of their number have already been slaughtered by the orks and they no longer seem to be getting any support fire from the rest of the gang. They fire their pistols at the orks on the other side of the barricade and hit and kill one. Stabbing with their combat blades they hit another but are unable to bring it down.

TURN 3B – Orks

Snagrod jumps the barrier and three more boys rush to the barrier to get into the fight. They fire their slugga pistols and hack away with their Choppers but the juves valiantly defend themselves behind the barrier.

Then the mighty Snagrod picks one of them up by the throat and smashes the young man to the ground. The Nob hacks away at him and ends his life of crime. The last remaining juve looks on in disbelief. He’s all alone now, facing a massive horde of orks.

The orks howl with laughter at the slaughter and begin to salivate. Soon they’ll breach the compound and feast on these weak humans.

The Storm Boy on the south western roof fires it’s slugga pistol and hacks away with its chopper and kills both gangers. It howls with victory and scans the compound for fresh victims.

The remaining Storm Boy fires it’s rocket and jumps across the compound landing on the roof next to the remaining heavy.

It charges the human and hacks it down with ruthless efficiency.

Snagga-Snagga charges the barricade but cannot get over it this round.

The big Nob lowers his slugga pistol and fires at the advancing humans. The other orks are suddenly reminded that they have missile weapons too and follow suit. The barrage of shots is wild but effective with one of the gang fatally wounded.

TURN 4A – Snake and the Water Hole Gang

Desperate, the last juve fires his pistol and stabs at the massive Nob in front of him but he cannot hit the beast.

Snake decides to contest and hold the eastern wall. If need be he’ll defeat Snagga-Snagga and fight his way out of this mess. They charge up to the wall and prepare to fire.

They discharge their weapons and attack in hand to hand across the barricade but the orks held the barricade first and they are able to easily defend against the human attacks. None fall and it looks like desperate times for Snake and his gang.

TURN 4B – Orks

Snagrod pushes forward to face the remaining juve. His warriors follow his lead and three of them jump the barricade whilst the others move forward.

Surrounded, unsupported and isolated, the juve is quickly cut down by the monsters.

The Storm Boys fire their rockets and land behind Snake and the rest of the gang.

They join Snagga-Snagga in the carnage and charge the humans, who have proven to be so weak in hand to hand combat.

The fight is quick and bloody. Within seconds, Snake and the remainder of his gang are hacked to pieces.


Lieutenant Bromhead lowers his magnocular. He can see the savage orks at the Drift and knows he’s arrived too late. It appears that the initial reports of a small mob is inaccurate, or at least more have joined Snagrot and Snagga-Snagga since the Drift was attacked four days ago.

He turns to Colour Sergeant Bourne, “Be a good chap and tell Lieutenant Chard to bring up the support vehicles. And while you’re at it get the men deployed into formation, especially that slacker Hook”.

“Yes sah!”



  1. Score one for the greenskins (I had a rather extensive green tide army back when I played 40k.)

    I loved using Stormboyz and Kommandos to kibosh the opponents battleplan.

    I still have about 40 or so greenies puttering about, and a Baneblade I converted into a Skullhamma I was not able to shed at the time.

    1. Yeah they are a lot of fun.

      I went looking through a lot of old books when I was designing the scenarios and I was amazed how much the Orks had changed over the years.

      At one stage they were S4 T3 then S3 T4 and now they're S4 T4.

      Funny how you forget all that until you go back and look them up.

  2. Yay! An Ork victory! I still have my WH40K Ork army so I was rooting for them throughout. I was never a big fan of the Delaque gang so I wasn't too bothered to see them slaughtered to a man. That was a lot of fun, Tim! So much for the "foolish" Orks splitting their forces!

    1. Hahaha - makes sense. I'd image you'd be a House Escher man.


  3. Hope all is well, been a while since you've postedvon the blog!

  4. Hi Tony. Yeah sorry mate. Just been under the pump at work. Really sucking the lift (any a little bit of me soul) out of me.

  5. Hi, glad to hear you are ok, sorry that work is reducing hobby time, it happens! Will watch your zombie fest with interest, not a genre of game I've ever played!

  6. The zombie thing is fun because, if you like zombie movies, it's like you're in one. And the goal is so simple and realistic. Survive. Which, I'm not sure that I'm going to do actually.