Wednesday 4 April 2018

5150 Campaign – S4e – Convoy Run

[Activation: Star Navy 5, Hishen 2 – Hishen moves first followed by the Star Navy. Star Navy activates first followed by Hishen but only the Warspite and Boomer of the Star Navy are active (ie they have Rep’s of 5). All Hishen vessels are active.]
[Hishen movement phase]
The three transport ships move forward one cycle.
With her Thrusters damaged, the heavy cruiser Emden cannot turn. She chooses to close the gap still further. She accelerates to two cycles and moves forward two cycles.
The Destroyer Yorck accelerates to two cycles and moves forward two cycles.
The Patrol Ship Van der Tamm accelerates to two cycles and moves forward two cycles.
The Millennium Falcon accelerates to three cycles and moves forward three cycles.
Of the small craft only Mardaddy, the X Wing, Vampifan and Darkest Star are still In Sight and dogfighting range and they will act in that order.

With his ship so heavily damaged Mardaddy just tries to get out of the combat zone. He side slips one cycle to port.
The X Wing pilot cannot pull off a dogfighting manoeuvre and instead must avoid a collision with Exeter. He accelerates to four cycles a side slips three cycles to port, trying to put more distance between himself and the defending Vipers.
Vampifan hasn’t as yet had the opportunity to re-fire his engines and with nil velocity he can’t effect any combat manoeuvres.
Similarly Darkest Star is out of range as he has no missiles left and he cannot get into gun range with his current velocity of one cycle. He moves forward one cycle and turns to starboard one aspect, keeping the X Wing in sight.
[Ships can only accelerate during their own movement phase and whilst the Star Navy ships involved in dogfighting can manoeuvre during the Hishen movement phase they cannot accelerate. The Star Navy Vipers are suffering from a lack of velocity, damaged ships and a lack of munitions.]

[Star Navy movement phase]
Three Star Navy torpedos catapult towards the Emden. The enemy capital ship Braces for Impact as she fires all three defensive anti-aircraft batteries at the incoming missiles. Three hits are scored but none destroy the incoming missiles. Heavy damaged is sustained with the Engine, Shields and Plasma Batteries all being damaged. The ship is still in the fight but she won’t last long.
[The Brace for Impact result from the Incoming Torpedoes reaction test means that all anti aircraft batteries can be fired and the damage from torpedoes can be reallocated. This enabled the Capitan of the Emden to shift the damage around and avoid a catastrophic result but his ship is heavily damaged as a result.]

With her Thrusters and Engine damaged Ajax can do little but move forward two cycles.
Similarly with her Thrusters damaged and already at maximum velocity Exeter can do little but move forward two cycles.
Out of sight of any enemy fighters Mardaddy hopes he is also out of mind. He accelerates his damaged ship to two cycles, moves forward one cycle, turns to port two aspects, moves forward another one cycle and turns to port one more aspect.
Tony accelerates to the Raptors maximum velocity of three cycles and side slips two cycles to port and hits the afterburners which propel him another five cycles.
Boomer accelerates to three cycles and moves forward two cycles, turns to starboard one aspect, moves forward one cycle, turns to starboard one aspect and hits the afterburners propelling him a further six cycles. Zabadak and Pessa follow Boomers lead and also use their after burners to get to engagement range quicker.  
Warspite moves forward one cycle and launches three Vipers. Colgar6, Vagabond and Quinton are deployed from the flight deck. Jackie knows that he only has Apollo, Old Sarge and The Addict in reserve with Da Gobbo being held in temporary storage in Exeter to make space for the fourth Raptor.
Vampifan, the X Wing and Darkest Star are In Sight and Dogfighting range and will move in that order.

Vampifan pushes his Viper to two cycles of velocity. He attempts a Yaw Reversal but he can’t pull it off. His fighter moves forward one cycle and turns one aspect to starboard.
The X Wing pilot attempts a Dead Man’s Turn to attempt to get Darkest Star into his sights. He pulls off the manoeuvre, moves forward one cycle and turns to starboard two aspects before coming to a dead stop. Unfortunately for him, whilst he has Darkest Star in his sights, he is out of range.
Darkest Star accelerates to three cycles and barrel rolls forward three cycles. He hammers at the Rail Gun trigger sending fifteen heavy velocity rounds towards his opponent but the X Wing pilot must have nine lives as none of the rounds are on target.

[Star Navy Activation – only Boomer and Warspite are active]
Warspite fires her four Beam Batteries at Emden. Three of the rounds impact near the hull but do no damage. The fourth slams into Emden damaging her Beam Batteries.
Boomer tries to finish the heavy cruiser and releases a torpedo. As it speeds towards the Emden her Capital once again Braces for Impact. Fifteen anti aircraft rounds engage the missile and two are on target but they fail to take the missile out.
The torpedo crashes home damaging Emden’s anti aircraft battery.

[Hishen activation – all ships are active but only Emden, the Destroyer York and the X Wing are in range]
Emden’s damage repair crews jump into action and promptly repair her shields.
York fires two torpedo’s and two plasma batteries at the now in range Exeter. The torpedoes speed towards their target but won’t impact until next cycle. One of the plasma rounds misses but the other explodes next to the hull, collapsing Exeter’s shields for six cycles.
Darkest Star has flown right into the sights of the X Wing pilot. He opens fire, sending eight pulse cannon rounds at the Viper. One is on target but it fails to penetrate Darkest Star’s shields.


  1. It's getting tense. Is there any way we can use fighters (or bombers?) to shoot down York's torpedoes?

    Are you sure that Starbuck is in reserve on the Warspite? I thought he was killed earlier...

    1. Ohh you are right. I was a bit tired last night. I've changed the text and my records. Thanks for the pick up.

    2. Re the torpedoes. Yeah it's proving pretty difficult to do really. You've got to be able to line them up and not have the damn things move long enough for you to get a shot off at them.

      Given they move 10 cycles and they'll be less than 10 cycles from their target they'll home in on their target before anyone gets a chance to shoot at them with the exception of defensive AA from the targeted capital ship.

      Maybe I should be treating them as small craft and have them be able to be engaged in a dogfight. That way if a fighter/bomber comes within 5 inches/cycles then they'll be able to engage them. Still let them take an In Sight test just to determine when they move during the dogfighting sequence.

      What do folks reckon?

  2. Damn the torpedoes!
    I reckon C6 has summed the action up perfectly in the word "tense"!

    I dunno about the torpedoes - are they large enough for the fighters systems to actually target?
    Is their speed (10 cycles) too fast as a 'passing target' to engage over open sights?
    Is the propulsion system producing a give-away 'tail' that pilots could chase?

    More questions than answers I'm afraid Tim, but I'm sure you'll make the right call :-)

    1. I think I might opt for simplicity and leave them as they are.

      Between the first and second battle I cut a few rules to make the game a bit more streamlined, particularly for posting to the net purposes. This mainly revolved around enabling the combat and the photography to run a bit quicker.

      An example is when you try to dodge an incoming missile often in doing so the fighter get's re-orientated. It's a pretty cool rule really but when you're trying to take photo's and write a battle report and then you've got to re-orientate a fighter who's just dodged a fire and forget missile then you tend to take double the amount of photo's.

      If I wasn't posting I'd run the game a bit more rules as written but for the purposes of blogging it doesn't make that much difference so I've simplified things a bit.

      Alright - Tally ho and lets see if the poor old Exeter can survive the torpedo attack in the next round!!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this one ends!

  4. Hey Unknown. Good to see you join the party. Yeah I think this week I should be able to knock it off. We're starting to get low on fighters and soon the mission will tend to focus more on the big ships.

  5. Another great instalment its certainly hotting up.

  6. Thanks. I'm back to the donger pretty soon so I should be able to post again in the next day or two.

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