Wednesday 11 April 2018

5150 Fighter and Carrier Command Rules

I’ve been asked a couple of times which rules from 5150 Fighter and Carrier command have I adopted and which ones have I let go.
I pulled together the following table to try to shop fairly simply what I’ve been using. You can see that I’ve acutally not used a fair few of the rules, mainly to reduce complexity and make the game a bit easier to post. 
I hope this is useful.


  1. Thanks for sharing this very useful. Did you see that Battlestar Galactica game on kickstarter?

  2. Thanks for the table of useful info Tim - it's 'a bit small' for my failing eyesight, but downloading it into "Photoscape" soon cured that! ....and the download is residing on my hard drive for future reference ta :-)

  3. Hope all is well, miss the campaign updates!

  4. Hope you are okay. Been months since you posted..:(