Monday, 20 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 5i

Day 3 – Cragmaw Caves


·        Talmark slashes wildly with Felldrac at Klarg and hits the big hobgoblin in the skull for 14pts of damage. Klarg’s eyes widen as the top of his head is cleaved off. He drops to the ground dead.
·        Clovis, Per and Lucien all charge around the corner. As they round it they see that one of the goblins is dead and the other still alive. Barret and Sildar follow behind but stay far enough back as they are already heavily wounded.
·        Kord slings his shield and picks up the torch.


·        The goblin fires an arrow at Clovis but misses.
·        In the next round the party rush the goblin and hack him to pieces.

The party re-organise and start to search the caves. They cut the ears from the goblins, the wolf and Klarg and loot them of their coins (8gp) and any valuable weapons (5 small short bows, 5 small short swords and a morning star). Their armour is worthless.

They find that the cave is a figure 8 in nature and Lucien and the men at arms can come around and join Talmark and Kord on the upper level.

From there they find what must be Klarg’s personal cave. There are sacks and crates of looted provisions piled up in the southern end of the large cave. There is a fire pit and a natural chimney which leads to the dog pens. Most of the sacks and crates are marked with the image of a blue lion.

Hidden amongst the supplies is a chest with a further 17gp, two mysterious potions in small vials and a jade statuette of a frog with tine golden orbs for eyes. The statuette is small enough to fit into a pocket or pouch. Lucien casts detect magic and the two potions glow.

The captured stores are bulky and they could be returned to the Burg but the party would need a wagon to transport them.


So time for a bit of administration and some thoughts on the game so far.

First of all I think that the light effects worked really well and added a fair bit of atmosphere and, once I got the hang of it, it didn’t take me too long to photoshop them in. What do others think? Worth it or not?

In terms of monsters killed the party totaled 12 normal goblins, 3 goblin dogs, 1 goblin leader, 1 wolf and 1 bugbear for a total xp haul of 4,020xp.

Total loot is:
-        18 sets of ears
-        11 small short swords
-        1 small long sword
-        7 small short bows
-        1 morning star
-        1 statuette
-        2 potions
-        32gp
-        Possible reward of 50gp for returning Sildar to the Burg.

Lucien has cast Shield of Faith and Kord has Channeled Negative Energy 3 times, cast Fire Bolt twice, cast cure light wounds once and used 2 scrolls of cure light wounds.

I do these little summaries from time to time to remind myself as to what the party has consumed so far.



  1. I agree re: the lighting, adds more tension and an appreciation for the unknown.

    How are we doing regarding time of day? If I recall, the sun will set before we got back to the Burg if we headed out now, am I correct?

    If that is the case, I vote we hold up here, set a watch and head out in the morning back to Burg.

    If we judge we can make it to the Burg before it gets dark, I vote we head back straightaway.

    I am sure all are looking forward to some rest in safety.

  2. Well be right to get back before dark. The intent for these caves was that we'd be able to go there, do a bit of raiding and then get back to the Burg before dark (my bad I should have been a little clearer in the description).

    The Caves of Chaos would be a full day to get there unless we staged from either Cragmaw Caves or Castle.

    Next session we head back and baring a random encounter we should get some decent rest.

  3. Sorry guys, was out of town for a couple of days and my phone doesn't like to connect to just about any blog. Frustrating! Looks like we did a bit of work though! Wooo! I think it's a bit funny that when Talmark misses, he misses, but when he hits it's devastating! I tell ya, 1st level is a bit nerve wracking, haha!

    I'm with the above: head back if we can make it before sundown, hold up if we can't and hope no other goblins come home during the night.

  4. ...and I just saw Tim's reply. Hope there's no encounters, we could easily lose a few peeps!

    When we get back I think one of the obvious things to do is figure out who the crates belong to and discuss whether we wish to approach them with an offer to return them (for a reward) or claim them for ourselves, break them open and attempt to sell or utilize whatever is in them. (I mean, on one hand they are property of others, on the other hand they are loot and might have something very nice and useful!)

    On the way back to the Burg, Talmark would like to chat with Sildar and find out a little more about him, and maybe why he is worth 50gp, and to whom.