Sunday, 12 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 5b


·        Talmark swings at the southern most goblin and the big blade of Felldrac his family sword cuts deep into the monsters left shoulder and into the chest cavity. He deals 14pts of damage and the goblin is instantly killed.
·        The warrior Cleaves into the northern most goblin and he hits again. This time he cuts into the left leg of the goblin, decapitating it and dealing 15pts of damage. The goblin collapses to the ground and dies.

Talmark lifts his great sword over his head in victory.

They collect the small short swords and short bows as loot and checking the bodies they find 3gp in total coins between them.

“Well that’s a start” Lucien observes. “Do you need healing Talmark?”

The big warrior shakes his head. “Nah I’m alright. I’ll just rub a bit of dirt on it. Keep the spells for later.”

They form back up and turn towards the cave mouth. As they enter the cave there is an opening into a cavern to the east. There are a few uneven stone steeps which lead up to a small, dank chamber. The cave narrows to a steep fissure at the far end, and is filled with the stench of animals. Savage snarls and the sounds of rattling chains greet the parties ear where two goblin dogs are chained up just inside the opening. Each dog’s chain leads to an iron rod driven into the base of a stalagmite.

The dogs start to bark incessantly. Talmark tries to calm them down. [This is a DC 15 Animal Handling (wis) check to calm them down. Talmark rolls a 19.]

“Shoosh, shoosh, good boy, good boy” Talmark reassures the dogs. The dogs sit on their hind haunches and start to wag their tails. Eventually they lay down bored. Talmark can now see that there are three dogs, not two.

The party backs up and confers.

“Should we just sneak past them or run in there and kill them?” asks Talmark. “I’m not sure about leaving them behind us.”



  1. Lucien offers his choice, "I say leave them be. They are chained and no longer a threat.

    We can toss them a bit of food, keep them occupied and perhaps make these horrid creatures even more friendly later, but any other option that does not kill them outright will set the offensive beasts to barking again, whether a spell, channel, peppering them with bolts and arrows or going in to kill them up close and personal.

    (I know this is still the mouth of the cave and light is not an issue here, but we'll need torches pretty soon and THAT will alert the goblins enemies are in their midst just as much as these dogs barking.))

    Lucien mulls it over more, "Alternatively, we could set up an ambush and bait some of the goblins here by provoking the dogs into barking more and take out more goblin on our own terms instead of reacting to their lair as we encounter them..."

  2. {Ma' face! Ma' not so beautiful face! Oh da agonyyyy! Lol}

    Talmark says:
    "Ambush! Oh yes, a well set ambush is generally the best tactic, especially against a numerically superior force. However, I do not think we have the best spot here. There are 2 entrances to this chamber, and though we are basically at the entrance we could still be cut-off. There may be other exits as well, allowing the little blighters to get behind us. Perhaps we could take the dogs outside and chain them there? We would have them for later as well as keeping them out of our hair. As we press on, light and battle will alert the goblins anyways, and we are not currently stealthy..."