Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 2

Burg Liechenstein

They walk around the Burg exploring it for the first time.

It is an impressive structure. The thick walls and its placement upon the escarpment make it a truly defensive fortification.

In the entrance courtyard, where they met the Corporal of the Watch, there is the Evergreen Stable and the Epoch Warehouse. The caravan they travelled with begins to stable its horses and store its cargo. As they round the corner to the east they see the Minotaur Blacksmith. Inside they can hear the tink, tink, tink of the smith at work. This building is faced by several small houses to the east which are built directly off the wall.

Walking to the south they come across two stores, Griffin Provisions and Valor Trading and a bit further south again the Bright Horizon Bank.

Finally in the south eastern corner they find the White Cliff Travelers Inn and the Cold Hart Tavern. The Inn and the Tavern, together with the south eastern curtain wall form a small courtyard. In the middle of the yard is a wide and deep well which has a sign “Randel’s Well”. 

Continuing to walk they find the Blank Tome Guild House and the Chapel of Irori and the inner gatehouse. They discover that they are in fact in an outer bailey. To the west, the inner bailey is separated from the outer by another curtain wall and the second gatehouse.  
As they approach the second gatehouse, a large knight steps forth.

Smiling as he approaches them, he extends his hand to shake and asks “What are you tentacled, porridge eating gas spores doing in this part of the Burg eh? I’m Knight Engel, Sergeant of the Guard. Now you boys should know that you’re not allowed to enter the inner bailey. Who are you and what are you doing here then?” 

Talmark, Lucien and Kord introduce themselves and tell the Sergeant that they had travelled many days to the Burg and had only arrived and were just exploring the fortress.

Engel’s Attitude to the party is Indifferent and Lucien attempts to improve that attitude, assisted by Kord. Engel’s personality is Friendly (meaning that he’ll provide +2 DC modifier to provide Simple Aid) and Rude (meaning that he’ll swear a lot). Kord rolls 16 and provides valuable assistance. Lucien rolls 4 + 12 (skill) + 2 (assistance) = 18 against a difficulty of 15. Engel remains Indifferent as the DC isn’t beaten by 5 or more.

Talmark asks “Sergeant, I am the son of a knight and am working to prove my valor and to improve my skills at arms. Could I train with the men of the keep in the inner bailey?” Kord provides assistance “Knight Engel, it might provide your men with the opportunity to face a different fighting style”.

Kord rolls 18 and provides valuable assistance. Talmark rolls 17 + 0 skill + 2 assistance = 19 against a DC of 15 indifferent + 0 give simple aid – 2 friendly = 13.

“Well you perfumed, ballet-dancing tunnel worm, you can’t enter the inner bailey but I’ll bring some men out to this courtyard tomorrow to train with thee. They need the practice and rarely get to train against an outsider.”



  1. Yar, twas a good try... really like the map!

  2. Well actually I reckon you've succeeded in a lot of ways. Starting to make contact with the locals is good.

    Thanks for the feedback on the map. It takes a while to do that stuff and really it's only 1/2 done at the moment but it's starting to come together and I can do a bit more this weekend.


  3. I found your blog! I'll need to read how you ran The Keep. I love to get different takes on it - warriorneedsfood

  4. Hahaha. Hope you enjoy it. I really like your comics.