Thursday, 16 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 18b


Malandir thinks to himself "I've got a bad feeling about this...." and slips back to tell the group what he has seen. He describes the corridor to the group and that there is an empty door at the end. 

Lucien readies his crossbow and checks over this shoulder occasionally. He knows there is a real danger that there might be a response party on the way from the previous goblin that got away and now might be coming back with friends. 

Malandir signals to the group that he is prepared to get closer and listen 20ft from the door for the sound of any movement beyond. He gets his bag of caltrops out and loosens the drawstring. He will go back to listen with an arrow notched to his bow and the caltrops in his other hand.

He thinks to himself if anything rushes out of the room he’ll throw the caltrops bag forward, hoping they will spread over the 10' to his front, then fire an arrow or fall back to the group depending what, or how many what’s, he is facing.

Talmark runs his finder down the blade of Felldrac. The blade is lethally sharp. He patently waits for either a signal to move forward or a shout for help from Malandir. 

As Malandir cautiously moves around the corner four arrows shoot straight at him from the darkness. Thwack, the first one lodges in is abdomen for 1pt of damage. Thump, the second bounces off the floor and smacks into his chest but doesn’t penetrate his armour. The third cracks as it impacts against the wall behind him. Smack the fourth hits his left ear cutting clean through it and causing 2pts of damage. As blood streaks down his face and stomach Malandir curses and 5ft steps back into cover. 

A deep growling voice issues from the inky darkness behind the door “Vat youz vant? Leave now or ve’ll killz youz all.”

“That’s no goblin” Malandir thinks to himself, “that’s a friggin hobgoblin.”



  1. Malandir wants some hobgoblin ears!

  2. Kord offers "If two of the men at arms accompany me and act as shield bearers and if Talmark comes for close protection, I'm willing to go down there and break through the darkness and Channel Negative Energy till we draw them out and then you rush forward to back us up once we can see them. I'll take a few scrolls of cure light wounds and we'll get the men at arms to go Total Defense (standard action, +4 to armour class). If I'm going I'm going to want to take Per with me, as he is the bravest, and Clois, as he isn't wounded yet"

  3. Kord appologises to Clovis. It's so impolite to forget someones name. You never know that'll probably have a negative effect on his morale as Clovis thinks to himself "I hate that Kord, cannot even remember my name. Why am I risking my life for that black hearted cleric."

  4. "Kord, my faithful friend, allow me to cast Shield of Faith upon you first, that the might of Asmodeus may further turn aside their blades and darts," Lucien turns more to the group, "Kord can protect three from the channel, I think Talmark and two of the men should be in the thick. The rest of us hang out of reach, of the energy until called for, with Malandir sniping all the while... that is my vote."

  5. Agreed...they will learn to fear us, but never get to profit from the lesson, steel is the answer!

  6. "Woa now, hold on a second", Talmark says. "I'll be voice of caution here for a moment. Let's not just go charging down into who knows what. Hobgoblins are a bit tougher than the little buggers we've been slaying, and we don't know how many of them there are. So far they seem to be willing to talk, despite your wounds Malandir that was just a warning. As we didn't see any hobgoblin sign outside of this cave we may assume that these caves may be all interconnected, which means we may blunder into that ogre. And if he has Hobgob backup we would be in trouble. Let's see if we can talk first. Gain some intel on the caves, who and what lives where, and maybe some allies. If it fails, we've lost nothing but a little time and can then charge in and collect some ears. You want to put them down, that's fine, but emember that revenge is sweetest when you're alive to savor it."