Saturday, 11 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 17


Asmodeus be praised Lucien muses to himself. He quickly moves back to the group gathering Kord and Malandir on the way.

They assemble in the 20 x 30 room where the first group of goblins had been. There is a small fire pit in the room, with a few old crates which are being broken up for firewood. There is nothing of any value here. There is a corridor to the east which turns south.

Lucien tells the party of what occurred in the west and then reasons with them. “What say we? Do we chase after the larger group to the east and capitalize on the fear generated? We are not that bad off, health wise. There was only one remaining coward that escaped to the west, but that way lies our exit. Our decision depends on how cautious the group wishes to be.”

A small party of three men at arms is sent to rapidly recover the ears and anything of value from the fallen goblins in the west.

As they go to leave they pick up one of the torches on the ground. They learn that it’s now covered in dirt and will only provide light for 15ft radius instead of 30ft. Both of the damaged torches flutter and go out. Lucien hands them his torch and they scurry off. 

In the meantime, in the light provided from Kord’s light spell which he had placed upon his shield, they check the bodies of the goblins in the room.

The three man party soon returns. Between both groups they have recovered 9 sets of ears, 9 small short swords, 9 small short bows and 4gp.

 A quick summary of party xp earned so far is provided in the following table.



  1. Talmark says "Not too bad. 9 down, however many there are left to go. Asmodeus has indeed graced us thus far! I say we press on this direction. If we can relight the torches perhaps we can leave one standing in this room where Stein now stands, or light their old fire in order to provide some light in case we should need to withdraw this way. Could save us from an ambush and perhaps discomfort the little maggots."

  2. Lucien quickly maps out where they are in the cave on a piece of parchment; he's no mapmaker or cartographer, but hopefully basics are all that is needed to prevent getting lost in the dark.

  3. Yeah thanks for the comment on the caves. I took a few moments over the past couple of days to buy a few other graphical aids as well so I've got a series of buildings and outdoor landscapes. So lets see how we go getting all that together.

  4. Hahaha nice one Lucien. Yep maybe I should start deleting the old posts and see if you guys actually get lost or not. Conceptually it's an idea but it would be a shame to lost the old posts.