Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 21


On the morning of the ninth the party discuss their plan. They decide that they’ll rest at Cragmaw Caves for the next four days over which they’ll heal up the party and replenish some of their scrolls. It’ll take two days to fully heal the party and the remaining two days will be spent replentishing their scrolls with Kord and Lucien making 8 cure light wound scrolls between them. 

During the day of the ninth Lucien and Kord cast cure light wounds 4 times upon the most wounded party members and the wounded rest to maximise their healing. 

A rotating guard is placed. One on the door and one on the observation hole overlooking the door. Malandir is stationed near by the observation hole so that if they come under attack he’ll be able to respond with his bow. 

That evening Lucien checks on his three vials of acid which have been bubbling away over the past week. 

For Crafting mundane items we’ve adopted the following house rule. 

HOUSE RULE #12: Crafting mundane items. To simplify the crafting of mundane items we’ve adopted that crafting any mundane item, or batch of mundane items where they are matters such as ammunition or potions from alchemy, takes a week. This simplifies the book keeping as once a week the DM will check if the items have been successfully created. As it’s not a stressful activity the player will also have the option of declaring that they’ve taken 10 or, if that won’t successfully achieve the DC, then a roll will be made. It will be taken that the character is spending their day in the following fashion: resting  for 8 hours, crafting for 8 hours and “adventuring” for 8 hours. So the character has time to undertake other activities in the ‘adventuring’ 8 hour period such as guard duty, crafting magical  items such as scrolls, adventuring in caves, talking to locals etc. Ammunition is not being accounted for but a character can create a life time supply of master crafted arrows by spending 1 week manufacturing them.

To Craft acid is a DC 15. Lucien has a skill of 3 and an Alchemy kit which gives him a bonus of +2 so he takes 10 and successfully creates the 3 vials of acid. These cost him 10gp (ie a third of their normal cost). 

He starts to consider what he’ll craft over the next week. He still has plenty of funds.

Malandir starts to consider what he would like to craft. Perhaps a masterworked long bow for himself or some long bows for the men at arms but he doesn’t have the funds for the raw materials for the moment so puts his plans on hold. 

On the evening of the ninth they hear some strange noises outside of the cave mouth but a 6 is rolled on a the random encounter check against a d8 and no random encounter is had (see Session 13 for the stats on Cragmaw Caves). 

During the tenth they again rest and Lucien and Kord heal the party, which is now fully healed. On the evening of the tenth the guards are posted and early in the evening, Per who is on the door, hears the sound of two human voices outside. Peering out of crack between the door and the wall he sees two humans pushing their way through the bushes and into the entrance of the caves. He whispers for Talmark to come over. Talmark peers through the crack and can roughly see the shapes of two humans but cannot really identify what they are equipped with. The humans strike a torch and start to proceed into the cave. 



  1. Malandir will sneak into his position and try to remain hidden with an arrow ready in case it becomes necessary to fight the intruders. While in position, he will closely observe his targets, preferring to aim at the least armoured one but will go with the best shot if needed to engage.

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  3. As he moves forward, Malandir makes a mental note to replace his arrows stocks, having used 9 already. Still, he could easily make 30 in a good day and at least could cover the meagre expense of the work.....

  4. Lucien has spear and mace within reach, but is not armored (for comfort while he was crafting.) I assume the general alert was passed quietly to all - he will grab his spear and make haste to about 20ft behind Talmark, and encourages him to issue a challenge to the intrudes - just let them know they are not alone and are encroaching.

    If need be, Lucien has both Murderous Command and Cause Fear at his disposal, but he is not keen on initiating unnecessary combat.