Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 34


Over the next two days the party rests and recovers. 

On the 15th Kord casts Cure Light Wounds once on Per for 3pts, taking him to 8hp and then a second time for 5pts taking him to 13. He then casts on Talmark for 7pts taking him to 15pts.

Lucien casts Cure Light Wounds twice on Barret for 3pts and 6pts taking him from -11 to -2.

Overnight all the wounded heal back 2pts taking them to:
·        Per from 13 to 15 of a total of 15, so fully healed.
·        Talmark from 15 to 17 of a total of 20
·        Barret from -2 to 0 of a total of 12
·        Freemont from 1 to 3 of a total of 12.

On the 16th Kord casts Cure Light Wounds on Barret healing back 8pts taking him from 0 to 8 and on Freemont healing back 10pts taking him back from 3 to his max of 12. He casts again on Barret, healing back 5 taking him from 8 to his max of 12.

Overnight Talmark heals back 2pts from 17 to 19 from a total of 20.

On the morning of the 17th everyone is fully healed except Talmark who is 1pt short.

During the two days, the party busies themselves finishing their various items that they had been crafting items. 

Malandir completes his Master Crafted Long Bow. He’ll now be at +1 to hit with the more capable weapon (and his character sheet has been adjusted accordingly). 150gp is taken from his personal wealth. 

Lucien completes:
·        4 potions of True Strike (100gp)
·        4 potions of Expeditious Retreat (100gp)
·        2 potions of cure light wounds (50gp)
·        1 Thunderstone (15gp)

He hands 1 potion of True Strike and one of Expeditious Retreat to Malandir who compensates him with 50gp. 

Over the two days Malandir takes 10 and appraises the lion pelts at being worth probably 150gp for the male and 50gp for the female pelts. Each of the lions was worth 800xp. 

Updated wealth register is provided below.

Updated consumables register is provided below.

Updated experience register is provided below.

On the morning of the 17th they pack up their weapons and equipment and head towards the Caves of Chaos. 

During the journey Per thanks his companions again for restoring his health and for killing the two lions. He is impressed with Malandir’s longbow and decides that it is time for him to craft his own. 

Per and Talmark fall in together and recall the fight with the lions. Talmark tenderly touches his head wound and he ribs Per, "Now Per, we all know that failing at a task is the best way to learn to do that task better, but that does not count in cases of life-or-death! Ouch!"

Turning to Talmark, Per says with a wry smile, "Next time a lion leaps at me I'll duck!"

Talmark recalls the extent of the damage done by the lions. "An auspicious start for our new adventure. Perhaps one of our treasures sold was an item of good luck, though I doubt it." 

Talmark continues, “Hmmmm... to sell the pelts for gold, or to keep them as nice rugs to make the caves a little more homey?

Per votes for selling them. "I don't want a permanent reminder of how close to death I came because of them! Sell them and be done with it."

"Sell them indeed” Talmark remarks. “Once we have trounced the gnolls we will have enough furs to create a fashion stir in the closest large city! Perhaps poor Barrett could take up a new career as a tailor and only lose his own blood to pin-pricks rather than to murderous creatures of the wild!" he jokes.

Talmark looks back to Cragmaw Cave as they are leaving "We are away from here perhaps too often. Though it was not disturbed during our last outing that may not last. We cannot carry everything with us all of the time, so am starting to think that we may need to create a disguised cache that would be difficult for intruders to find. Any ideas?"

Kord agrees. “Perhaps we should purchase some more equipment and materials and perhaps hire some artisans and really fortify Cragmaw Caves. I’m sure that in the fullness of time, once we take back this area from the knights, we’ll still need an outpost to run patrols from.” 

Per thanks Kord for the use of his Cure Light Wounds spells. His respect for Kord grows stronger. Kord responds with, “You have shown much faith Per and are truly deserving of the attention of Asmodeus.”

After 4 hours of walking they arrive at the Caves of Chaos. Kord, with the assistance of Malandir and Per scout ahead to try to find which caves the gnolls come and go from. It isn’t difficult. With the amount of tracks that the gnolls leave by their tactic of hunting in large packs and the amount of rubbish (old bones) out the front of the cave they are quickly able to establish in which cave they lurk.



  1. Malandir is pleased with the way the party fight so well, and even happier that he has finished his longbow. With the mass of footprints and the heaps of bones, he feels that the gnolls may be quite numerous, so any scouting will have to be extra careful.

    But its what he is there for .... so he readies himself to enter the caves. When the others are ready, his first approach to the caves he will stand off 30' and listen for 10 minutes to ascertain if anything is just in the entrance. He will share whatever he suspects and if the coast seems clear will advance into the cave mouth, stop, look and listen again. He really doesn't want to have a bunch of angry gnolls surprise him away from the rest of the group!

  2. Per moves to the front of the main party and readies his glaive as he prepares to follow Malandir.

  3. Lucien looks down at his crossbow, "as much good as this thing has done me to date," he wryly mutters to himself, as he takes a spot in the middle of the group.

    1. Kord notes Lucien's frustration as the Asmodian holy symbol on his cheek glows brightly as he chastises his mundane weapon.

  4. Talmark takes his place next to Per, trying to leave room between for Malandir to fallback through if necessary. "Easy does it, Malandir. Don't get beyond our ability to be on the spot for backup within seconds..."

  5. Hi guys. I've just got to do a bit of mapping etc. It'll take me a day or so, in between other things, to get the cave and a few bits and bobs done. It's Thursday morning here now. I'll probably make the next post in roughly 48 hours on Saturday morning.

  6. {no problemo senor!}

    Talmark mutters under quietly to his partners "Next time we come to these caves, we should bring more torches. Lots of torches. I mean, a LOT. Light everything up as we go along, leave a trail. It'll make it easier to get out in a hurry if we need to, as well as warning us of anything approaching from the rear."