Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 35c


·        Malandir fires another arrow at the flat-footed and wounded gnoll and hits it again, this time in the face. The arrow penetrates the soft palate as it does 12pts of damage. The gnolls head jerks back as the arrow strikes and the monster collapses. Malandir then withdraws back 30ft, out the cave mouth and just to the north of the party.
·        The party decide to reform around the cave entrance to attack the monsters as they come out and to also throw some caltrops. As they move they check their equipment but quickly work out that it only Malandir that is carrying the little devices.  

·        Having taken their first casualty, the gnolls must test morale. They roll an 8 on 2d6 and they pass.
·        As Malandir’s withdrawal was a standard move the monsters saw him retire. The southern hyena, with its master gone, cannot resist chasing the elf. The loping beast has a surprisingly quick turn of pace of 50ft per action and it chases the assassin. As it chases the elf it realises that there are other opponents in front of it and it changes its tack slightly and heads straight for its foe that is nearest the elf, ie Talmark. Per is the first to act with his reach weapon as he is afforded an Attack of Opportunity as the hyena leaves one of his threatened squares. As it gets next to Talmark, but just before it is able to attack, Per gets an Attack of Opportunity with his glaive. He slashes out at the hideous monster but he misses. The monster leaps at Talmark and it just hits him. It bites into his stomach, penetrating his armour as it delivers 5pts of damage. As it grabs the human fighter it tries to drag him down to the ground. The beast has a Combat Maneuver Bonus of +3 against Talmarks Combat Maneuver Defence of 17. The hyena rolls D20 = 3 + 3 = 6 and fails to pull the fighter down.
·        The gnoll slaps the other hound on the rump and it runs in to attack Per. As it advances upon him Per gets another Attack of Opportunity (Per gets multiple attempts per round as he has the Combat Reflexes Feat). He stabs at the beast and hits it in the left shoulder. The blade of the big glaive bites deep and he does 17pts of damage. The hyena is put down before it is even able to reach its foe.
·        The party can only see 30ft into the cave and cannot see any other action coming from the gnolls.



  1. Per feels he has gone some way to redeeming his performance against the two lions and is delighted to have slain a hyena with just one blow. He stands ready to advance if ordered to or stay put and repel any gnolls who leave the cave.

  2. Malandir admires the ease with which Per's glaive felled one of the hyaenas, the other will soon be dead, caught in the circle of death created by the party. As soon as the second hyaena is dead, Malandir will sneak back into the cave and listen for the other gnoll, arrow ready for any target of opportunity.

  3. Stab, stab, stab the ugly daaawggie...
    As he attempts to slay the hyena Talmark calls out that the U is perhaps too open and Barret and Clovis should move up to be in line with Malandir and Freemont so more swords can get into action if needed.

  4. Malandir will share the knowledge he has of the first two chambers and the presence of one more gnoll inside the second chamber, but there might be others nearby or the last gnoll he saw might go for help. Meanwhile, he will hold for an opportunity to shoot his bow.