Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 28


Lucien wants tugs Talmark on the sleeve and asks the warrior to come with him to talk to Ragnar.
“Ragnar, you see my friend here?  His sword is called Felldrac and it sings to him.  It sings a song of hunger for blood.  Do you see how red it is from your tribe?  You saw the terrible things it did, over and over.  Look at it.  It hungers still.  But I can spare you.  I can save you from this hungry sword if you tell them you made a deal with us. That they are now part of the BURNED MOON tribe, and they will not need weapons for the plans we have to kill the orcs and the rest of the tribes and take it over, all together!"

"The sword Ragnar... look at it. Can you hear it sing, too?"

Talmark leers at Ragnar and growls deeply, holding Felldrac in a way that allows the copious amount of blood to drip from its tip. "Deal, Ragnar. Or feel Felldrac's bite.”

Ragnar cringes in the corner. Roll 9 on D20. “Yez, yez I’ll tellz zem. I’ll tellz zee tribe vat ve’re now partz of zee Burned Moon tribe.”

Malandir watches the action carefully with one eye and his bow aimed at Ragnar and the other keeping a watch on anything that might be sneaking up on them from the northern corridor. 

Kord is struggling to contain himself. He just wants to find the rest of the goblin skum and send them all to Asmodeus by Channelling Negative Energy just a few more times. But he contains himself, sensing that Lucien is probably leading Ragnar into a ruse to get the goblin leader to simply disarm the tribe so that they can be more easily killed. 

Talmark growls at Ragnar, “What else lives around the caves?”

“But don’t youz already knowz? Don’tz ze evil klerics knowz everyzink?”

Talmark clips Ragnar on the side of his head with the pommel of Felldrac. Roll a 3 on D20. 

“Vellz vere is ze orkz to ze north, ze little dog men to ze north east, ze big dog men to ze vest and ze nasty really big goblinz who hide in the dark and hunt little goblinz, zere’re somevere in the north. Zere are other nasty monsterz too but I dunno vere zey all are.”

Talmark grabs Ragnar by the elbow and starts to drag him out of the room. “Show us to your tribe, they ran out of that northern passage” Talmark points out where the rest of the tribe ran. Roll a 5 on D20. 

With his head hung low, Ragnar dutifully starts to lead the party towards the rest of the tribe. 



  1. Sorry guys I need to do a bit more mapping before we continue on. Should get another post tomorrow with some action.

  2. We'll question Ragnar more on the other denizens later, for now we must defeat what is immediate, and in front of us.

    I'm thinking Kord needs to be in a place of prominence up front either when we go to them, or they come to us, so he can channel with, say, Talmark, Clovis and Per protecting him in range of the channel.

    If this is the tactic, Lucien will recover his crossbow and bolts from Clovis first so he is freed up to use spear and shield.

  3. Doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.
    "Lucien, I believe Ragnar speaks of Kobolds, Gnolls, and we know there are Hobgoblins. But I wonder what he means by "other nasty monsters"? That we need to know for sure."