Friday, 14 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 29


As they move out of Ragnars room towards the rest of the tribe, Talmark turns to Lucien, “I believe Ragnar speaks of kobolds and gnolls and we know there are hobgoblins. But I wonder what he means by “other nasty monsters”? That we’ll need to know for sure.”

Lucien nods in acknowledgement. 

Ragnar points towards the north as he leads the party. 

Lucien responds “Talmark, we’ll question Ragnar more on the other denizens later, for now we must defeat what is immediate and in front of us.”

He turns to Kord and lowers his voice so that Ragnar cannot hear the plan “When we find the rest of the goblins you should go forth into a place of prominence either when we go to them or they come to us so that you can Channel Negative Energy. Take Talmark, Clovis and Per with you. I’ll hang back with the rest of the party, out of range, and I’ll lead them in to finish whatever is left.”

“I agree brother Lucien,” Kord states, “this will be a wonderful day for the power of Asmodeus.”
Lucien recovers his crossbow and bolts from Clovis so that the men at arms can use his spear and shield. 

As the they advance up the northern corridor they turn to the west, then north then west again. They can start to hear the noise of squabbling goblins and Ragnar points excitedly to an opening to a large room in the west “Zey downz here, zey downz here.”

They advance into the room and as the light of their torches breaks the darkness they see a throng of goblins who stare back with a mixture of fear and aggression in their eyes.

Talmark pushes Ragnar forward and Ragnar beings to speak (roll 8 on d20). “We are now party of the BURN…..”

He doesn’t get to finish before Kord, grinning from ear to ear, Channels Negative Energy.
He rolls 4 for damage and the goblins will need to roll a 16 to save. Many fail and in the surprise round both the young, many of the females and about ½ the males (ie the ones that are already wounded) are instantly killed. 

The party wins initiative and Kord Channels Negative Energy again, rolling a 5 for damage, and all the remaining goblins are slaughtered.

Kord is exhausted. He has Channeled Negative Energy six times today and can do it no more. Ragnar is dumbfounded. His tribe is destroyed and he is heavily wounded in the attack, with only 4hp left.
Lucien brings up the rest of the party and they set about the grisly business of looting the bodies, removing the ears of the dead combatant goblins and searching the room. 

The room is full of bales, boxes, crates, barrels and sacks which are stacked and heaped in the large chamber. They contain cloth, food, beer and wine. None appear to be of any special value. It appears that the goblins have been raiding the caravans in the pass and storing their booty here. They find another 4gp between the dead goblins and collect another 4 small short bows and 10 small short swords from the dead male goblin warriors. 

Suddenly a secret door in the western wall opens. Four hobgoblins emerged. They are as surprised as the party. 

Rolling on the Monster Reaction Table an 8 is rolled, -2 as the characters have invaded the space of the hobgoblins and -2 as there have been past hostilities between the groups = 4 = Hostile But No Immediate Attack. 

Stunned the hobgoblins draw their weapons and stare back at the party.



  1. Malandir shoots an arrow at the nearest hobgoblin, hoping that the sneaky attack will drop the beast, then withdraws around the rear of the party members towards the corridor they used to enter the room in order to get some distance and support the rest of the fight from there. that should place Talmark and a man at arms between him and the hobgoblins ....after all, today the clerics seem to want to kill everything they meet, and why would Malandir argue with that?

  2. We need to drop these as quickly as we can to prevent them retreating and sounding an alarm in their home raising more.

    "Clovis, spear Ragnar if he makes any move to help the enemy, Barrett, Per, follow Talmark's lead, Fremont, if that enemy nearest you tries to run, corner and finish him!"

    Lucien calls for Kord to 5ft step away, and hoping that Talmark will charge in at the nearest enemy, Lucien will take out a scroll and cast "Cause Fear" on the enemy to the Northeast in their formation (hoping to spare Talmark absorbing two attacks an that it will run towards Fremont...)

  3. Even if he makes his save, he will be -2 to his attacks for one round, so there is that...

  4. Woops, there went the "talk them into being our army" option! Talmark has no choice but to support the party and wade in.

  5. Well, to be honest, here we are looting the place with a bunch of dead, bloody, earless goblin all around... Even if the goblins are "lesser" cousins, we'd be hand pressed to influence Hobgoblins.

    It would be different if there were not all these dead bodies about with us in the middle -- I would have chanced it with my high Diplomacy and ability to move attitude 3 places -- but that also requires conversation for a period of time and we have no knowledge of if they speak common enough for the honeyed words...

  6. I do understand. Now, if we had a dead Orc to throw at their feet to misdirect them, that would have been a different story...