Sunday, 9 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 27



The goblin leaders room has quite a bit of good furniture in it, all scaled to goblin size. The party sets about searching the room and gathering all the loot they can whilst Talmark and Per stand guard over the cowering goblin ‘leader’.

They cut ears from the dead goblin combatants and take their weapons and valuables. In the goblin leaders room there is a low bench near the bed which had a secret drawer under the seat, and inside is stored the treasure of the goblins: a small tapestry with silver and gold threads and a silver cup. Nearby is a stand with a pewter bowl which holds various coins. 

Kord had memorized one cure light wounds spell and he casts it upon Barret healing back 5hp. The warrior wakes and staggers to his feet, now on 3hp. 

Malandir looks over the tapestry and the silver cup. He is confident that when he has time he’ll Take 10 and identify the value of both items with his Appraise skill. 


Every now and again I need to do a bit of admin just to keep track of everything. 

Monsters defeated:
-        Brunhild and Adalgar 200xp each = 400xp
-        1 Goblin Leader 1 x 600 = 600xp
-        2 Goblin Concubines 2 x 135 = 270xp
-        3 Goblin Body Guard 3 x 200 = 600xp
-        13 Goblin Male Warriors 13 x 135 = 1,755xp
-        9 Goblin Females and 3 Young = no xp
-        Total XP earned: 3,625

Full share of xp per party member = 604xp each

Half share of xp for retainers = 302xp each

Consumables used:
-        2 torches
-        Kord has Channel Negative Energy 4 times (he has 2 left) and has cast Cause Fear and Cure Light Wounds

Loot recovered:
-        15 small short swords
-        8 small short bows
-        3 long swords
-        3 long bows
-        1 morning star
-        2 scale male armour, 2 heavy shields, 2 war hammers, 2 x scrolls of cure light wounds, scroll of bless water, 24gp
-        19 goblin combatant ears
-        4gp from the male goblins
-        70gp, silver cup (90gp), tapestry with silver and gold thread (900gp) from the goblin leaders room


Malandir moves off to silently scout both the side corridors whilst the inevitable interrogation of Ragnar takes place. 

Lucien, with his high Diplomacy skill and Talmark supporting with his Intimidation, skill begin to question Ragnar. As the goblin is considered to be suitably Intimidated his Attitude under the Diplomacy rules is Friendly. With Lucien’s Diplomacy skill of +12 and with an assistance from Talmark providing an additional +2 to any checks they are automatically able to get any important information or aid which may result in punishment (ie DC’s of 20 and 25) unless a 1 is failed on a D20. 

The party asks:
-        How many members of your tribe are there? Roll 17. He doesn’t know exactly. Probably about 30 in total. He used to have two guard posts flanking the main door, each with 4 goblins, a roving patrol of 4 goblins, the main common room where most of the goblins were, about another 10 males and the same number of females and young and one more guard post of 4 goblins protecting all his valuable loot that he had liberated from the stupid humans. And then there was himself, his body guard and harem.
-        Where is this valuable loot? What is it? Roll 14. There is heaps of stuff. Boxes, crates, sacks and barrels of cloth, food, beer and wine. It’s just up the northern passage.

As Malandir scouts the northern passage, which turns to the west after 10ft, he hears the sounds of highly excitable goblins. He sneak peaks around the corner to see a throng of goblins all pointing and shouting down the corridor towards him. He sneaks back to the party to tell them what he’s seen. 

What else to the party ask Ragnar? 

What are they going to do about the goblins in the north western passage?



  1. Lucien wants Talmark right up with him next to Ragnar...

    “Ragnar, you see my friend here?  His sword is called Felldrac and it sings to him.  It sings a song of hunger for blood.  Do you see how red it is from your tribe?  You saw the terrible things it did, over and over.  Look at it.  It hungers still.  But I can spare you.  I can save you from this hungry sword if you tell them you made a deal with us. That they are now part of the BURNED MOON tribe, and they will not need weapons for the plans we have to kill the orcs and the rest of the tribes and take it over, all together!"

    "The sword Ragnar... look at it. Can you hear it sing, too?"

  2. "So tell them to drop their weapons, they will not need them. Join their new tribe -- and you will not feel the bite of Felldrac, the singing sword."

  3. Malandir contemplates the clerics and their plan to get the goblins to serve them. Personally, he would rather kill them all, but perhaps they can be useful, especially with their leader cowed and under the blade of Talmark. Still, they would need watching ....

    Malandir will hang back from the conversation with the other goblins, an arrow ready on his bow, 30' from the goblin leader in case he tries anything.

  4. ((My intention - is to disarm and kill them all. When opportune, Ragnar will be handed over to Malandir to kill, as promised, he was spared Felldrac.))

  5. Ah, in that case, all is well ... I have an arrow with Ragnar's name on it!

  6. ya, we really need to get him to tell us what all else lives around here. More ogres? Things worse?

    Talmark leers at Ragnar and growls deeply, holding Felldrac in a way that allows the copious amount of blood to drip from it's tip. "Deal, Ragnar. Or feel Felldrac's bite."