Friday, 7 April 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 26e



Lucien will hand Clovis his crossbow and bolts, and direct him to stay nearer to the fire on the corner and support him with missile fire and/or back up the other men-at-arms with missile fire. Also, it’ll get him out of Channel Negative Energy range if Lucien needs to take that tactic.

He wonders what is going on with the advance party. They haven’t reported back yet but he can hear the screams of combat from the west where they are. He resolves that if he hears Freemont and Per engaging in combat, he will call out to notify the "advance" team, move 20 and take a standard round to cast Shield of Faith on himself before then making haste to assist with his spear, telling Clovis to hang back and use the crossbow.


·        The only remaining goblin that the party can see scurries off into the darkness.
·        A loud goblin voice echo’s through the cave “Vat’s goen onz?”


·        The limited range of the light means that the party has lost contact with the goblins. Kord advances 20ft to the west to light them up. As he reaches the end of his movement he can that the corridor opens up onto a chamber. There is a door, which is open, and standing there is a much larger than normal goblin, it’s obviously the leader. It’s flanked by three larger than normal males, probably his body guard or elite soldiers and two much larger than normal females, probably his mates. Kord immediately Channels Negative Energy. The monsters will need a 16 to save. Kord rolls a 1 for damage and the goblin leader rolls a 14, the three body guards roll 3, 2 and 2 and the two females roll 11 and 3. They all fail to save and will take 1pt of damage. The last remaining infant is also caught in the blast and is killed outright. Kord yells to Malandir to go and get the others. He has a feeling that they are in for a much tougher fight.
·        Reveling in the carnage Talmark thinks “What a slaughter! No point in stopping now.” With the blighters on the run, Talmark continues to wade into the goblins and roars "Diez! Diez! Diez!" (with a goblin accent, of course!) with the intent of keeping them in a panic and hindering the advance of their leader and his guard. This will hopefully turn into an advantage for the party. He charges forth 30ft and swings at the goblin warlord but he fails to hit.
·        Barret follows suit and charges the warlord, lifts his spear, stabs high and hits the monster in the left shoulder for 8pts of damage.
·        Malandir had expected that the cleric would talk with the goblins but he sighs to himself as he sees Kord Channel Negative Energy again. He should have known better. Malandir double moves to get help.


·        Rallying the goblins around him the warlord yells “I amz Ragnar Gut Ripper and youz vill all diez!!!” He swings his mace at Barret and smashes him in the left leg, almost breaking it as he deals 10pts of damage. Barret will need to take a morale check next round for being wounded.
·        The guard directly to the north of Barret stabs at him with his longsword and hits him in the chest for 3pts of damage. Barret slips to the ground unconscious and starts to bleed out.
·        The goblin body guard directly to the west of Talmark stabs at the Asmodean warrior with his long sword but misses.
·        The last remaining goblin body guard, 5ft steps to the south east, over Barret’s prostrate body and stabs at Talmark but he too cannot penetrate the heavy armour of the holy warrior.
·        The two females draw their bows and fire at the Kord. They’re -4 to hit for the intervening cover provided by the fight between them and the cleric and both of their shots fly wide of the mark.
·        Ragnar calls forth the males that had previously run. Rallied, they move forward to support their leader.


·        Barret will need to roll a DC 11 (ie 10 + his current wounds of -1), +1 for his con bonus meaning that he’ll need to roll a 10 to stop bleeding. He rolls 9 and bleeds out a point of damage.
·        Malandir reaches Lucien and tells him of the goblin warlord and that Talmark, Kord and Barret need help.
·        Talmark doesn’t want to get surrounded. He 5ft steps back to the east and swings Felldrac against the eastern most goblin body guard. He critically hits the monster and decapitates it doing 25pts of damage. He cannot follow up with a cleave as there are no other opponents in contact.
·        Kord knows he needs to buy time until the others get here to help. He 5ft steps to the west to protect Talmark’s flank and casts Cause Fear on Ragnar. It’s a DC12 Will save and the goblin warlord has a Will save modifier of -1 and so he’ll need to roll a 13. He rolls a 11 and runs like the coward he his. He’ll cower for 4 rounds.


·        The two female goblins continue to fire at Kord. There are still a lot of intervening troops in the way and both will still get -4 to hit and they both miss.
·        The southern most goblin guard 5ft steps to the east and stabs at Talmark with his long sword but he misses.
·        The northern goblin guard grabs the goblin next to him and shoves him towards deadly human armed with the massive two handed sword. The goblin effectively 5ft steps to the south east over Barret’s prostrate and bleeding body. He stabs at Talmark with his short sword but he misses.
·        The last goblin 5ft steps to the east and gets ready to enter the fray next round.



  1. Sorry guys that last post took a few days. I've been away for a bit and with no internet coverage. Should be right now.

  2. Malandir curses to himself having to spend time bringing up the reserve where he would prefer to be killing goblins, but Kord needs support so it is necessary... now to return to the fight xxx

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  4. Yeah sorry about that. I had to send someone back and Kord only moves 20ft, Talmark I figured was necessary and Barret was already up in their grill.

  5. Oh, it's alright, I just figure that the black hearted elf would rather be killing than fetching .....

  6. Lucien and the, ahem, "rear team" will make haste to assist. Lucien will assess the battle, and if looks like any "large" goblin is still standing (bodyguard/mate), he will take out a Cause Fear scroll and us it if within range. If it just looks like a chaotic melee-fest with all the minion-type goblins, he will forego any casting and go into melee - he will pair up with an ally if possible on one or more goblins.

  7. Barrett was a killing machine there for a bit. Perhaps healing him from the brink of death may slide him a little more our way.

    Talmark laughs out loud while aiming his attack at the body guard before him with a cleave to the snot to the side and shouts in goblinese "Your Leader is Ragnar the Gutless, cowering like a little rat! Run like him or die!"

    Putting down one of the bodyguards and seeing their leader cowering should help putting them back some!

  8. Talmark also wants to prevent any of the gobos from reaching Kord