Thursday, 13 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 52e


Malandir recalls, “Last time we were here, four hobgoblins came through a secret door in the western wall. Somewhere over here.” He moves the palms of his hands over the roughly hewn walls and he starts to feel the outline of the door. He searches with one hand and then the other. Then he finds a latch. A tiny, unobtrusive lever which would be easily missed by the casual observer. [See Session 29 to recall the hobgoblin battle]

Talmark says, “If nothing else turns up, we might as well proceed through this secret door. With any luck it'll give us the drop on the Hobgoblins and allow us a little leverage in trying to negotiate with them. Maybe propose them a deal to help them wipe out one of their rivals, like the Trogs, in exchange for the lady.”

Malandir puts his ear to the door. 

[Roll = xxx + 7 Perception skill = yyy]

“I can hear the sound of something walking. Likely a biped. Probably a hobgoblin or goblin I guess, don’t know really what it is.”

He checks for traps. 

[Roll = xxx + 7 Perception skill = yyy]

“No traps,” adds the crafty elf. 



  1. Just a short post today. I've got to do some mapping of the next section.

  2. Gentlemen, there is also a very real chance our group has put genuine fear into the caves with the success of our exploits and rather bold display of the defeated gnolls. We may have inadvertently provided a catalyst for the various tribes to unite until such a time as they feel safer to go back to rivalries.

    We should be ready for unusual alliances and tactics, and breath a sigh of relief if they are still just individual tribes stubborn in their own interests...

  3. Very good point, sir.

    "I propose we head in, as nothing else has turned up. Demand to speak to their chief. Think that'll work?"

  4. We need to have a dialog planned for if they say, "OK."

    What's the theme of the dialog? Ultimatum? Alliance?

    Lucien speaks goblin and can move the attitude of folks three steps instead of the normal two providing he can maintain a conversation for a couple minutes and it is not just one or two sentences and a few questions/answers.

    That can move enemy attitude from Hostile to Indifferent.

  5. "Perhaps we approach them as allies, to wipe out their rivals and make the area more secure for both them and us, and tell them that if all goes well and we build trust that perhaps we will allow them to trade with the Burg?"
    "Of course, if they refuse to cooperate I can always challenge their leader to a fight for control of their tribe. If they refuse that, we may need to wipe them out as well."

  6. I drafted something up along those lines. READY.