Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 52f


Lucien says, “Gentlemen, there is also a very real chance our group has put genuine fear into the caves with the success of our exploits and rather bold display of the defeated gnolls. We may have inadvertently provided a catalyst for the various tribes to unite until such a time as they feel safer to go back to rivalries.”

“We should be ready for unusual alliances and tactics, and breathe a sigh of relief if they are still just individual tribes stubborn in their own interests...”

Talmark considers Lucien’s suggestion, “Very good point, sir. I propose we head in, as nothing else has turned up. Demand to speak to their chief. Think that'll work?"

“We need to have a dialog planned for if they agree” responds Lucien. “What should be the theme of our dialog? Ultimatum or perhaps an alliance? I can speak goblin and I could attempt to befriend them, at least to make their attitude less hostile to us.”

Talmark offers, "Perhaps we approach them as allies, to wipe out their rivals and make the area more secure for both them and us. Tell them that if all goes well and we build trust that perhaps we will allow them to trade with the Burg?”

“Of course, if they refuse to cooperate I can always challenge their leader to a fight for control of their tribe. If they refuse that, we may need to wipe them out as well."

“Agreed,” responds Lucien. 

Kord motions a note of approval of the plan and they motion toward the door to attempt to open it.
Malandir whispers “The door is locked. I’ll try to pick it.”

The door has a simple lock with a DC 20 and Malandir has a Disable Device of 8. He rolls 9 + 8 = 17 < 20 (see page 413 and 414 of the Core Rule Book).

Malandir grunts a little as he tries but just cannot quite get at the latch. 

He turns to Talmark and Per, “Sorry, we’ll have to do it your way.”

Talmark and Per move up towards the door. They look at each other and with a nod they put their shoulder to it. 

It’s a good wooden door with a DC 18 to be broken. Talmark attempts to provide assistance to Per. He rolls 11 + 3 str > 10 DC to help and he provides valuable assistance. Per rolls 9 + 4 strength + 2 assistance from Talmark = 15 < 18 (see page 413 of the Core Rule Book). 

The two great warriors bang up against the wall but it holds firm. 

“Go again,” Kord encourages them. 

Talmark rolls 17 + 3 = 20 > 10 and provides assistance. Per rolls 3 + 4 + 2 = 9 < 18. 

They again run at the door but it frustratingly holds firm. 

“I can feel it giving way” says Talmark. He nods at Per to go again. 

Talmark rolls 3 + 3 = 6 < 10 and doesn’t help. Per rolls 8 + 4 = 12 < 18. 

 Still the door holds. 

“Maybe we should smash it instead,” suggests Talmark (see page 173 and 174 of the Core Rule Book)

Puffing, Per nods in agreement. 

“Stand back,” commands Talmark as he and Per begin to hack their way through the door. 

They automatically hit the door. Per does, roll = 3 + 9 str – 5 hardness of the door = 7 pts. Talmark does roll = 8 + 7 str – 5 hardness of the door = 10 pts of damage. The door had 15 hit points and thus is smashed. 

The door gives way under the blows of the warriors and it swings open. 

They peer in and see a corridor that goes at least 30ft, ie the length of their light source. As they prepare to venture in a voice issues from the darkness.  

“Vat do ze vant?”



  1. In hindsight, perhaps Malandir should have a couple of tries to pick a lock before we announce ourselves through broken doors!

  2. {{{Is this broken Common, or Goblin language?}}}

    Regardless, since we understand it, Lucien pompously declares, "There is rulership and honor to be had. We are the heralds of your rise to dominance among the tribes of this valley..." Lucien gets firm, "But we will not waste time - we have a proposal for your chieftain and will only speak more to him."

    Lucien whispers to the rest of the group, "be at your ready, but take no provoking actions. I plan to appeal to their honor and pride in a challenging manner -- offering them a not-so-specific place in our domination of this land if they are worthy. If all works well, after the first bout of discussion I will ask about the captured woman, so don't bring her up..."

  3. Talmark nods and takes a 5 foot step south, so he can see around the corner and down both halls but is in cover in case of arrows from the secret passage.

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  5. Hahaha - yeah I've tried to use accents to add a bit more flavor to the game.