Thursday, 27 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53d



·        The western most Bugbear’s fear token is reduced from 4 to 3.
·        Barret was wounded in the previous round and must make a morale check. He’ll need to roll a 4 or better on a D20 to continue to fight. He rolls an 8.
·        Barret stabs at the female to his fore but in his nervousness, he misses her. (1/2)
·        Kord 5ft steps to the north and casts Shield of Faith using his Standard Action and Copy Cat using his Move Action. The Copy Cat is an illusory double of Kord and will last for the number of rounds equal to his cleric level. He calls for Malandir to redeploy behind the new defensive line that he has made with Barret.
·        Rather than risk an attack of opportunity, Malandir nods and uses a Withdrawal Move to a position behind the defensive line.
·        Lucien 5ft steps south while retrieving a Cure Light Wounds scroll, reading it off and grasping Talmark on the shoulder as the Asmodean healing magic flows through the wounded fighter. He heals back 7pts of damage.
·        Talmark slashes at the female, hoping to bring her down and then to cleave into the male next to her. He raises Felldrac and delivers a powerful sundering blow ending the female’s resistance and delivering 11pts of damage. He follows through and slashes at the nearest male and but isn’t able to hit his wily foe. (14/20) (4/10)
·        Per stabs at the Bugbear to Barret’s front, hoping to protect the vulnerable man at arms. He strikes out with his master worked glaive and, using all the reach that it gives him, hits the monster in the right shoulder. The reflexive jolts of his foe informs him of its passing well before it hits the ground as he delivers 15pts of damage killing. He can cleave an adjacent opponent and so he turns his mighty glaive against the Bugbear facing Talmark. He slashes with the weapon but the Bugbear pushes away the attack. (17/23) (3/9)

·        The Bugbears’ have suffered 50% casualties and need to take a morale check. They roll 8 on 2d6 and pass the test.
·        The southern most Bugbear looks over at its fearful comrade and tries to encourage it to attack but it looks back at him in dread and then shamefully looks away. Disgusted the southern male advances 5ft to the north and attacks 1-3 = 3 Barret, 4-6 = Kord. Roll = 1 = Barret. It swings at the man at arms with its morning star but Barret is able to push the attack away with his shield. (6/11)
·        The remaining Bugbear attacks Talmark. It clubs at the warrior with its morning star, hitting him in the right leg. Talmark lets out a sigh of pain as the crushing blow delivers 11pts of damage. (15/20)

The current register of party consumables is as follows (I update this constantly as we go now so that we’ve got a running tally):



  1. At least Malandir can now continue to provide supporting fire from behind the line!

  2. Astonished at the powerful hits the burly warrior is absorbing, Lucien sticks behind Talmark, taking out and reading off another curative scroll to keep him in the fight.

  3. This is a great fight...

    1. Yeah I'm enjoying it. The Bugbears are a bit tougher aren't they.

  4. Per steps forward south west 5' to attack the bugbear who is attacking Talmark.

  5. After Luciens' healing kicks in (thank you!!) Talmark will 5-foot step to the left before again attacking the non-frightened bugbear, and cleaving into the frightened one IF it will not break the fear. If it will do so, then he will concentrate on the foe before him and protecting Lucien. Hopefully Per can come in at an angle and thus be able to attack 2 opponents

  6. Talmark, that is exactly what I plan to do. I want Per to be able to direct his attacks at either of the two Bugbears on 14 hit points.