Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 50


Talmark clarifies “When you say, ‘will not adventure’, does that mean that you would not go into caves or lairs and root out monsters?” 

“Ohh no, ohh no. That’s the work of heroes such as yourselves” responds one of the guards. “We will guard your base or camp stronghold and escort you from there to the Burg and back or for that matter from the Burg to any other place of safety such as Cettigne or Logas.” 

Lucien is smiling inwardly, "Gentleman, let us discuss your proposal amongst our party in private."
He turns to the party, "Of course we will hire them.”

These are disgruntled caravan guards who feel unwanted due to our own efforts. Caravans are feeling safer, so they at hiring less. They are reaching out for other employ. By their own words, they will not foray against the monsters, but I am thinking they can be useful to guard our waypoint cave.

If they have an encounter and they survive, we could get valuable intel. If they do not survive, we don't have to pay them and they may whittle the trog numbers a bit for us before their demise.

In any case, I think it would be a death sentence to take them all the way to the Caves of Chaos and have them guard the outside while we are in. Waaay to many humanoids there that could overrun them."

Lucien arrogantly points out, "They are just caravan guards... while we have the blessings of our Infernal Master."

"Truth, friend Lucien” confirms Talmark. “I am all for having guards for our retreat. I wonder, should we consider it our 'secret retreat' and somehow initiate these fellows 'into our confidence', as it were? Could set an excellent president for future retainers and, er, citizens of our soon-to-be lands."

“We could establish them in the camp permanently” adds Kord. He smiles as the evilness of his intent forms in his mind, “We’ll make sure they never leave.”

Malandir considers what has been said. Rubbing the back of his neck with his hand as he thinks he adds “Well I’m going to start to trap the entrance and approaches to Cragmaw Caves as well as thinking more about some traps inside the Cave itself. The approach and entrance traps will serve to keep our guards in as well as to keep our opponents out.” His voice lowers as he whispers, “Especially if we don’t tell them about the traps.”
Lucien turns back to the guards “Excellent you are hired.”

They negotiate terms of employment with Lucien duly noting everything of importance into a contract. They’ll work for wage and board, 3sp per day for wages and 1sp per day for meals (see page 159 of the Core Rule Book). Additional expenses, such as fees for entering the Burg, would also need to be paid for by the party. 

Just before they leave, Lucien calls into Berowalt and collects his helmet. It is a magnificent piece of workmanship. The bones of the gnoll kings head are boldly placed into the helmet and will signify the importance and power of the evil cleric. 

Berowalt has also prepared Per’s masterworked glaive and it too is an exquisite piece of workmanship. The blade has been replaced by a much stronger version with a keener edge, at least 4 inches greater in length. 

And with that the party slips out of the Burg and head for Cragmaw Caves. 

[Random encounter check: Roll d10 = 2 = no encounter].

The party arrive at Cragmaw Cave without incident and the party quickly familiarises the new guards with their surroundings and their duties.



  1. Interesting. The Caravan guards could be used to improved your cave. Create new passages inside the cave. Plus create outside fortification at the mouth of the cave. Clearing the trees in the area would make it easier to see what it coming. Besides they could be used as messenger's. It will be exciting to see what happens... The dwarves could be a headache later... Awesome story line.

    1. I agree. The options are starting to open up for the party aren't they. Slowly but surely they are accumulating power.

  2. Lucien finds it difficult to take seriously this mission of rescuing a damsel in distress. He places no altruistic value upon her life or the mission, it is merely a means to an end, improving the party standing in the Burg so that their status can be leveraged for more advantage.

    Lucien is careful only to reveal these musings to Malandir, Per, Kord and Talmark, and advises all to keeps up the appearance of the dutiful heroes off on a rescue mission...

  3. Per nods in agreement and will act accordingly.