Monday, 6 November 2017

Generation Zed - Day 2 continued - will we make it

Tim and Amanda shake their heads as they realise the peril they are in (they were the only ones to activate and are no longer shaken).
Re-invigorated Tim swings his axe against the zombie that has grappled with him but he just cannot break free or put the zombie down. Amanda decides she has to even the odds and rushes around Tim and smashes the head of the downed zed (Tim and Amanda activated first and both passed Brown Pants, Amanda Popped the Weasel on the downed zed). 
The man with the baseball bat sizes up against the remaining zombie in front of him but just cannot quite get the bottle to engage it (he fails to pass his Brown Pants test).
Emma has her blood up, “Damned zombies ruining my lawn,” she charges forth and smashes the head of the downed zed under her shoe (she passes her Brown Pants test and Pops the Weasel). Her hoodie husband rushes to her side and fires two rounds at the zombie on his property but misses. 
Amanda turns to help Tim but twists her ankle (random event).
The zombie in the red board shorts charges Emma but she pushes it to the ground (she passes her Brown Pants and wins the combat but cannot kill the zed). The remaining zombie lurches towards the couple, slowed down by the short wall. 
The zombie patient charges the baseball cap man, hungry for his warm salty blood but he’d already lined up the shot and he smashes its head in as it advances (he passes his Brown Pants and wins the combat).
The zombie already on Tim renews its attack but Tim knocks it to the ground.
But then the next one charges. Tim quickly side steps it and moves back into a defensive position in front of Amanda (Tim fails a Brown Pants but successfully breaks off from combat – leaving the zed behind).
But they keep coming. The next zombie charges Tim and this time Tim isn’t so lucky. He slips as the zombie grabs him but then at the last minute he is able to knock it to the ground (Tim fails Brown Pants and break off but wins the combat, despite being considered to be unarmed).
The last zombie charges Amanda who stands her ground. The zed grabs her by the shoulders and tries to draw her towards it to devour her brains (Amanda passes the Brown Pants but they are even in combat and are locked). 


  1. We'll that's it for the week. Got to jump on a plane and fly 1,000 kilometers for work and I won't be back till Friday.

    I was desperate to try to finish the scenario but just didn't have the time get it all done on the weekend.

    Still it'll be there waiting for me till next Saturday morning.

  2. I think the tide isturning in favour of the survivours, but the dice gods can be so fickle, it's probably still too close to call.
    Great aar and some lucky suvisours!

  3. Thanks Zabadak. I'm catching up on your Adventures in Jimland reports at the moment too. Some great campaign concepts there.

    I'm so lucky that we took the melee weapons. We've had a couple of close calls so far where there have been the same number of successes and have been locked in combat.

    And as you say, one bad round of die rolling for the humans is all it takes.

  4. *Dark,
    This is stressing me at times, in other words, Im Loving this Game!

    You guys are so right, to paraphrase; "Dice Beat Tactics".
    Ex: Tonight we did a BP ACW game. I was doing great, hitting above avg. But that 'yankee' on the other side was rolling save-save-save. UGH.