Saturday, 4 November 2017

Generation Zed - Day 2

Tim had thought that he was going to drop into the local shops on the way home and pick up some supplies but after seeing the violence on the streets he decided to go straight home.
The drive home was shocking. Car crashes, people attacking people on the street, fires. He couldn’t believe the carnage. He even thought he’d seen people eating people.
By the time he gets home it’s mid-afternoon and he’s exhausted. What would normally take 40 minutes had been a four hour ordeal.
Thankfully Amanda is home waiting. They talk about the day’s events. Amanda had been beside herself trying to phone Tim and not able to get through. She’d been watching the news and had heard of all the riots and that the police were having trouble trying to control the situation.
They decide to hunker down for the night and to see what tomorrow brings.
The next morning is much like any other. As the sun rises they can hear the birds chirp and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. About the only thing they cannot hear is the build up of peak hour traffic no one was going to work.
After yesterday, Tim is still determined to get more supplies but he’s not going to do it unarmed this time. He looks around the house for useful self defence items. Cricket bat, check, felling axe, check, block buster axe, check, hatchet, check, chainsaw, yep, ww2 bayonet, yes. Not bad. He takes out his old 30 pound recurve bow and considers it too.
“Hmmm plenty to choose from” he thinks. “I think the axe would be best”, he says to himself. “A little bit of reach and a lot of hurt if I really need to use it. Might take the bayonet as back up. I think I’ll need a bit more practice before I take the bow out.”
Amanda looks suspiciously at Tim, “What are you doing?” she asks.
“Well I figured I get in the truck and run down to the local and pick up some supplies. You know, in case we need extra food.”
“Ohh no you don’t, not without me,” she exclaims. Noticing that Tim is armed Amanda goes out to the tool cupboard. There are a lot of trades tools there from their last home renovation. Hammers, saws, jimmy bars, screw drivers etc. She selects a claw hammer. “I’m going to take this, just in case.” She says with determination in her voice.
“Ok, but stay behind me. I couldn’t stand it if you get hurt.” He looks at the car and then back to Amanda. “Just a quick trip. We’ll whip down there, run in, grab as much food as we can and then get out. Ok?”
“Ok,” she responds.
We’re going to play the Week One Mission – Zed. As you can see in the set up picture we’ve started the game by moving onto the board 14 inches and then exiting the car. There are three PEF’s (which are all Rep 6) on the table and I rolled initially for 4 zeds and another 3 zeds which were attracted by the noise of the car engine. 
As Amanda and Tim get out of the car a family emerge from the store. The man is carrying a baseball bat but the female and the child appear to be unarmed. They are immediately set upon by the zeds who are closest to the store.
Talking to her husband, the woman is surprised as a zombie lunges at her but the uncoordinated zombie misses with his attack and she lashes out at it with the shopping she’d just picked up. The zed goes down and knocks its head upon the pavement and is killed.
But more zombies come.
She manages to hold off the first but then another joins the frey and the woman is knocked to the ground (OOF).
Amanda looks at horror as she sees the mother knocked to the ground by the strangers (she and Tim don’t know yet that they are zombies yet). Amanda turns to Tim, “Come on, let’s help them.” And she runs towards the melee. Tim quickly catches up to Amanda and shouts “Get behind me, let me handle this,” as he starts to think about whether he’s going to use the axe or simply just try to break the fight up.
The two zeds begin to feast on the mother. Horrified, the husband and son can only watch on at their wife and mother is consumed. A third zombie shambles up and joins the feast. Tim and Amanda are stunned but the sheer brutality and can’t move. 

As they watch on a couple of fires begin in two of the buildings (two random events in a row).
The fires attract another 10 zombies to the scene. 
As the fire starts to consume the first house a man (armed with a pistol) and an unarmed woman emerge. Coughing they pause a bit to get their breath. The Zeds see the fresh meat and start to move towards them. 
The remaining zombies keep moving towards the feast. Eager to taste the warm flesh. 
 The husband is so shocked at seeing the zombies feasting upon his wife that he is stunned (he passed 2d6 for See the Feast and is Stunned for 1 activation).
His son however is so scared that he runs away back into the store and hides (he passes 1d6 for See the Feast and Ducks Back and is Stunned for 2 activations).
Tim and Amanda are also rooted to the spot, stunned as they see the zombies pull intestines from the poor woman and eat them (they both pass 2d6 for See the Feast and are Stunned for 1 activation). 


  1. Uh, oh! Not a good time to be stunned with so many zombies around. This could go horribly wrong so I'm eagerly awaiting the next part. Great batrep, Tim and under the circumstances quite realistic.

    1. Yeah I cannot believe the two fire drew another 10 zeds out. Jeez 17 of those suckers in the second encounter.

      Actually I was a bit shocked when I passed 2d6 and then checked the table to find out that I was stunned. Yikes. Probably would have been better in the circumstances to have failed and run.

  2. Great write up. Where have you sourced the scenery from?

    1. From everywhere really. Most of the buildings are from Dave Graffam. They are pretty effective and about 2/3 I've got the inside done as well as the outside. Link here:

      The vehicles are 1/56 scale die cast. The street furniture is mostly railway model stuff that I've picked up over the years.

      You might see a little white chair lodged up against one of the sheds. It's a dolls house toy.

      I cannot recall where I got the roads from. They are rubber cobblestone roads that I typically use for my WW2 games.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ed. I think I'm going to need it.

  4. Great table set-up and a terrific write up!
    It all seems to be going a bit 'pear shaped' (especially with SO many zeds attracted by the fires)- I think the services of Lady Luck are going to be in high demand if this is going to end well!

    1. Yeah it was bad enough when the first fire broke out but then a second one, on the very next round. Not happy. And, to make it worse, more than 1/2 the zeds spawned closest to Amanda and I. Grrr.

  5. “Just a quick trip. We’ll whip down there, run in, grab as much food as we can and then get out. Ok?”

    Right then you knew things were going to plummet downhill in a hurry. Great job!

    1. Hahaha. Funny how fiction and reality can blend together. I reckon that's exactly what I would have said to Amanda and done. And yep, look at the way it's turned out. Chaos everywhere.

  6. I think you could have done without the two random fires - things aren't looking so good!

    1. Small graces though. At least another party of civilians has turned up with the last PEF. That'll help out a bit I hope.

  7. I certainly hope our heroes make it out of there, but things can go south very quickly in ATZ. I've lost a good number of "people" I was quite fond of!

  8. Who would have thought a little trip down to the shop would have resulted in this (well besides To The Max)?

  9. Just came across your bat rep and am following EAGERLY.
    I feared "Amanda" was going to scream at seeing the mom being ripped apart, thus attract attention to herself and Tim.