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In the Zombie apocalypse a new generation has emerged. One not defined by age but rather by its will to survive. These are the stories of Generation Zed.

Zed Day 1: 6.20pm – Stephen Briers

Traffic was out of control. The normal 10 minute drive home had taken ½ an hour. It was chaos on the streets. Cars were crashed, the emergency response services were attending accidents and the crazies were running around everywhere, attacking anyone that they saw.
Driving home, Steve notices that the crazies are attracted to his car. As he passes them they stop, look at the car and then charge it.
Approaching his flat, Steve decides to park the car down the street from the pad and to dash the last 100 metres on foot. “No need to attract these crazies straight to my front door” he thinks to himself.
Killing the engine, Steve lets the car roll down the street. The lack of noise seems to reduce the amount of crazies interested in the big green machine.

It doesn't appear to be too bad here. Whilst Steve could see a few crazies there were also some normal people. They didn’t seem to be aware of the danger they were in.
Getting quietly out of the car, Steve starts to head directly for his pad.
Steve’s abode, from the outside, appears to be a derelict two story warehouse. Built in the 50’s it had laid dormant for many years. It used to be used by his grandfather, as part of his logistics business to, store spare parts but, upon his death, it had been given to Steve.

Whilst the building was still largely in disrepair, Steve had begun to fix it up.

As he approaches the pad Steve notices a woman searching through her hand bag and not watching where she is going. She is walking towards two of the crazies!

“Situational awareness” Steve thinks to himself. “You’ve always got to have situational awareness”.

Approaching the front door Steve gets his keys ready. As he nears the pad he notices that the front door is already open.

“Bastards” he thinks as he picks up the pace. Running, he bursts through the door, Colt 45 and combat knife at the ready.

Inside are three people, a well dressed man in a suit, a hobo and a woman.
 “GET OUT” Steve roars.
“But, but those things are out there” responds the man in the suit.
“I DON’T CARE”. Steve points the Colt 45 at the man’s forehead and in a low menacing voice whispers “Get out now, all of you, GET OUT!!!!”
“Please mister” pleads the hobo.
Steve grabs the hobo by the collar and pushes him outside. He then turns on the man and the woman, shoving them out too.
Closing the door behind him he locks it tight. Screwing up his nose Steve thinks “Great now the place stinks like pi$$. Well, I’d better to a perimeter check”.
After checking the downstairs lounge and the armory Steve heads up stairs.
Ascending, one of the stairs creaks. Three shadows move silently towards him. As Steve steps onto the landing he is charged by three crazies.

Steve backs off and prepares to defend himself against the three zombies.

Before he can draw a bead on them they attack him. Bringing the pistol down on the head of one of the zombies, Steve is able to push it off.

Driving off his right leg, Steve thrusts his combat knife under the chin of another, penetrating its skull and killing it.

Then the third crazy is upon him, snapping at him with its foul teeth. Steve pulls back and draws the zed over his right leg, sweeping it off its feet. Turning he plunges the knife into its head.
As the first crazy gets up, Steve shuffles forward and kicks it with a side kick. It staggers and Steve finishes it with a knife thrust to the skull. It slumps onto his bed and bleeds out.  

“Great”, exclaims Steve, “I just did the washing yesterday too.”
Squatting on his haunches Steve thinks “Holy hell, what is going on here? How did these crazy muthas get in here?” Panting for breath, the big man had always preferred weight lifting over cardio. “I’ve got to jog more.”
Suddenly Steve hears a shriek from outside.

Moving to his front window he witnesses a dark scene on the street. The woman that he’d previously seen searching through her hand bag was on the ground screaming.

The hobo that he had evicted was standing over her, pulling a crazy off her. The man in the nice suit is trying to help.

As they fight the zombies, two more zeds approach the group.

Shouting “Sod this” the man in the suit runs off leaving the hobo to fight them off. The hobo shoves the first crazy hard and it falls backwards, cracking its skull against the pavement.

As the woman starts to get up, the second crazy lunges at her and at the same time the third crazy grabs the hobo. Shoving off his new attacker the hobo turns to help the woman but he is too late.

As the zombie bites through her shirt into her stomach she writhes in agony and screams. The zombie grabs handfuls of intestines and shoves them into his mouth.

Horrified at what he’s just witnessed, the hobo doesn’t see the zombie he had just beaten get back to its feet. It jumps upon the back of the hobo and starts to tear into him. In less than a minute, the hobo too is dead.

Out of the shadows more crazies came, descending upon the hobo and the woman, feasting on their flesh.

Turning around, Steve leans back against the wall.  Sliding down to his knees, he wipes the blade of his knife against his pants before putting it back in its sheath.

“What the hell is going on” he thinks to himself.

Well every good zombie story needs an arse and Steve is it. 
In the end I was glad to get him home and safe. Whilst he might be the cad of the story I still wanted him to survive. 
Callus as it might have been to evict the three citizens, Steve was never going to be able to effectively recruit them and, well, it was kinda more in character to just throw them out, so he did. 
What I did introduce in this scenario was a concept for some random citizens to be on the board at the start of the game. I did this as I wanted the board to more represent the first day of the apocalypse where not everyone yet knows what is going on. I essentially rolled a random amount of citizens (ie d6) and rolled to randomly place them (ie I divided the board up into 6 zones and rolled a d6) and then I had them walk in a random direction at 4 inches a move. 
This created a lot more confusion on the board and a lot more targets for the zeds to get after. Whilst it wasn’t my intent to make it a safer passage for Steve, this was in effect what happened. 
What eventuated was a bit of a side game. Whilst I didn’t focus on it in the story (really only showing the final part via Steve looking out the window), the woman just kept walking towards the zeds. When the first zed charged her she screamed. I then gave each citizen a challenge rolling two d6 against their reps. If they passed two d6 then they would come to her aid, one d6 they would just look (and take the test again in the next round) and if the outcome was naught d6 then they would run away.
It was at this point that a couple of heroes and a couple of villains emerged. I had rated all the male citizens as Rep 3 with no weapons and the females and the hobo (who was drunk) as Rep 2 with no weapons. The man in the nice suit and the hobo both had two passes and went to the woman’s aid. 
Whilst she was knocked down in the first round of combat, the hobo (who was closest) was able to close the gap and charge the zed, knocking it to the ground. The zed got up and charged the hobo (who now was between the woman and the zed), but the hobo won the combat round and OD it. 
Now two more zeds were in range and they both charged. The first won the combat against the woman and OD her. The second tied against the hobo. In the next round the zed on the woman began to feast and both the hobo and the man in the nice suit had to take a see the feast test. The man in the nice suit fled, leaving the hobo to fend for himself. Surprisingly the hobo passed his test and fought on. 
At this point I was impressed. Here was this unlikely hero, fighting against the odds (I mean let’s face it how much more against the odds can it get, Rep 2 and unarmed). Perhaps he may become a future character in the story I thought. If only he could break away from this combat then I’d have him run to fight another day. 
But this is where his luck started to run out. With a Rep of 2 versus the Rep of 4 for the zeds, the hobo wouldn’t get another chance to activate. Whist he managed to tie the next round of combat he was eventually overwhelmed and was killed by the zed. 
So I liked this concept and decided that I would use it for other Day One encounters. Thus the beginning of Home Rules for Generation Zed.


  1. I think Steve acted totally in character, given the little I know about him. The world he is in is about to change forever and for now, he needs to survive and think of himself ahead of others.

    1. I agree. Jeez I'd wished that I'd continued on with this campaign now but this was just about the time I started to travel and so had to convert over to playing something without miniatures. Hence the current Pathfinder campaign.

      Still I hope you've enjoyed some of the pictures of the miniatures and terrain along the way.

  2. I agree with Bryan, from what we've already seen of him, Steve acted exactly as expected.
    The 'random citizens' idea is brilliant and worked really well - consider that idea "borrowed" for my own campaign :-)

    1. Glad you liked that idea. Yes please borrow away.

      My intent for the campaign was to have several groups of survivors (another group I had was five unarmed office workers for example) and to record all their various deeds to see who would survive or not. Hence the title of the series, Generation Zed, and the little caption at the front.

      After I had introduced the random citizen concept, I later realised that I had opened up another avenue to identify so more of the generation.

      I had four broad groups mapped out. The survivors (ie Steve), the office workers, the criminal gang and the police squad.

      Anyway fancy plans which were interrupted by real life.

      It's a shame though as I've got all the models and terrain at home but just cannot get enough time. Still, they'll be waiting there for me for when I can get more time.

    2. Having the figures and terrain is the biggest step in ANY game or campaign. Once you have those you can actually get down to business! (This from the guy that has 30 different projects still not yet complete...)

    3. Yep I know that feeling. I'm close to 50 years old now and one of the good things about it is that I've got such a good collection. When I go back to an era, even if I had only half finished it before, well I can usually start playing straight away or I can put some effort into finishing or building some more terrain and I've got even more stuff. Love it.

  3. The 'random citizens' idea is brilliant and worked really well - consider that idea "borrowed" for my own campaign :-)
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  4. Glad you liked it. Borrow away NaRong. Borrow away.