Thursday, 22 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 45


Over the next few days Malandir thinks about traps. He’d rather not get any master worked armour but would prefer to increase the defence of Cragmaw Caves. Thinking about traps, he thinks some pit traps with spikes in the bottom, plus some snares or mechanical bear traps, some caltrops sown around the pits and a few heavy crossbow traps triggered by pressure pads would be a good start. Also, a section of wall designed to collapse outward onto attackers.

The mechanical bear traps and caltrops are easy enough. Crossbow traps trigged by pressure pads (CR1 trap) would be a bit tougher but probably simple enough to develop. Probably cost 250gp/3 (as Malandir has Craft Traps Skill) = 83gp each (Perception DC20, Disable Device DC20, Effect Att +15 ranged (1d8+1 / 20 critx3). Similarly, a pit trap with spikes in the bottom would also be fairly simple enough to develop (CR2) and would probably cost 500gp / 3 =166gp (Perception DC20, Disable Device DC20, effect 10ft deep pit (1d6 falling damage), pit spikes Att +10 melee, 1d4 spikes per target for 1d4+2 damage each), DC 20 reflex avoids, multiple targets (ie all within a 10ft square).

He’s not too sure about how to do the collapsing wall yet. He reckons he can build one trap every 7 days week. 

Talmark will tell the party about the possibility of rescuing Geneve.

"I am not looking forwards to hacking through a mass of Hobgoblins, they are much more martial than other beasts. Though we have fought them in the past, perhaps we can make some sort of deal with then for the lady's release, maybe even garner them as allies. They must have some enemies that also live in the cave complex. As we plan to take out as many creatures there as possible, we may as well try to get something more for our work, and it is better to have allies than not. Thoughts?"

Per replies, "That sounds like a good plan to me. I do agree we need to try and rescue Geneve. If we can barter for her release then so much better than fighting such a dangerous foe. And if we can gain the hobgoblins as allies then that strengthens our hand against other enemies. Count me in just as soon as I get my new master-crafted glaive."

Updated consumable list as follows:

Updated wealth as follows:

Updated character summary sheet as follows:



  1. Guys I've got to go a remote location for about 10 or so days and don't know if I'll have internet access so I mightn't be able to post for a while.

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  5. Don't get carried away by a sasquach!

  6. Don't get carried away by a sasquach!

  7. "So far we seem to have garnered some respect from the merchants, if not outright glee at seeing our gold laden pockets approaching. Rescuing this damsel will surely boost our standing with the yeomanry. However, those Iorians are a dour lot. Perhaps next time we return from our jaunts I may see if I can engage some of the Order socially. Perhaps at card games, or with drink, or even sparing and comradery. Get them talking, get them to 'know' us. Maybe make a few friends. Sildar is sure to have had something good to say about us after his rescue, perhaps that can be used as a way in, despite not being to successful so far."