Thursday, 1 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 40


Lucien removes the now earless head of the gnoll King. He thinks of ways that he can render it down to the bone and incorporate the large skull into a suitable helmet. 

For now, he uses a torch to cauterize the decapitation and ear wounds to try to mitigate the fresh blood smell. As he stands up from cleansing the wounds he says to the party “I vote that we head back to our cave, drop off anything that we do not want to take to the Burg and then onto the Burg to convert what we have to gold. Malandir can train up and we can procure fresh supplies.”

Per and Kord nod their heads in agreement. 

Talmark agrees about returning to the cave then town. He hopes that the party won’t run into anything as he is still quite heavily wounded. “Whilst the nice bows and falchion would fetch excellent money, perhaps they would be better used by party members? Something we may want to be aware of, is that leaving a lot of corpses laying around may draw scavengers and rats and possibly disease. You never know. Maybe an old evil wizard or Liche may come looking for the corpses. We may want to grab or make a couple of scrolls of Remove Disease or something as well, just in case.”

Lucien responds “We don’t, as yet have the power to make scrolls of Remove Disease, but soon, I’m sure, Asmodeus will bless us with those abilities. Maybe we should drag all the bodies out, maybe 40 to 60ft from the cave and then light them just before we leave. No rats, no disease nor skeletal remains, but the other tribes would be aware something is going on. It could step up their alertness, or maybe a catalyst for making it easier to intimidate them later. It may prompt them to spread themselves thin by claiming this cave. Just an option.” 

Lucien runs his fingers through his hair as he thinks deeper into the future, “We could sell the Falchion. Think towards the future. Soon I’ll be able to Craft Wondrous Items and we’ll need gold to buy the needed resources to craft the magic. I was thinking perhaps a Scabbard of Vigor for Talmark, a relatively inexpensive item and a combat boon. Kord, Malandir and Per, you should think of inexpensive magic items that I could maybe make for you too.”

The party agree that they’ll dispose of the bodies by dragging them out and burning them. They set to work and after an hour they have completed their grisly task. 

They gather their items and head back towards Cragmaw Cave.  

It is usually about a four to six hour walk, and normally they can get from Cragmaw Caves to the Caves of Chaos and back in a single day, all during the daylight. But today, with the time taken to prepare the many pelts, the burning of the bodies and the slower than normal walk due to their encumbrance, night comes before they are able to make it back their base……..



  1. ((assume that means we made it to the cave after nightfall))

    Lucien will spend some time at his Alchemy kit in an attempt to make two doses of Twitch Tonic before resting for the night (45gp total to craft, DC25)

  2. Actually it means that I ran out of time to roll for random encounters before I had to go to work, so anything could happen yet.

  3. Ah, Retcon then...

    Lucien keeps a brave front despite the creeping dread he feels at being out in this wilderness as the sun sets. As he plods on with the group under their load, he consoles himself that they should reach their cave before it gets too dark.

    And then there is always the possibility that every time they leave the cave, some other person, group or creature could attempt to claim it...

  4. Good thing Malandir has a little bit of dark vision, hopefully he'll be able to warn us if anything/body tries to jump us.

    "Do you think it would be better for us to try to keep our base hidden, or place a sign claiming rights or skull totems or some other way of showing ownership? I am more for keeping it hidden for now, until it can be better fortified and have full-time guards..."

  5. "And that scarab does indeed sound intriguing. If it can give us an edge, I'd be happy to wear it."

  6. Lucien ponders the suggestion, weighing options as he walks. Finally he speaks, "Maybe I could see if there is an alchemical solution. Something that gives a scent that has a better chance to drive animals or those with discerning scent away. Posting skulls or totems could invite do-gooders trying to do the same we are and send the message the occupants, us, are no better than a savage animal or tribe to be exterminated.

    "I thought you might like the potential of that scabbard. I will save one of the gnoll hides to craft it from, for a purely decorative touch, mind you." Lucien chuckles.

  7. "Lucien, would your talents and future talents at crafting magical wonders extend to improving weapons? The long history of my family always spoke of my sword as having been imbued with righteous fire, and we had always thought that literal. In all of my years, and my father's before me, and his fathers before him, none had ever seen these espoused flames. It has been a dream of mine to see Feldrac become it's storied self, burning with the light of true flame. Is it possible? Would you be able to do so?"

  8. "Alas, Talmark, the power to imbue weapons requires much effort and study. Asmodeus rewards those worthy of claiming their power by sheer force of will, manifested through force, guile and study. I will ponder upon Feldrac and creative manners in which to bring its destiny to light."

    ((DEW, expect email))

  9. Kord and I have been discussing and praying on Feldrac.  You have mentioned to us all in the past of the sword’s history and legend.  It is not unheard of for weapons, items, devices to have hidden magic or powers that require an, “awakening,” of sorts.  A ritual or event or exposure that brings forth untapped potential.
    I say this now to give you hope, much more discussion and research needs to be done to find out what the catalyst or maybe even series of catalysts are needed, or possible.  Feldrac may or may not respond, it has been in your family for many decades and who knows if and how your ancestors have already tried to do this… Kord and I will do our best, though.