Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Empire Battle Report: Part 2

Unfortunately the light had started to fail us a bit and the quality of the pictures suffered as a result but you can see in this next picture the action in the third hour. 

In the bottom of the picture, the Russian Konovnitzin’s Division has faced off against the French Larnarque’s Division. The Cossack Brigade is off table to the bottom left and the French cavalry remain in reserve on the far right bottom. 

In the top of the picture the Russian Strogonoff’s Division has started an assault on the French Broussier’s Division, who has taken a position upon a hill. A second Cossack Brigade has joined the assault to provide support to Strogonoff grenadiers. 

In this next shot the Russian grenadiers can be seen advancing on the grenadier rated special French 84th Line Regiment. 

In this next shot you can see the two Grenadier Brigades advancing towards the hill which is defended by the 84th and the 9th line regiments. 

The Russian heavy 12pdr battery is deployed in support. Whilst it is long range artillery fire, it is telling and casualties start to mount on the 9th Line Regiment. 

As the Pavlov’s advance, they themselves come under long range French heavy 12pdr fire and are reduced. They assault the hill on a number of occasions but are repulsed. 

In this final shot you can see the Russian advance in the middle and the top of the page. The Russians had also brought up the Uhlans to support this assault. The Russian and French heavy batteries can be seen in the bottom left and the bottom right, providing long range support bombardment into the firefight which is developing on the hill in the top of the page. 

Unfortunately we lost the light at this point. 

In the end it was a conclusive French victory with the French breaking up the grenadier assault upon the hill. With only conscripts a few veterans left at their disposal, the Russians decided to withdraw to preserve their residual forces for another day. 



  1. Really nice setup you have there! I've been looking at getting into Nappies using 6mm figures (or maybe even 3mm) but seeing your minis tempts me to larger sized figures... stop it! ;)

  2. 6mm are pretty good. I started out that way in Naps about 20 years ago with Adler miniatures. They are very good, although I understand that Baccus is pretty darn good too.

    28mm looks good but it's a massive commitment in Napoleonics.

    We're running 28mm for Empire and 6mm for Blucher these days. It's such a great period for wargaming.

    Hahaha. I'll have to do a few more posts with miniatures to tempt you even further to spend more money.

    1. I've been keenly eyeballing Blucher. Seems to have a bit of a following. Could I assume that it's a pretty good set of rules?

    2. I'm gearing up for it at the moment. I've got a bucket load of 6mm based (not quite based the way I'd like but close enough), I've got the rules and I'm just making a little terrain.

      There are a lot of rules for Naps so it can be a bit confusing.

      If you like I'll write a review of Blucher and post it sometime over the next month.