Thursday, 11 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 35d



·        Reveling in the rush of the combat Talmark thinks to himself “Stab, stab, stab the ugly daaaawggie…”. He lashes out with Felldrac but misses the hyena. He calls out to the rest of the party to close up their formation, “Barret and Clovis, move up into line with Malandir and Fremont. Get more swords into the action.”
·        Per feels the satisfaction of redemption and it delighted with having slain a hyena with just one blow as he stabs at the remaining beast with his glaive but he misses this monster.
·         Lucien lower and fires his crossbow but misses.
·        Malandir admires the ease with which Per’s glaive felled one of the hyenas. “The other will soon be dead” he thinks to himself as he lowers his bow and fires an arrow which also misses.
·        A frustrated Kord stretches out his hand and releases a Fire Bolt at the hound and misses.
·        As Barret advances 10ft to tighten the attack area he hands his torch to Lucien.
·        As Clovis advances 5ft to the north west, he fires his bow and hits the almost mystically difficult monster to hit with an arrow to the head. The arrow gouges along the hyenas scalp and passes through its ear as it delivers 5pts of damage.  He considers dropping his bow and drawing his sword but after that success he thinks he’ll hang onto the bow for now.
·        Fremont fires an arrow at the monster but misses.

DM’s note: Some players will know this but for those who don’t, part of the reason why everyone is missing is that combatants who are in hand to hand combat, as the hyena currently is, get a bonus to their armour class of +4 from missile fire. Thus, hyena’s effective armour class against missile fire at the moment is 14 + 4 = 18. Most party members only have +1 to hit with missiles hence all the misses. This penalty can be removed by taking certain Feats, which I’m sure Malandir will do as soon as he can.

·        A “Woop…yelp” are heard from the cave and the hyena suddenly turns around and makes a Withdrawal move from combat (note a Withdrawal move doesn’t provoke an Attack of Opportunity). Malandir, who speaks gnollish, knows that this is the hyena’s master recalling his pet.
·        An arrow races from the inky darkness towards Clovis. It critically hits him in the stomach. The festering arrow buries deep into his bowl and immediately begins to spread deadly feces based bacteria as it delivers 11pts of damage. Clovis is almost felled by the blow and will need to take a morale check next round as it is the first time that he has been wounded in this combat.



  1. The game has slowed down a bit to practically a round by round basis which is a bit slow but there are quite a few decisions at the moment on how to approach this cave that I think there is merit in getting player input to.

    I think the current limited level of info and not exactly knowing what you're facing would be driving me nuts if I were a character which I think is probably pretty enjoyable for all.

    Just remember that Malandir's infravision is 30ft (compared to the gnolls 60ft) and now that the gnolls are alerted to his presence him trying to sneak in there will be more difficult.

  2. Malandir observes the arrow in Clovis, and thinks that these gnolls need a dose of Asmodean channelling!

  3. I think we can move our formation into the cave, though perhaps Clovis should hang back and hopefully not die from infection in the meantime. A torch could be thrown deep into the tunnel once we are in that first chamber to help us see what is down there.

    Hmm, maybe we should make some pavis for this sort of assault